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If someone told you they knew a secret to help your baby sleep better, cry less, and learn better, you would certainly be interested... Babywearing, the practice of carrying baby in a soft carrier close to our body as we go about our daily business, is parenting's best kept secret. Good things happen when we wear our babies. Babies who are worn cry less, are more calm and content, sleep more peacefully, nurse better, gain weight better, enjoy better digestion, and develop better. Babywearing benefits parents! It enhances parent-baby bonding, is practical, facilitates breastfeeding, helps working parents reconnect, and makes transitions from one caregiver to another easier. But most importantly, it allows you to meet your baby's need to be held while allowing you to meet your need to get things done! Anyone can wear baby - mom, dad, sister, brother, grandparents, baby sitters, and day care workers. The more baby is worn the happier baby is. And, a happy baby makes a family happy.

In this book you will:

  • Learn about the benefits of babywearing.
  • Hear from babywearers all over the country.
  • Learn how to choose and use the carrier that is right for you.
  • Learn how to make your own baby carrier.


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Success Through Play™ comments:

Babywearing: The Benefits and Beauty of this Ancient Tradition is truly a one of a kind publication that will prove to be an essential resource for families who are interested in wearing their baby in a soft carrier. Years of research and hands on experience has gone into this book, which is clearly evident as read this book. You will find beautiful quotes dotted throughout the book which add a special touch to the book.

Part I-Choosing to Wear your Baby contains 3 chapters:

Chapter 1: The Benefits of Babywearing
Dr Blois explores the many benefits of babywearing for both baby and mom/dad which are backed up by numerous studies. The reader will be left amazed and excited when they find out how beneficial babywearing can be!

Chapter 2: Babywearing in Special Circumstances
Whether you have twins, have adopted your baby, have a baby with special needs or you have special needs, this chapter will introduce you to tips, methods and carrier options that may be suitable for you and your baby.

Chapter 3: Kangeroo Care of the Premature Infant
According to Dr. Blois, "prematurity is a real issue in the United States today". Dr. Blois explains Kangeroo Care: positions, nutrition, infant and parental benefits, both short-term and long-term. She cites an interesting study which showed that Kangeroo Care can result in a reduced stay in the hospital for baby.

Part II-Choosing and Using your Baby Carrier contains 6 chapters.

Chapter 4: Babywearing Basics
In this exciting chapter, you will learn general Babywearing tips, how to choose a baby carrier, learn how to make your own carrier, babywearing safety tips and why babywearing on your back is more comfortable and convenient. A standout is the instructions complete with photo illustrations which demonstrate in a step-by-step manner, how to get baby on your back safely. There is an exceptional overview of carriers by style, which will be extremely helpful in introducing you to the variety of styles on the market.

Chapter 5: Slings an essential Baby-Care item
You will learn everything that you have ever wanted to know (or didn't know!) about ring slings and pouches and even hip slings. Learn about the pros and cons of padded slings, adjustable slings etc. Clear pictures demonstrate the various positions that you can have baby assume and are accompanied by step-step instructions for getting baby in these positions safely. In addition, you will learn how to avoid common mistakes which could cause you shoulder/back/hip pain. Correct and incorrect pictures are presented, which make interpreting the points a breeze! A handy comparison chart of the carious types of slings on the market will prove to be useful in introducing you to the various sling options.

Chapter 6: Wraparounds, wonderful two-shouldered support
Learn about the various types of wraparounds, instructions for getting baby into the various positions and view the wraparound comparison chart.

Chapter 7: Front/back packs: Soft vertical carriers
Explore the variety of soft vertical carriers on the international market, learn how to place baby into these packs (making use of a sofa for safety) and view the handy comparison chart.

Chapter 8: Torso Carriers, strapless back carriers
Do you know what a Podaegai is? You will learn about this term as well as explore your options for Torso Carries. Torso carries are commonly seen in Africa. Dr Blois shares pictures of herself wearing a torso carrier. You will be taught how to place baby in a torso carrier safely and once again a handy comparison chart at the end of the chapter is provided.

Chapter 9: Frequently asked questions
In this chapter, Dr Blois addresses commonly asked questions which center around choosing a carrier, babywearing and "spoiling", babywearing and Sleep habits, Newborn carrying positions, babywearing and breastfeeding and other interesting topics.

There is an appendix with a resource guide, as well as a handy comparison chart of each type of carrier. In addition, the book features wearing instructions for Slings, Wraparounds, Front/Back Packs & Torso Carriers. Not to be missed are the General Babywearing Tips, Babywearing Safety and Maximizing Sling Comfort by avoid common mistakes.

This comprehensive and beautifully written book on Babywearing will serve as a reference guide which you will refer to time and time again. Highly recommended.


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Lovely! Thanks for sharing this information.

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This book looks really comprehensive. I didn't know that such a book was available. Its seems invaluable. I am off to order it now. Thank you writing this article. You definitely have a knack for finding unique products.

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Finally someone has come out with a comprehensive book. Hooray. The author is an M.D. very impressive. This should help with the credibility issue and relay some fears.