Today we will be highlighting 3 products from Sign2Me®.

SIGN with your BABY® Complete Learning Kit

The Complete Learning Kit Includes:

1 Sign with your Baby® Book: A quick and easy introduction to signing with babies. Teaches you 145 Signs

1 Quick Reference Guide: A laminated tri-fold guide which lists 54 signs with note space under each sign to document when your baby is shown a sign and when your baby actually uses that sign. Perfect for babysitters, childcare providers, grandparents, and other friends and relatives.

1 Training DVD/VHS: Demonstrates 145 signs, includes tips and tricks from Dr. Joseph Garcia, interviews with parents and caregivers who share their experiences , and eye opening footage of signing children. Provides both education as well as inspiration.

Pick Me Up! Music CD & Activity Guide

· Created especially for parents and caregivers looking for fun ways to introduce signs to their children, Pick Me Up! is the exciting new Music CD and Activity Guide from Sign2Me! This collection of 20 original songs features a rich variety of musical styles ranging from jazz, calypso, and reggae to country, rock, and soul music that engages children's bodies as well as their minds.

· Complimenting the Music CD, the Pick Me Up! Activity Guide is a full-color reference companion, featuring more than 200 American Sign Language (ASL) illustrations. Each song has a corresponding activity, complete with lyrics, colorful sign illustrations, bonus signs for advanced signers, and signing advice from American Sign Language educator Dr. Joseph Garcia
Recommended age: 7 months to 7 years.

Nursery Rhyme Posters - Complete Set

These colorful American Sign Language based posters include great traditional nursery rhyme lyrics with matching sign illustrations on the front. The back side of each poster includes the sign descriptions, ASL tips, and a related activity that reinforces the signs learned. The Complete set includes all 8 Nursery Rhyme Posters with a 20% discount over standard individual retail prices.

The Pick Me Up! Nursery Rhyme Poster Set Includes: The Alphabet Song, Little Boy Blue, Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Jack & Jill, One-Two Buckle My Shoe, This Little Piggy and Hey Diddle Diddle

How can we use the products listed above?

We asked Sign2Me® how do they suggest that the 3 products listed above are to be used? We wanted to know if they recommended that parents take classes to learn how to teach their baby to sign and use these products as a guide/reminder or if these products are sufficient for some parents who are unable to attend a class?

It is not necessary to attend classes to use our products. All three of these items are simple to use and easy to understand. It depends on the customer. Some people like to learn using more visuals, asking questions, and interacting with other people about their experiences. Some prefer to take golf lessons from an actual instructor. It just depends on what individual person prefers. Our program works well with or without added instructional classes.


To view the list of awards that Sign2Me® has won, please click here

We asked Sign2Me® what they feel distinguishes their products from others on the market?

Everything we produce exudes world-class quality and value both inside and out! Right now, Pick Me Up! and our Nursery Rhyme Posters are the only products of their nature out on the market. However, the Complete Learning Kit has one competitor, Baby Signs. As we show above, our Complete Learning Kit is distinguished from others by being 100% true to ASL. Although others publicly “claim” to be ASL, they are often a poorly-researched mix of ASL and signs that they have made-up on their own. Quite unfortunately, the end user is likely to be unable to distinguish which are the real signs and which are not! This is very important and should be a primary consideration when selecting a program to follow.

Our program provides the tools and training to give parents and caregivers the opportunity to communicate with children long before they have developed the fine motor skills required for verbal speech. Our material s are designed primarily to help parents learn how to open the link of preverbal communication with their child. We believe that parents need to be involved in the process and not just drop their child in front of a TV (faux babysitter) and hope that the child learns to sign while they go off and read Sports Illustrated! We also place great emphasis on involving fathers where that is an option!


US readers may purchase these fine Sign2Me® products plus others from the following retailers:, Barnes and Noble, Borders,

Canadian Readers:

UK Readers: Forest Books.

Other countries: please contact Sign2Me directly

Interested in taking a class?

If you are interested in taking a class, here are some questions (courtesy of Sign2Me®) to ask your prospective instructor which will help you to find a quality class.

1. Is the Instructor certified through a educational-based program?

2. Does the Instructor use true American Sign Language?

3. What is their background in American Sign Language and Education?

4. Will they provide me with the tools that I need to be successful in my journey that I can use outside of the classroom as well as in? (products, resources, on-going support)

To find a Sign2Me® instructor in your country, please click here (I will add the link)

Success Through Play Comments:

SIGN with your BABY® Complete Learning Kit
The DVD is very comprehensive and offers insights from top professionals in the field of child development, features very informative interviews with parents and teaches parents all the signs that they need to know to get started as well as signs for future use. Dr Joseph Garcia, a leading expert in the field shares his methods for teaching your baby to sign. He demonstrates HOW to teach your baby to sign. It is very important to learn how to teach the signs in the correct context and when the time is "just right" as opposed to just learning what the signs are. The book provides you with very helpful information and the theory behind Signing with your Baby. The reference guide is very hand for when you need to look up a sign.

If you are going to buy one kit to learn all that you need to know to start teaching your baby to sign, this is THE kit to buy.

Pick Me Up! Music CD & Activity Guide
Once you have learned the theory and basics with your Learning Kit, you may wish to use music and an activity guide to help enrich your baby/child's experience of learning to sign. Babies and children respond so well to music and the Pick Me Up! Music CD and Activity Guide will be a perfect choice for introducing music and activities to help teach your baby to sign. The Pick Me Up! Music CD is truly a one of a kind product. The quality is superb and includes 20 original songs sung by professionals, without losing the baby/child appeal. The songs are new and one of a kind and you will surely be singing them yourself they are So catchy. They are set at the right pace for babies and children which is important so that they can follow along and sign. Babies and children will love to follow along and sign with mom/dad. The songs talk about everyday activities ( waking up, eating, dress etc) thus are very useful and so fun at the same time! The activity guide includes 21 song activity plans, more than 200 ASL Signs illustrated in full color as well as Sign Language Tips from ASL educator Joseph Garcia. This Guide is a wonderful compliment to the CD and makes for a dynamic duo.

The Pick Me Up! Nursery Rhyme Poster Set
This poster set is a wonderful additional to your collection. Top quality and beautifully illustrated, children will love looking at the adorable posters (8 in total), reciting familiar rhymes and signing along. "Fun Rhymes for Learning Signs".

Highly recommended.


Alice said...

I have the Pick Me Up music CD and Activity Guide. I can't recommend it highly enough. My colleague who is a speech pathologist recommended it to me. The songs are sung by professionals and are enjoyable for my husband and I. Our baby LOVES signing to the music. This is such a unique product...I don't think that there is anything like it out there. We recommend it to everyone. You won't be disappointed!

Jim said...

We have the Complete Learning Kit and it really WILL teach you everything that you need to know to begin teaching sign language to your baby. Joseph explains things in a very simple and easy to understand manner. We love the parent testimonials! We couldn't make it to a sign language class, so this kit was a perfect substitute for us. We are having tremendous success using it.

Patricia Shultz said...

I second the Complete Learning Kit recommendation. I wasn't able to attend a class either, but after reviewing the Complete Learning Kit, I was able to fully grasp the concepts and put into practice everything that I learned. I am proud to say that my little one started signing at 9 months of age. Signing is the most brilliant concept that I have heard in a long time and I find it so practical. My little one can sign and communicate with me. He seems really content and is thriving. I recommended the Compete Learning Kit to all my family and friends!