Topic of the Month

Thank you for your positive feedback and topic suggestions. Based on your comments and emails, we have decided on the following topics of the month:

June, 2007: Baby Radio, Maternal Fitness, Happiest Baby/Toddler on the Block, Tummy Time, Infant Massage, Sign with your Baby (ASL): Sign2Me and Signing Time
July, 2007: Baby-Wearing
August, 2007: Products that Make Parents/Childrens Lives Easier-Part I
September, 2007: Fabulous Toys/Books/CDs/DVD Part I
October, 2007: Fabulous Toys/Books CDs/DVD Part II
November, 2007: Holiday Shopping Ideas
December, 2007: Products that Mimic the Womb
January, 2008: Products that Make Parents/Children's Lives Easier-Part II
February, 2008: All Things Organic
If you would like me to review a product, please contact me. I do have a pre-screening criteria to ensure that each product meets a certain standard.


Pamela Green said...

These topics sounds great. I am really looking forward to hearing your comments about them.

David said...

This looks to be a very interesting new publication. I look forward to seeing and learning more about the topics presented. Already I have learned what an OT really is and their value just from this introduction. From a mans point of few, I hope to learn a great deal about OT for young children from this blog as well as products that are of value to their development. I will be back often.