Giveaway - Preggers n' Proud: Designer tees for the entire family!

Cara, founder of Preggers n' Proud:

"I started Preggers n' Proud when I was pregnant 6 years ago. We were one of the first maternity slogan t-shirt companies on the market and we got a huge boost in popularity when Kate Hudson wore our Loving my Buddha Belly tee in People Magazine. We introduced Daddy t-shirts to the maternity industry with our Men who Change Diapers Rule tee soon after. We continue to grow sales each year and recently added the opportunity for our customers to buy our blank wholesale t-shirts in bulk for their own slogan, Mom's group, or boutique logo. I feel very fortunate to have started a business at a time in my life when I wanted to stay home to raise my son. I was a Writer before creating the adorable and clever maternity slogans that grace our tees. My business has changed as I have over the years. My interest in an environmentally friendly lifestyle affected my business decisions. My business is not about making huge amounts of money - it is about supporting my family, important causes, and celebrating each and every customer's pregnancy."

Spotlight: Organic Cotton Maternity Tees

The organic cotton line from Preggers n' Proud is manufactured in the USA to cut down on the environmental impact of international freight shipping. The company uses post-consumer waste paper and recyclable gift boxing and shipping materials. In addition, they donate proceeds to eco-friendly organizations.

The organic cotton tees are available in Two super stretch sizes:

*S/M fits sizes 2-10
*L/XL fits sizes 12-18

Organic Buddha Belly maternity tee

Organic Blossoming Baby maternity tee


Products can be purchased online at or in select maternity boutiques across the country. Overseas shipping is available.

Success Through Play™ comments:

Gone are the days when pregnant women hid their pregnant belly in tent like creations and fathers had little to do with caring for their baby. These days, pregnant mamas-to-be are embracing their new curves and flaunting their growing bumps in stylish tees. Fathers are taking an active role in caring for their baby and are proud of it. Preggers n Proud offers custom designed tees for the entire family all at reasonable prices. Cara's background as a writer is clearly evident in the creative slogans that creates together with her husband. Pregger n' Proud offers maternity designs such as Loving my Buddha Belly, Sexy n’ Showing, Goddess with a Bump, Hot Mom, Epidural Shmepidural, Viva la Pansa, Blossoming Baby Belly, & With Child, Daddy tees include designs such as Men who Change Diapers Rule, Good Daddies are Hot, and Phat Papa, which celebrate daddy's and acknowledge them as equal partners. Also on offer are adorable baby tees with designs such as: Buddha Baby and Mama's Got my Back/And so does Daddy!

We received evaluation samples of their organic cotton maternity tees with the designs:
Blossoming Baby Belly and Loving my Buddha Belly which celebrate and honor the pregnant form in a fun and respectful way. The unique graphics are well designed and are sure to attract many compliments. The organic cotton fabric is super soft and feels terrific against the mama-to-be's skin. The organic cotton fabric used to make the tees is natural colored, free of dyes and bleaches. The cut and length of the tee is super flattering and oh so comfortable. You will receive plenty of compliments when wearing Preggers n Proud tees and lots of nods and smiles!

Here is some feedback that we received from our tester:

"I had a difficult time finding organic cotton maternity tees. I was really surprised by how few companies offer them. I was delighted to receive the organic cotton maternity tees from Preggers n Proud and eager to try them on. I have been fairly self-conscious about my weight gain during pregnancy and the loss of my pre-pregnant body and admit that I was hiding behind baggy tees and sweat pants, which didn't flatter my new shape. I was thrilled when I put on my Preggers n Proud tee and immediately saw the flattering silhouette which it created and I felt an instant boost of confidence and dare I say...I felt sexy. I grabbed my maternity jeans which I hadn't yet worn until now and which was the perfect compliment to my designer tee. I was ready to take on the world! The organic cotton fabric feels awesome against my tender, itchy skin and I can feel great knowing that it is free from harmful chemicals and dyes. I received tons of compliments when I wear my tees and my confidence level has gone through the roof. The tees have totally changed my attitude towards my pregnant body and taught me to be proud of my growing belly. Thank you!

We commend Preggers n Proud for their eco-friendly organic cotton collection which is proudly made in the USA and look forward to seeing it continue to expand. We would really like to see them offer organic cotton wholesale tees in the future. We would also like to acknowledge that Preggers n Proud contributes a portion of sales to organizations that care for animals and children including: Canines for Disabled Kids, PETA, and Zero to Three and hope that other companies will follow in their footsteps.


Courtesy of Preggers n' Proud we have the following 2 prizes up for grabs, both in a size L/XL:

Prize A: Organic Buddha Belly Maternity Tee

Prize B: Organic Blossoming Baby Maternity Tee

Congratulations to Kelly S.

Preggers n Proud collection of tees for the entire family will make wonderful gifts. To view the full collection, please visit:


Emily said...

These Tees are gorgeous!

Sarah said...

These look fabulous! It is REALLY hard to find organic cotton maternity options that are affordable. Thank you for finding this great company.

Mike said...

LOVE the daddy tees!

Jennifer said...

Yes, I would definitely buy wholesale organic cotton maternity tees, because they are really hard to find!

Becky said...

I really like the Organic Cotton Maternity Tees. The graphics is really CUTE!

Sally said...

The Baby Tee is ultra cute!

Kim said...

These tees are just lovely. I haven't been able to find ANY affordably priced organic cotton maternity tees. The graphics are an extra bonus!

Jen said...

These organic cotton tees are wonderful! I am really impressed that this company supports such worthy charities! This will definitely influence my decision to do business with them. Thank you for highlighting such fantastic companies.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tees.