Indigenous Designs Spring 2008 Kids Collection

Who: Indigenous offers organic, fair trade apparel handmade by artisan knitting co-ops in remote regions of the globe. A pioneer in the organic fair trade apparel industry, Indigenous adheres to its mission – creating premium, individually crafted pieces that honor both people and the planet.

What: Indigenous specializes in versatile, all-natural handmade apparel and accessories for women, men and children with an emphasis on premium women’s knitwear. Made using only the finest natural fibers – including alpaca, Merino wool, organic cotton, and Tencel – and natural, low-impact dyes, Indigenous pieces offer current styling, flattering cuts, hand-embroidered embellishments and vibrant colors. All items are handmade by Indigenous-initiated artisan co-ops in remote regions of the world where fair-wage work allows artisans to hone their skills, preserve cultural tradition and increase their marketability.

History: Indigenous has provided quality organic, fair trade apparel since 1994 and is a pioneer in the eco sensitive and socially conscious apparel industry. Founded by Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds, the company has paved the way for organic fair trade apparel in the mainstream market.

Market: Indigenous apparel suits those seeking impeccably handmade, pieces for a variety of occasions, appealing to everyone from comfort-seeking free spirits, to outdoor enthusiasts to avid travelers.

Indigenous Designs Kids Spring Collection

Available in sizes 1-4, Indigenous children’s apparel includes an assortment of layerable sweaters and shirts as well as play dresses, coveralls, pint-sized accessories and more. Additional sizing for under 1 will soon be available.


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Indigenous Designs clothing is available as most Whole Foods, REI and better Dillard's stores. A small collection is available at www.indigenousdesigns.com


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Success Through Play comments:

While on a trip to South America in 1993, Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds, become inspired by the culture of the region and the knitting techniques of the artisans, and decided to create "Indigenous Designs."

Indigenous Designs is committed to:

* Supporting and preserving fair trade wages and artisan cooperatives
* Investing in natural and organic fibers and environmentally-friendly dyes
* Spreading the beauty of handmade, eco fashion

We commend and applaud Indigenous Designs for empowering the lives of the local artisans in South America. Indigenous Designs uses all natural fibers including wool, alpaca, silk, Tencel, organic cotton and other fibers created by nature, to create eco fashion. The organic cotton is certified by Skal. Indigenous Designs was the first clothing company to blend organic cotton with Tencel, a breakthrough fiber made of sustainably harvested tree pulp. Every item in the Indigenous Designs Collection is hand-made by the local artisans in South America.

"In many cases, Indigenous utilizes the natural colors of organic cotton and fleece, eliminating the need for dyes to achieve complex color schemes within our fashion collections. Indigenous also develops low impact dyes which contain no heavy metals and are Azo - dioxazine compound free. Indigenous ensures a qualified system for waste water filtration."

This clearly illustrates Indigenous Design's commitment to the environment and their goals of uplifting and empowering impoverished communities. This company believes that:

"You shouldn't ever have to sacrifice fashion and style to be a good global citizen."

The Spring 2008 Kids Collection offers neutral pieces, lightweight T's, shirts, shorts and colorful play dresses and cardigans. Our panel had the opportunity to review a dress with a beautiful flower design and a hooded cardigan. What is immediately apparent is the stylish designs, high quality knitting and beautiful details of the garment which have been hand knitted using eco-fibers, which are healthier for your child and the environment.

The dress turned out to be the perfect "party dress" which drew lots of attention and many compliments. Parents were really intrigued to learn more about eco-fibers! For cooler days, wear over jeans, for a "trendy look." This dress has beautiful detailing at the hemline which frames the design beautifully.

The hooded cardigan is made from organic cotton and features lovely hues which compliment each other. The beautiful detailing around the hood and is ideal for cooler Spring days. This unisex piece can be worn throughout the Spring and can be unpacked again for fall and winter, and used for layering. Your little one will be be the "best dressed" kid and you will feel great about purchasing an item which is part of a greater cause.

In addition to the Kids Collection, Indigenous Designs offers a Women's, Men's and Accessory collection. Sale items are listed here.

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Jill said...

What beautiful designs! To find out that they are hand made from eco-fibers is truly inspirational! Great article.

Maria said...

The dresses are gorgeous!!!!

Fran said...

I love the nautical design. Perfect for the beach!

Kathy said...

Great article :-) I really like this designer. I have bought several pieces for our entire family! Whole Foods carries a nice selection. The quality is impeccable and the fact that it is handmade is nothing short of exceptional-especially in this day and age when everything is made in some dirty factory in China under inhumane conditions.

Sarah said...

Thank you for pointing us to the BEST products! I hadn't heard of this company until now. My family is keen to go "Green" and I will admit that I hadn't paired heard of the term "eco-fashion" until now. This company definitely shows that the two can go hand and hand.

Stacey said...

I really love the hooded cardigan! It's so wonderful to hear of that each item is hand knitted in South America and that this company is helping to empower the lives of the local artisans. Very inspirational indeed! Hopefully other companies will follow suit.

Samantha said...

The mens and women's line is stunning! I had no idea that eco-fashion existed! I would much prefer to buy from this company given their ethos. Thank you!

Heidi said...

Eco-clothing has come SO far. If only these creations were available 10-15 years ago :-) These styles are really stunning.

Tina said...

I love the nautical theme. Perfect for Spring! The natural fibers are impressive!

Cecilia said...

I have just returned from my local whole foods store and bought a ton of these outfits! Thank you for introducing me to a GREAT line of clothing.

Nelly said...

Some very nice designs here and its very reassuring to know that we don't have to worry whether these things have come from a sweatshop somewhere. It always feels much better when you know that in buying something you are actully helping someone else to build a decent future for themselves and their families.