Greg Sheldon is the President of Coast Innovations, and inventor of the award winning ITZBEEN™ Baby Care Timer: a multi-purpose nursery tool that helps sleep-deprived parents learn, remember, and communicate the basic details of baby care. It is pronounced "It's Been".

Greg’s technical experience began in the Air Force working on RADAR equipment. At the age of 22, he joined his mentor in a start-up technology company in San Francisco. Within three years, Omega Environmental, Inc. acquired the company and he was transferred to the corporate headquarters in Washington as an engineer. He returned to school and received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Davis. Prior to becoming a stay at home dad and inventor, he was working as an automation engineer and project manager for Banks Integration Group in Vacaville CA.

What was the inspiration behind the development of the ITZBEEN™?

Late one night when baby Will was not feeling well, Greg was on baby duty; Kris had to get up in a couple hours for work. In a sleepy-haze and with Will wailing, Greg struggled to remember when Will was last given his medication, last fed, or last had his diaper changed. Reluctantly, he had to wake Kris up to find out how long ago she gave the baby Tylenol. Greg realized that there had to be a better way for he and Kris to remember and communicate what each other was doing with their baby.

Once Will and Kris were back to sleep, Greg sat down in front of his computer. Determined to avoid this problem in the future, he wrote a simple program that helped them exchange basic baby care details with each other. His program consisted of four timers, each with a single button labeled: diaper, food, sleep/awake, and medicine.

Whenever they changed his diaper, fed him, gave him medication, or put him down for a nap (or got him up), they just stopped by the kitchen computer and clicked the appropriate button to reset the timer to 00:00 (hh:mm). After that, anytime day or night, either could check the computer screen if they were unsure what and how long ago the other had done for Will.


The ITZBEEN™ Baby Care Timer is the first multi-purpose nursery tool for new parents. Moms and dads often ask each other, “How long has it been since she ate, slept, been changed, etc?” With a simple touch of a button, four timers count up to help new and sleep-deprived parents remember and communicate these simple details. Optional reminders can also be programmed for each timer. If the time limit is reached, the appropriate button will light up, and an optional alarm will briefly beep.

The ITZBEEN™ has several other helpful features: nursing reminder switch – easily reminds mom which side baby nursed from last, soft-glow nightlight – to help parents find their way in the dark without waking the baby (the nightlight automatically goes off after 7 minutes), backlit display – so parents can read the times and the clock in the dark, and a back clip – makes the ITZBEEN™ totally portable and allows for hands-free use of the nightlight. Soft-glow night light helps parents find their way around the baby's room at night without waking the baby. Perfect low level light for nursing moms. If the light is left on, it will automatically turn off after 7 minutes

  • Helps sleep-deprived new parents remember baby care details.
  • Wonderful tool to help first-time parents learn the basic needs of a baby.
  • Great way to communicate baby's needs with grandparents, baby sitters, and day-care providers.
  • Recommended Age Range Birth to 24 Months


  • The ITZBEEN™ received a 2007 Best Baby Product Award from iParenting Media, and the prestigious Innovation Award the 2007 International Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association Trade Show.

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(707) 237-7430.

Success Through Play™ Comments:

ITZBEEN™ is taking the world by storm! During ITZBEEN'S™ first month on, it reached the #1 position at least 12 different times on a Hot New Releases list. Today, the IIZBEEN™ is routinely found on’s Top Seller list of baby products. Greg and Kris have shipped over 5000 Itzbeens™ to 9 countries and plan to continue growing their ITZBEEN™ sales, both home and abroad. In addition, they are working on addition new products for their line. Greg plans to return to school for his MBA.

The ITZBEEN™ is an ergonomically designed device that can easily and comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. You won't be holding it for long-our test panel found it very user-friendly and very easy to set up and use. It can be clipped to your clothing or stashed in your handbag for easy access. Our test panel loved the multitude of features that the ITZBEEN™ offers and mentioned the "Left Right" switch for nursing and the soft-glow night light as stand out features! Comments such as "it's an essential must have item that all news moms and dads need" and "it helps us to keep to our schedule, which puts me at ease" were commonly heard. The panel raved about the Button Lock, which prevents the buttons from being pressed accidentally! This clever, innovative product is very well designed and made and is sure to help news moms/dads make a smoother and more effective transition into parenthood. Grandparents and babysitters will surely appreciate the value of the ITZBEEN™.

Bottom Line: Having easily accessible info at your fingertips of when was the last time baby fed, was changed, slept, had his meds (if applicable) as the ITZBEEN™ can provide can only but help baby thrive! Recommended.


Rhonda said...

What a brilliant new invention. I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW. I run a daycare and the itzbeen would make our lives so much easier and more efficient!

Thank you for searching the globe to bring us the latest and greatest!

Lexi Thomas said...

The Itzbeen is an incredible product. We have one and can honestly say that it has been invaluable to us, especially during the initial weeks of sleep deprivation. We recommend it to all of our family and friends.

Renee said...

I am definitely placing this item on my baby gift registry. Thank you for featuring it...I hadn't heard of it until now.

Molly said...

I am pregnant with #3. I wish that this product would have been available when my 2 kids were babies! I know that we were in a total daze for the first couple of weeks and had a difficult time keeping track of things. I am off to purchase one....I am really looking forward to being more organized this time! Thank you!

Stacey said...

The Itzbeen is a true lifesaver. I can't imagine we would have done without it. What a brilliant concept...wish I would have thought of it :-) Seriously, get one you will be so thankful that you did. I buy them for all the baby showers that I attend and they are always "great hits".