Svan® High Chair/Youth Chair

The Svan® of Sweden came to fruition when Swedish designers Anders Fallman and Kjell Hagstrom joined together to create functional yet stylish furniture for children. The Svan style features bent wood because of its strength and security, and because it's an attractive, natural and lightweight material that stays true to Swedish design. The Svan® line (high chair, bouncer, scooter and mini-furniture) is sleek, beautiful and complementary to any home design.

Svan® High Chair/Youth Chair Product Description:

* Adjustable seat depth and footrest for supreme comfort
* Wooden tray and dishwasher safe plastic tray cover included
* Converts to a youth chair
* For ages 6 months and up
* Available in five stain finishes -whitewash, natural, cherry, mahogany, espresso
* Plastic tray cover (included) is phthalate-free.

Accessories (purchased separately)
Cushions for comfort.


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Success Through Play™ comments:

We would like to thank ScandinavianChild™ for sending us a sample of the Svan Chair. Our team experienced outstanding customer service from their staff and we won't hesitate to recommend this highly reputable company. The Svan Chair immediately caught the eye of our consultant Engineer (PhD), who was eager to start assembling the chair. Our engineer was impressed to see that not only did the Svan Chair arrive with a fully descriptive manual, but boasts a instructional and informational DVD as well. The DVD shows the parts and assembly process in great detail, which is unique and very useful. This double approach allows the customer to follow along by watching the DVD while assembling the product, which is so helpful.

The Success Through Play™ team observed our engineers' expressions and the intense level of concentration when he viewed the instructional and informational DVD! The Engineer remarked that the Mechanical Design Team who designed the Svan Chair are top notch and he was immediately impressed with the adjustability of the chair which is suitable for a 6 month old and adjust to fit an older child. The adjustable options makes this chair the most ergonomic High and Youth Chair on the international market, bar none.

Our Engineer wasted no time assembling the Svan® Chair and decided to assemble the Chair in the High Chair mode, as we would be distributing the chair to a family who have a 1 year old daughter, Taylor, and a 3 year old son, Max. Assembly was simple, thanks to the excellent written and visual instructions. "The addition of the DVD, make the chair a cinch to put together". While assembling the Svan® Chair, the engineer commented on the wood's high quality and the smoothness of the component wood pieces". He added that "the laminated veneer lumber (LVL) won't twist over time like cheaper wooden high chairs and is lightweight yet very stable. This chair should last for generations and is heirloom quality."

Upon assembly, the engineer commented on the chair's excellent stability and he marveled at the genius design which allows this chair to be so adjustable. The optional Svan® cushions are available is many beautiful colors to compliment your Svan Chair and provide comfort and support. We commend Svan for making a cushion which is PBDE free.

The Svan® Chair features an adjustable seat depth, seat height, and footrest for ergonomic and comfortable seating from age 6 months to teen.

The adjustable features allow you to customize the chair to your baby and child's body; providing your baby and child with the best postural support available on the international market. The Three-point harness allows your child's upper body to move freely without compromising safety. It is essential to ensure that your baby and child are adequately supported during mealtimes, because if their current chair lacks adequate support, your baby/child will be working so hard to stay upright and attempt to get in a comfortable position, that they will lack the energy, focus and attention to eat their meals.

The Svan® Chair converts from High Chair mode to Youth Chair "Booster Mode" with some simple modifications, for years of use. It was now time to distribute the chair to the parent panel. Our engineer spent a few minutes explaining to the family how to adjust the chair to fit their 9 month old daughter, Taylor and their 3 year old son, Max. Our occupational therapist recommended settings to ensure that both children were seated in the most ergonomic and supportive position as possible! The importance of the adjustable footrest was emphasized.

Why is an Adjustable Footrest so imperative?

Why is an ample, stable adjustable footrest so imperative? If you child's feet are being supported, he will be able to focus on the task of eating. If an adjustable footrest is not present or is inadequate, he will spend the majority of his energy trying to keep himself upright and will tire himself out. Would you be comfortable eating all of your meals while your legs are dangling?

Another stand out feature of the Svan® High Chair, which it's competitor does not feature, is that with the Svan® Chair, parents can choose to use the Tray Table when their baby is young, which will help to contain the mess and then as the baby gets older they can store the tray on the back and bring the Chair up to the family dining table, so that baby can dine with them. Once again, this illustrates the myriad of choices that the Svan® Chair offers families and attests to the brilliant design of the chair.

After a few weeks, we checked back with the parent test panel for their feedback. Prior to testing the Svan® Chair, the family had been using a high end plastic high chair and a booster seat for their child. Their plastic high chair and booster seat are typical of the majority of the high chairs and booster seats on the market in that both lack a footrest, adjustable features and are designed for limited use. Contrast this to the Svan® Chair and you will quickly see how it's exceptional design, ergonomic features and long term use set it apart. The parents were thrilled with the adjustability of the Svan® High Chair and could immediately see a vast improvement in Taylor's posture during mealtime and the addition of the Svan® Footrest translated into a more successful mealtime experience for her baby. "I can definitely see that my baby is more comfortable and better supported in the Svan Chair and the footrest is providing her body with support and improving her posture. She is now able to concentrate her attention on eating and not on trying to balance herself or attempting to obtain a more comfortable position." The dad commented that he really liked how adjustable the chair is and he is able to essentially customize the chair to their baby, something that could never be accomplished before.

The parents then converted the same Svan® Chair into the Youth mode for Max, with some simple adjustments and having the DVD and instructional booklet to guide them, made the process simple. Our engineer was on hand to supervise. Max was excited to see his new chair and he had waited so patiently to test it out. Prior to using the Svan® Youth Chair, the toddler has been sitting in a typical booster seat which lacked a footrest. He too was distracted during mealtimes and had complained that he plastic booster was really uncomfortable. "Mealtimes were a mission", stated the family. The Svan® Youth Chair was a welcome addition to their family. Both the parents and the child agreed how comfortable and supportive the Svan® Youth Chair is and once again, the addition of the adjustable footrest made all the difference in terms of the child's overall posture and support. "Max is more attentive during meals and doesn't wiggle anymore-Thank you Svan!" The parents were amazed that one chair can be converted into either a High Chair or Youth Chair and offered so many adjustable features that made it a clear winner with them.

Svan® Chair - where beauty and function collide.

The Svan® Chair is the ideal Holiday Gift to give this season and will make a practical and stylish gift that will last for many generations to come. The Svan® Chair can be easily converted into a Youth Chair when your child is 18 months and has sufficient postural control to sit in the chair. The Youth Chair adjust to fit a toddler right through to a young adult with ease, making the Svan® Chair an excellent buy.

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Keira said...

Excellent review! I was trying to decide between the Svan Chair and the "competitor" but you have made my choice super easy. Off to register for the Svan! Thank you!!!!!!

Tom K said...

The Svan Chair is awesome! Many people are turned off by the higher price, but when you work out how long it will last, it really isn't expensive after all. It's by far the highest quality chair around; not to mention stylish!

Paula said...

I work in childcare and I agree with you 100% about the importance of buying chairs with footrest. It DOES make all the difference when it comes to mealtimes. Great review.

Harry said...

We have a variety of Svan Brand Products and the quality is superb. Amazing how these European Brands offer such well designed and high quality juvenile items.

Emily said...

Fantastic review. Thank you!

Margo Krein said...

Thank you for taking the time to explain the importance of an adjustable footrest. It makes so much sense! I find our website to be so informative and I have learned so much. Terrific resource for new parents.

Gemma said...

Well if an engineer approves, I am SOLD :-) Great review. It answered all of my questions. Keep up the great work.