Sevenseas Apparel designs and produces maternity yoga/exercise clothing. It was founded in 2003 with a simple purpose: to provide high quality and trendy workout clothes for active moms-to-be. The ocean lily and chm brand fall under Sevenseas Apparel. was launched in July 2006 in response to numerous requests from frustrated active moms-to-be who could not find high quality maternity workout clothes in stores or do not live near maternity stores that carries maternity yoga/exercise clothing. With the presence of our online store, active moms-to-be can now easily order our clothes from virtually any location with an internet connection.


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Success Through Play™ comments:

Recent studies indicate that exercising during pregnancy has many benefits, including shorter labor and fewer obstetric interventions.

Regular Exercise During Pregnancy:

*Prevents constipation
*Increases energy, warding off fatigue
*Reduces discomforts of pregnancy including backache
*Improves endurance which is critical for the marathon of labor
*Reduces stress and anxiety
*Promotes restful sleep
*Builds strong muscles and a healthy heart
*Helps you to return to your prepregnany shape faster

Please consult your healthcare provider before beginning any exercise program. Most pregnant women can safely enjoy walking, swimming and aqua-aerobics, prenatal yoga and other low impact sports. It is very important to stay well hydrated during exercise, to warm up before beginning and follow with a cool down. Please listen to your body and stop and alert your healthcare provider is something does not feel right.

Now that you have discovered a few of the many benefits that exercising during pregnancy can offer, you may be wondering what maternity apparel is available that is comfortable, allows freedom of movement and looks flattering! offers of a full range of top quality fitness apparel that will enable you to exercise in comfort and style. Many of their products feature bamboo, which is the ideal choice for fitness apparel. Bamboo helps to keep you cool, is resistant to odor and bacteria feels like silk. The tank tops feature a built in bra for support and comfort during exercise. Their maternity yoga pants are available in 3 inseams: short inseam 30", regular inseam 32" and long inseam 34". which is very hard to find! The maternity bottoms are available in a variety of waists: over belly, mid belly, under belly or low rise.

Our pregnant panel had the opportunity to test a selection of apparel from this company.


Maternity yoga tank tops are one of their specialties. All of the maternity yoga sports tanks have built in Coolmax or a Bamtex sports bra. Coolmax and Bamtex are known for excellent moisture management and it helps to wickaway sweat to keep you dry and cool. The yoga tanks are built for stability and comfort, yet stylish and very fashionable. The selection of high quality maternity yoga tanks come in Supplex/Lycra, Polyester/Spandex and Cotton/Spandex.

*Cross V maternity yoga tank: is made of Bamboo/Cotton/Spandex blend. Built-in sports bra for support. Sports bra is also made of Bamboo/Cotton/Spandex. Racer back for support

*Great for yoga and walking.
*Looks terrific with jeans and doubles as casual wear
*Stetchy material will accommodate your growing belly
*Perfect as transitional wear and beyond
*Racer back is comfortable and allows for maximum range of movements
*66% Bamboo, 28% Cotton and 6% Spandex

*Y racer maternity sports tank:

*Built-in bra for support.
*Provides good support when working out
*Flattering to all shapes
*Racer back is comfortable and allows for maximum range of movements
*66% Bamboo, 28% Cotton and 6% Spandex


*Zip front maternity jacket: 2 slider zipper for easy adjustment. Made of Supplex/ Lycra, moisture wick away.

*Coordinates with tanks and pants
*Easy on and off zipper
*Flattering fit
*Will accommodate your growing belly

MATERNITY YOGA PANTS offers a great selection of high quality and stylish maternity yoga pants. The maternity yoga pants are made of high performance fabrics such as Supplex/Lycra, Bamboo/Spandex, Polyester/Lycra with wicking coating. These yoga pants are very comfortable and will last you for the whole 9 months and after. The maternity yoga pants come in 3 inseams: short inseam 30", regular inseam 32" and long inseam 34". Our maternity bottoms are available in a variety of waists: over belly, mid belly, under belly or low rise.


* 3 in 1 waist pant: versatile waist: over belly, mid belly and under belly in one. Good for all terms, especially 3rd trimester. Made of Supplex / Lycra, moisture wickaway and 4 way stretch for ease of movement. This pant is also good for post pregnancy.

*3 in 1 waist pant. for maximum versatility
*Top quality
*Super flattering
*Versatile, grows with you
*Ultra comfy and supportive
*Can be dressed up with a pretty top and accessories
*Available in 3 different lengths to both petite and tall women

*Bamtex underbelly maternity yoga pant: double layer waist band w/ elastic waist, comes in 3 different lengths: short, regular and long inseam.

*Sits under belly
*Lightweight: great for summer
*Perfect for working out or as loungewear
*Easy on and off
*Silky fabric is super comfy
*Flat seams to avoid irritation
*Idea for yoga
*Dries fast
*66% Bamboo, 28% Cotton and 6% Spandex

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Jessie said...

I LOVE the V Yoga Tank!

Bryanne said...

Wow, they offer an entire range of maternity fitness apparel. Flattering and comfy tops and pants are really difficult to find. I really like how they use bamboo fabric in their products. Wish I would have know about them for my first 2 pregnancies :-) Working out is hard, especially when pregnant and cute outfits like this may be just the motivation we need to put down the bag of chips and head out for a walk!

Rose said...

The 3-in-1 waist pants looks very comfortable. I am looking for yoga style pants which will last through all trimesters and beyond. Thanks for the info!

Eryn said...

I am only 5"3 and up until now haven't been able to find yoga pants for my height. I can't tell you how excited I am to hear that they offer their pants in a 30" inseam. Best yet, they have a store in my area. I will be checking out the collection next week. Thank you SO much.

Tricia said...

GORGEOUS styles. Now they I know how great exercise is for me, it's time for me to get moving :-)

Yvonne said...

I am in desperate need of stylish tanks and pants and was surprised at how difficult they are to come by. I am also short and am so pleased to read that the pants are available in several different inseams. The bamboo material is the cherry on the top. God Bless Canada :-)

Lara said...

The tanks are very cool! Perfect for summer which is around the corner. I have recently become interested in bamboo clothing and am happy to see that this company offers this as well. Thank you!!!!

Olivia said...

As sad as this sounds, I have been avoiding exercising in public, because the only fitness apparel that I have been able to find are sweats, which are so NOT stylish. Now, I can actually venture outside of my house. I can't thank you enough. You guys have a knack for finding the best companies and products!!!!!!

Michelle said...

What a range! I am in the market to buy some activewear and am super excited to have come across this article. Now, I can look forward to working out, because I am going to look Uber Cute!!!!!!

Brigette said...

I like the tank tops. They look supportive and flattering and best of all, comfortable. Now that summer is here, I can wear sleeveless tanks! Hooray!

Rita said...

These styles are hip and trendy. Sure beats my old sweats :-) Now I am motivated to working out this summer. Thank you!!

Christina said...

Gorgeous! Love the yoga pants. They look super comfy, esp the bamboo ones. I love bamboo fabric for summer which keeps me nice and cool. Thanks for another awesome article.

Macy said...

The zip jacket looks really nice. I have a VERY unflattering one at the moment and I like that this one zips up all the way. I had given up all hope of finding one until now :-)