Living in the Raw Desserts

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Living in the Raw Desserts

Book Description:

Desserts are universally appealing, and now they can be enjoyed without guilt! Raw desserts are sumptuous and decadent, and can be made with organic nuts and fruits that are rich sources of healthful nutrients. The recipes in Living in the Raw Desserts are simple to prepare, outrageously delicious, and spectacular to serve--perfect for special occasions. Because they are made without wheat, sugar, or eggs, they can be enjoyed by anyone with food allergies.

# Paperback: 127 pages
# Publisher: Book Publishing Company (TN) (February 28, 2007)
# ISBN-13: 978-1570672019

About the Author:

Rose Lee Calabro has been eating raw foods for over ten years and has developed a large repetoire of amazingly flavorful, life-affirming foods. She is also the author of Living in the Raw.


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Success Through Play™ comments:

Rose lee Calabro had experienced a variety of health ailments, including chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, joint pain, chronic sinusitis and gallstones. Since discovering raw loving food over 12 years ago, she has shed the extra pounds, resolved her health problems and has been inspired to share the health benefit of eating raw living food with others.

The book, Living in the Raw is divided into 7 sections, which include Cakes, Candies & Truffles, Cookies and Bars, Dessert Breads, Ice Creams & Sorberts, Puddings, Parfaits, and Mousses and Pies. The book features beautiful pictures of select desserts from the book, which will inspire you to create them yourself. Each recipe has clear and simple instructions and is easy to prepare. You will be amazed at how quickly you can whip up an incredibly healthy and delicious tasting dessert, many of which can be made a few days in advance. Each recipe sounded very tempting and we had a difficult time deciding which recipes to test, because they all beckoned to us. Decadent Chocolate Torte, Blueberry Cheesecake, Raspberry Torte, Cherry Truffles, Fudge Brownies Supreme, German Mock Chocolate Cake, Key Lime Mango Creme Pie...and more! So many heavenly recipes, so little time.

The recipes in this book are based on raw food principles, thus you will not need to cook anything in a traditional oven/stove top. You will a few glass jars for soaking the nuts and a good blender. Some recipes call for a dehydrator, which we have yet to purchase! Nuts and sometimes fruit must be soaked for a certain amount of time before hand, but besides that, the recipes are generally quick and easy to prepare. The recipes are all vegan, free of refined sugars, wheat, dairy and egg free, making them suitable for a wide variety of people. If you are trying to lower your cholesterol, replace traditional cholesterol laden desserts with these healthy ones!

The first recipe that we tested was the Angelic Balls, which are reminiscent of sweet Southern Indian Treats. Made from almonds, pecans, dates, apricots, pine nuts, almond butter, and a selection of spices, the end result is a divine fruit/nut ball rolled in coconut which tastes slightly exotic and oh so divine.

Craving chocolate, we then made the following 2 recipes, which did not disappoint and satisfied our need for chocolate!

The Outrageous Fudge truly lives up to its name and won the taste testers hearts, hands down.

In fact, we have made this recipe SEVERAL times because it is so outstanding. Made from pecans, pine nuts, dates, carob powder, vanilla and walnuts, this fudge is decadent and rich and just a small piece will satisfy your strongest cravings. After soaking the nuts for 30mins-1 hour, the ingredients combine into a fudgy ball in record time, making this the fastest, easiest and most healthy "fudge" in the world!

We then made the Mud Pie which was a great hit! The crust is made from pecans, dates, figs, cacao nibs and the filling from almonds, bananas, cacao nibs, agave and vanilla and is absolutely delicious. The result is a rich chocolate fruit nut pie which looks beautiful sliced and tastes even better.

Finally, we tested the Apple Pie which was refreshing and delicious. The crust is made from almonds, dates, almond butter with a pinch of salt and the filling from Fuji Apples, Dates, raisins, and a secret spice mix! If you have children, let the children press down the crust mix, which is a fun activity!

The Apple Pie was simple to prepare and the perfect dessert for a warm spring day. The secret spice blend was outstanding and this Apple Pie is surely the healthiest one that you will ever experience. We even served it up for breakfast a few times!

We highly recommend this book and know that you will have lots of fun creating outstanding desserts that are super healthy as well.

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Jen said...

Oh my goodness, these desserts look fabulous! Yummy! I will be ordering this book. Thank you!

Ana said...

Wow, you guys really take the time to test our a few recipes. So many other magazines just review a book and who really knows if they even tested a single recipe. You guys are the best! These recipes look delicious and healthy!

Heidi said...

LOVE the pictures. These desserts look incredible.

Macy said...

These desserts look so divine and the book sounds amazing. Since summer is around the corner, I am looking forward to trying out raw recipes that don't require the use of the oven and are far healthier than the sugar and butter laden ones! Thank you!

Gretchen said...

Stop, you are making me SO hungry! Just kidding, keep the recipe book reviews coming. I love reading them and seeing the results of your culinary creations!

Lorna said...

This publishing house has the BEST books. Thank you for pointing them out.

book publishing company said...

These recipes look delicious and healthy! Oh my goodness, these desserts look fabulous! Yummy! I will be ordering this book. Thank you!