Baby Massage: Soothing Strokes for Healthy Growth

Suzanne P. Reese is a Certified International Infant Massage Educator and Trainer with Infant Massage USA, a non-profit family education and service organization. Infant Massage USA is part of the oldest infant massage organization with representation in over 40 countries around the world with the most comprehensive training program available. Suzanne is also an Infant Massage Parent Educator, Speaker, Author, Singer/Songwriter and Humanitarian. Her recent book, Baby Massage – Soothing Strokes For Healthy Growth, is in a unique user-friendly flip-chart format. Her soon-to-be-released CD Talk To Me is a compliment to that book – offering families a variety of sing-along songs for baby massage. Suzanne’s deep commitment to the principles of infant massage is delivered with an undeniable passion in her service to families and babies. Her audience and students represent countries from all over the world. She trains and certifies practitioners, clinicians and laypeople as Parent Educators of Infant Massage. To learn more about infant massage and to find an infant massage class in your area, please visit To learn more about Suzanne, please visit her at

Baby Massage - Soothing Strokes for Healthy Growth is a fun and easy how-to guide to infant massage for parents and families. This book comes in a unique stand-up flip-chart guide for easy use. Parents know baby massage is good for their baby, but how to do it? This book answers the how, when, why, where and more of baby massage in a fun and informative way that fosters the bond parents and babies share. Written by Suzanne P. Reese, a Certified International Educator & Trainer of Infant Massage, readers will be guided through a series of strokes that enhance brain development, sensory awareness, social relatedness, immune function, healthy digestion and so much more, but most important, the parent-infant bond. Join other families in enjoying the multi-faceted benefits of infant massage, have fun, and explore a simple, no gadgets required way to help your baby’s healthy growth and development from the brain, the body and the heart that lies in between.

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Success Through Play™ Comments:
The book has a stand -up flip-chart design which is very handy when using it as a reference. This book covers a full range of topics and addresses many common questions about infant massage such as what kind of pressure do I use and what body part do I start with? It includes unique tips and even has a custom massage routine for the morning time (waking up), bath time (bubble massage), tummy troubles (how to soothe) and sleepy time (winding down to sleep). There are even some song suggestions! Highly recommended.

Suzanne hosts a website called “Compassionate Child”. Her mission is "to provide an online resource for information and opportunities to all those seeking to exercise efforts in helping the world thrive through nurturing the inherent love and compassion our children are born to share. When we really think about and experience what this is and what it can mean, we may discover a change in the way we look at babies and come to recognize how much they have to offer in our own evolution as human beings.” Read about Suzanne’s visit to the Vesnova Children’s Asylum in Belarus, during October 2005. We are honored to feature Suzanne and her book on our website. Suzanne, you are in inspiration to the world. Suzanne has taken her massage skills and used them to help those who desperately need help. We encourage you to do the same. Please take a moment to write down all of your skills and talents and think about how you can use them to help improve the lives of others.


Cecilia Marks said...

I actually received this book as a gift and it is fantastic.

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Thank you for this beautiful article!

Sarah said...

Infant Massage is so beneficial to both mum and baby. Thank you for bring attention to this ancient art.

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Great reference!