Thera-Band®: Progressive Resistive Bands

Thera-Band® brand products comprise the world's leading line of progressive elastic resistance exercise products for professional rehabilitation, athletic training and home fitness. They are developed and manufactured by The Hygenic Corporation, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, which is a multinational firm with two divisions: OEM and Specialty Products, which produces a diverse array of non-therapy products for use in a wide range of industries from medical devices to fishing lures, and the Thera-Band® division, which manufactures and markets the Thera-Band® brand product line.


Thera-Band® Progressive Resistance Bands

  • System of progressive resistance - easy for consumers, patients, and providers to measure progress.
  • Broad range of resistance levels - very light resistances for post surgery to very heavy resistance levels for world class athletes.
  • Portable - very easy to transport to work, to exercise class, or to travel destinations.
  • Inexpensive - very low use and replacement cost compared to any exercise devices.
  • Healthcare provider support - therapists can be consulted to provide new or modified exercises.
  • Proudly made in the USA


It is estimated that the Thera-Band® Resistance Bands are used by over 80% of the Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists & Athletic Trainers. The fact that the Thera-Band® is used by Rehab professionals the world over is a testament to its quality and effectiveness.


Fitness Wholesale - is one of the largest distributors.

If you are currently receiving Rehabilitative Therapy, the Thera-Band® will be made available to you by your Therapist.

Success Through Play™ Comments:

If you have ever worked with a physical therapist (physiotherapist) or occupational therapist for rehab of an injury or illness, you will most likely be familiar with the Thera-Band®. According to Mark Anderson from The Hygenic Corporaton: "The Thera-Band® is Proven effective - over 500 research studies have been performed on the product for use in physical and occupational therapy, and most are documented at web site." What you may not know is that aside from it's therapeutic use in rehab, it is also used in general home fitness programs for resistance training (upper and lower body) with people of all ages! . Many studies have cited the importance of doing regular resistance training to reduce your chances of developing Osteoporosis. In addition, regular resistance training promotes increased ROM (range of motion/flexibility), muscle endurance and increased muscle mass and strength which in turn raises your metabolic rate. Fitness experts recommend doing resistance training 3 times a week. Alternating upper and lower body exercises by not working the same group of muscles 2 days in a row will allow your muscles time to recover. It is essential to maintain a good posture throughout your Thera-Band workout so that you exercise the correct muscles and reduce the chance of injury. A therapist or skilled fitness trainer will be able to provide guidance in this area.

Thera-band® is a fantastic product which is very affordable and ultra light weight, making it a breeze to continue your resistance training when you are on the go and when traveling! The Thera-band® is available in a 8 colors/resistance levels making it easy to upgrade as your muscle strength and endurance improve!

Color Resistance

Tan: Extra Thin (beginners can start on this end!)
Yellow: Thin
Red: Medium
Green: Heavy
Blue: Extra Heavy
Black: Special Heavy
Silver: Super Heavy

The Hygenic Corporation sent us latex free samples of the Thera-Band®. We were most impressed with the professionalism of the company who were always quick to answer any questions that we had our their products. Our test panel followed a resistance training routine using the Thera-Band®. They were really impressed that the Thera-Band® could offer such an effective workout and is so light-weight and portable compared with free weights and weight machines. "I am a Thera-Band® convert, what a brilliant concept" exclaimed one mom!". To view exercise routines with the Thera-Band®, please click here. In addition there are many DVD's and books available on the international market which offer a resistance band program that you can easily follow in the comfort of your home. Please seek specific advise and instruction from your therapist if you are currently undergoing rehab therapy or have specific medical conditions or are pregnant.

The Thera-band® is available in a latex free version. Even if you do not have a latex allergy, research indicates that you could potentially develop one in the future if you are exposed to latex over time. For this reason, we opt to choice latex free options whenever possible. Thera-Band® offers a variety of products in addition to the resistance band and we hope to be able to highlight some additional products in the future.

A resistance band that offers so many uses deserves praise and we certainly proud to feature the Thera-band® as a product that makes our lives easier!


Mrs Walker said...

Resistance training along with aerobic exercise are key in maintaining muscle mass and losing weight. Great article..very well written. I am looking forward to seeing more fitness product reviews. There are so many home fitness products on the market but it is difficult to know which ones are high quality and worth the investment and which ones are not!

Lauren said...

I am pleased to hear that these bands come in a latex free option. Now there is NO excuse for me to start a resistance training program.

Emily said...

I ordered some after reading this article. The Thera-Band is SO affordable and you can feel the results immediately. Great for travel because they are super light and roll up into virtually nothing. Keep up the great work!