Healthier Choices Resources

The good news is that companies are getting the message that we the consumer, want healthier, safer products. There is a growing trend towards making products that are less toxic. Find a store that has a good reputation for carrying non-toxic products. Here, in the USA, we have wonderful stores such as Whole Foods, New Seasons, Wild Oats, New Leaf, Elephant Pharmacy, to name a few. Ask to speak with a staff member who can assist you in selecting suitable products. We have found the staff at these stores to be incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to help. One is more likely to find a selection of non-toxic products at specialty stores than mainstream, although hopefully this will change in the future. A sign of progress is that a large US chain called "Walmart" is going green and has introduced an organic line of clothing, produce etc, which is a huge step in the right direction.

Safer Products Project offers a status update of companies which are phasing out toxic chemicals and lists companies which have not taken action to do so.

Fruits and vegetables provide us with anti-oxidants and nutrients and should be included in our diet on a daily basis. To view a list of 43 fruits and vegetables and see how they rank in terms of pesticide content (ranked from worst to least), please click here. Some people think that they can simply just peel their fruits/vegetables to "remove" the pesticides, but this is not the case. Please remember that whether you purchase organic or non-organic fruits and veggies, you still need to wash them prior to eating.


Kinder Paint - USA
Ecos Paints - UK

Baby Skincare Products (Products for the Entire Family as well)
Earth Mama Angel Baby - International
Terressentials- USA & Canada
Echantrix - South Africa
Pure Beginnings - South Africa
There Must be a Better Way - UK
AROMABABY - International
Pure Earth - Australia & New Zealand

Cloth Diapers - UK
Tiny Bird Organics - USA
Seventh Generation, Disposable Chlorine Free - USA
Natures Child - Australia
Stegi EcoNappy - South Africa

Glass Baby Bottles
Evenflo Classic Glass Nursers

Household Products
Bioshield - USA
Enchantrix - South Africa

Bamboo Baby - UK
Bamboo Body - Australia

In the coming months, we will be featuring a variety of products that are non-toxic and will be introducing you to companies that are committed to making healthier products, for you, your children and the generation to come. Please visit the Environmental Working Group Website (EWG) for interesting articles related to this issue. The EWG is a not-for-profit environmental research organization dedicating to improving public health and protecting the environment by reducing pollution in air, water and food. They have a cosmetic safety database where you can see where your products rank in terms of toxicity and make healthier choices for the future. The categories include: Make-up, Skin Care, Hair Care, Eye Care, Nail Care, Baby Care, Oral Care and Fragrance. Each category has sub categories. Use this as a guide to educate yourself about what choices are available in each category and learn about how to read labels so that you can make healthier choices in the future. They do not list every brand available, as this is simple not possible. Use this as a general reference guide, but keep in mind that there are many other companies out there that are not on the list, but do offer non-toxic products.


Pamela Green said...

Thank you for this interesting resource list. I haven't heard of many of the companies before, but will certainly go through the list and check out each one. Thank you for the info.

Jessica said...

Yikes! The products that I buy are really toxic (EWG database). I am now empowered to make better choices. I will DEFINITELY be reviewing the non-toxic companies that you are listed on your website. Thank You.

David said...

Thanks for all the suggestions on products to look into. I have been trying to find such things but clearly in all the wrong places. It really is shocking what chemicals are in our daily lives and for no really good reason. We are just poisoning ourselves and children. Things need to change and this information is a great start.

Andrea said...

Great list of organic and environmentally friendly resources. I particularly love bamboo clothing and Bamboo Body has a great range of stylish clothes.