Ellaroo designs are inspired by traditional baby carriers from around the world, while keeping the modern parent in mind. We use the highest quality materials to make comfortable, practical, durable baby carriers.

Ellaroo Ring Sling:

Ring Sling Features:

- One-shouldered
- Easy adjustments through lightweight rings
- Pocket design is perfect for newborns, nursing, and hip carries

Ellaroo Mei Tai Deluxe:

Mei Tai Deluxe Features:

- Waist and two-shoulder support
- Secures with tied straps
- Reversible to solid color
- Carry baby from head control through the toddler years

Ellaroo Mei Hip:

Mei Hip Features:

- Waist and one-shoulder support
- Secures with buckles
- Reversible to solid color
- Carry baby from sitting up through the toddler years

Ellaroo Wrap:

Wrap Features:

- Wraparound weight distribution
- Secures with a knot
- Lightweight and breathable
- The most versatile baby carrier available
- Carry baby from birth through the toddler years


Ellaroo does not sell their products direct to consumers. To find out where to buy, please visit this link.

Success Through Play™ Comments:

We have elected to feature Ellaroo products first, as we believe that they offer "the full package". They offer a wide range of products and have committed to being eco-friendly. They do everything possible to reduce waste and recycle in their daily procedures and manufacturing processes; looking for the shortest supply chains in sourcing materials and labor. Ellaroo uses sustainable materials whenever possible as they believe that it is better for baby and better for the environment. We applaud Ellaroo for offering a full line made from organic cotton fabrics and for using low impact fiber reactive dyes. The professionalism, ethics and integrity of this company is reflected in each of their high quality products. They unconditionally guarantee their products for workmanship and quality. Visit this link for frequently asked questions about Choosing and Using an Ellaroo Carrier. Ellaroo has it's own blog which features very interesting posts and the latest Ellaroo news. The blog can be accessed through this link.

Vesta was generous enough to send us 4 samples and we thank him graciously. The Ellaroo Ring Sling, Mei Tei and Mei Hip arrives packaged in a beautiful box which opens up to reveal wearing instructions (step-by-step), tips and safety precautions. The text is accompanied by photographs, for clarification. Additionally, you can click here to view the wearing instructions for each of the Ellaroo baby slings and carriers. The Ellaroo wrap arrives well packaged in a sealed bag complete with an instruction booklet. Each Ellaroo product is available in a variety of stunning eco-friendly fabrics, to suit your style. Non-toxic dyes are used throughout their product range.

Ellaroo Ring Sling
The Ring Sling is a popular choice for many, due to it's easy of use. Many parents purchase a ring sling as their first babywearing product as it can fit a variety of adults sizes (weight and height) and can easily transfer from mom to dad with a quick and easy adjustment. The Ellaroo Ring Sling is made from breathable, natural fibers in fabrics and batting. It features a lightly padded shoulder for added comfort. This ring sling is open tailed which offers privacy for nursing and sun coverage. The strong lightweight anodized aluminum sling rings have been tested for toxins and heavy metals as well as for stregnth (approx 300lbs). Our test panel gasped at the "beauty of the fabric which is beautiful to the touch and looks like silk from a distance". The panel found the Ellaroo Sling to be superbly constructed and very easy to put on and take off and adjust when transferring to a spouse. "Baby was content and well supported. " When out and about wearing the Ellaroo Sling, the test panel drew quite a crowd who noticed the visually stunning Ring Sling from a distance. Our test panel reported feeling like a "celebrity" and admitted to enjoying the attention!

Ellaroo Mei Tei Deluxe
The Mei Tei is another popular choice for parents as it offers a two shouldered support and a variety of tie options. It will usually fit a wide range of sizes due to it's simple yet accommodating design. The Ellaroo Mei Tai can be used for a front carry or a back carry and features lightly padded straps which fold down easily when not in use. The Ellaroo Mei Tai is superbly constructed and will provide fantastic support for mom/dad and baby. Follow the instructions provided to ensure ergonomic support for both you and baby. With a little practice, anyone can learn how to wear a Mei Tai and will discover the tremendous benefits of this Asian Style Carrier. In addition, the Ellaroo Mei Tai features a headrest for sleeping babies which simply folds down when not in use. Our parent panel raved about the Ellaroo Mei Tai and noted the high quality of the body and straps. They loved the feel of the organic cotton fabric and the eye catching designs of the fabric. They were able to follow the instructions provided with ease and reported that their baby enjoyed riding on their back and they felt no discomfort carrying their baby in this manner.

Ellaroo Mei Hip
When baby has the postural control to be carried on your hip, why not consider the Ellaroo Mei Hip to add to your collection? Carrying on your hip will feel very natural to most parents, almost instinctual. The Ellaroo Mei Hip features buckle closures for fast on and off. The carrier has the ability to fold down small when not in use, making it a perfect carrier to toss in your bag when you are on the go. The carrier is made of breathable natural fibers and distributes weight to the wearer's hips for comfortable hands free carrying. Our test panel really liked the unique design of the Ellaroo Mei Hip and thought that the buckle closures were "simply marvelous". They felt very confident carrying their baby in the Mei Hip and baby was calm and at ease in the hip position.

Ellaroo Wrap
This wrap is made from 100% cotton fabric, hand-woven in Guatemala. The fabric does not contain any toxins or heavy metals. It features a generous width (30") which allows for maximum versatility, including back carry positions. The wrap is available in 4 sizes: 2.7m, 4.2m, 4.6, 5.0m. The customer must take into consideration his/her height, body weight, body shape and desired carrying positions when selecting a size. Our test panel reported receiving "lots of attention" when wearing their baby in the Ellaroo wrap and were stopped repeatedly and asked about the "gorgeous fabric". The test panel found the wrap very easy to use and very supportive for baby. Baby was content and well supported and enjoyed playing with the "simple tied fringes".

We are really impressed with the Ellaroo Company and encourage our readers to explore their product range. You will surely find a eco-friendly Ellaroo sling or Ellaroo carrier that suits both your needs and your baby's needs, given the wide product range that is available. Rest assured that when used as directed, each Ellaroo sling and carrier will support your baby in the most ergonomic position and will provide your baby with a rich sensory motor experience. Success Through Play™ hopes to feature more products from Ellaroo in the coming months, including their organic cotton Podaegis (narrow and wide) and their new organic cotton bag collection. Stay tuned.


David said...

Nice to see Dads thought of and represented by baby carrying products. Nice styles for men as well as women from this company. Worth checking out.

Susan Meyers said...

Love the detail you have on the site. I am back again checking out your recommendations. You certainly put a lot of work into your reviews and have some unique insight, not just on this sling etc. but for so many things on your site. Thanks for all the effort....I could never do it.

Elizabeth Turner said...

What beautiful carriers. You have really opened up my eyes to so many wonderful topics and concepts. I had NO idea that I had any other option besides the Baby Bjorn, which is not working for us. The Ellaroo carriers are gorgeous and SO stylish. I love the many options that they offer, both in type of carrier and designs. I am so excited about babywearing now. Thank you SO MUCH.

Kay said...

Beautiful colors!