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The Success Through Play Team.

Success Through Play™ sat down with Kariza of Kariza Designs who co-designed the Kariza® Wrap Skirt.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of the Kariza® Wrap Skirt?

Kariza has always had a love for fashion and an entrepreneurial spirit. After attending college for Fashion Design in Brazil Kariza moved to Miami where she had several jobs in the fashion industry but still felt a lack of fulfillment. In December 2005, she started co-working with Boaz Dekel, a fashion consultant originally from Israel, responsible for manufacturing the Kariza Vintage wraps. At the end of 2005 Kariza decided to go on a trip to Hawaii. She left with only the idea of celebrating the New Year in North shore. During this trip, Kariza encountered breath taking spiritual places and people that inspired her. She showed all the wraps to people she met and every person’s reaction was the same. They were amazed by the unique array of colorful fabrics of the vintage wraps. While in Hawaii, Kariza decided to visit a few boutiques in Haleiwa and make a presentation with the wraps to the store’s owners and employees. They were really thrilled with the versatility of the garment and the uniqueness of the fabrics. From the very moment Kariza got everyone’s reactions from the presentations she did in Hawaii, she was driven to design, sketch and develop different ways to wear the wraps. As she returned to Miami, Boaz and Kariza designed 50 ways to wear the vintage wraps. Every day a different style was born. They started wholesaling the wraps in Hawaii, Miami Beach, South Carolina and in the Keys. They provided each customer a brochure with step-by-step procedures in order to instruct the final customer on how to wear the garment. Boaz and Kariza partnered with In Gear Fashions in May, 2006. And since then, the company has undoubtedly increased.

FEATURES OF THE KARIZA® (provided by Kariza Designs)

Kariza® is a vintage, double-layered silk-blended wrap skirt - a fashionable masterpiece! Each individual skirt is hand-made, making each individual pattern unique for each piece. Our versatile Kariza skirt can be converted into beautiful dresses, tops, shawls, and cover ups achieving any number of looks, from simple to sophisticated. With limitless creativity, these timeless pieces can be worn in numerous ways and for any occasion. Available in 3 choices: short, medium and long. Can be worn 60 different ways (refer to Vintage Instructional Film) and since it's reversible, you can potentially create 120 different looks! KARIZA is a new division of INGEAR and will undoubtedly set the new trend in silk wraps. The line represents a totally new concept developed for the most versatile wraps ever seen. Although the line is young and began from a simple wrap skirt, it is currently growing to include an entire lifestyle collection; Kariza believes she will make fashion history with her signature silk wraps.


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"Kariza looks forward to making every line the most versatile for every age and soon will be infusing her own designs with new influences of India and Brazil. It will reflect a balance between the traditional and the innovative. Kariza® is much more than a product, it's a unique fashion concept of creativity and versatility. Kariza® is wearable art, and because it's appeal has truly been global, Kariza® has helped to inspire creativity around the world. Kariza Designs believes that, with each of our creative concepts, we make a meaningful impact on the way in which people express themselves creatively through fashion. Kariza® is the ideal gift for mom - it's unique, versatile, sophisticated, and beautiful...just what mom deserves!", says the Kariza Designs Team.

Success Through Play™ Comments:

With the endless ways to wrap your Kariza®, you are bound to find several ways to wear your Kariza® that will compliment your body. Kariza® sent us a beautiful Kariza® wrap skirt in the long length, an instructional DVD (demonstrates 60 different ways), booklet (demonstrates 15 ways to wear it) and a stylish Jute bag to store our Kariza® in. Our test panel consisted of one pregnant mama-to-be and a working mama. The pregnant mama to be was thrilled with how the long Kariza® could be draped around her growing belly and she created several different looks with the Kariza®! "This is so comfortable, I can definitely see wearing this to boost my confidence!".

Kariza, co-founder of Kariza Designs pictured above in one of her designs during her pregnancy.

The working mama was "highly impressed with the versatility of the Kariza® and exclaimed "it's genius, one product that can be worn so many ways!". Since the Kariza® wrap skirt is reversible, the "60 ways to wear the Kariza®" becomes up to 120 different looks! Please note that each Kariza® is unique and the pattern/colors that you order may appear somewhat different in real life Vs on the computer screen. If possible, try and view one in person to pick out a pattern that you like. One garment that can potentially be worn 60 different ways is certainly very innovative and we think that it qualifies as a product that makes your life a little easier!

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nubia said...

I was at the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. when I came across my first Kariza piece and absolutely fell in love. I've never seen a piece of clothing that captures all of whom I am in one piece: versatile, beautiful, unique. I love what Kariza stands for. I walked away from the booth without buying a thing. A year later I see their designs online. I know what I'm buying myself for the holidays. Good luck Kariza and God bless your innovation and future endeavors.

Iesha said...

I was visiting Key West, FL on vacation and I saw these beautiful fabrics on the rack at an outdoor shop. When the saleswoman showed me the many styles I became excited! In fashion I'm all about versatility and color and this offers both. I've received so many compliments on this piece and I feel feminine and unique in them.

Heidi said...

Gorgeous! Hope to see more fashion articles, especially hip maternity wear!

Tricia said...

These are stunning! I love how versatile they are!

Sarah said...

I love my Kariza Wrap. It really is SO flattering on my body shape and ideal for pregnancy!

Jen said...

What beautiful designs! I will be ordering mine!

Emma said...

I'm really frustrated with my kariza wrap because no where online will tell me actually how to wear the thing. It shows me styles, but there are no instructions. I would really appreciate someone letting me know where I can find instructions as to how to wear this.

Success Through Play said...

Hi Emma,

If you visit:

and click on "Vintage Instructional Film" you will find a demo on how to use your Kariza. In addition, you can purchase a DVD from Kariza Designs by visiting:

and scrolling down and clicking on "SHOP." Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by.


The Success Through Play Team.

Anonymous said...

I was on a tour in Boston, visiting the Quincy market when i first learned about Karizas. I absolutely loved the beautiful colours, designs, and how you could use it just about anything. Given the little time we had at the market, i was trying out different designs when i ran out of time! I was disappointed, and very looking forward to buying one. 100 different ways! Wow!