Our mission at speesees is to be fun, fair and organic in the products we make, the way we conduct business, and the baby steps we take towards creating a more sustainable future for the animal, plant and human speesees on our children's planet.

I was inspired to create speesees when my friends began having children & i realized there was a shortage of high quality and cute baby clothing on the market. The word s-p-e-e-s-e-e-s is the way baby might spell species if baby could spell.

Flooded with natural light and surrounded by an organic garden, our factory in India is the quintessential work environment; everyone receives a fair working wage & our manufacturers give money to the local village school & orphanage. we recently built a playground at the orphanage, called 'ananya playground' (named after our manufacturer's daughter, ananya).

Product Description (provided by Speesees)

Everyone needs the speesees friend! This buttery-soft organic sherpa animal is filled with lavender & lentils, & is perfect for napping with or telling your secrets to! Plus, the friend is moldable into different animal speesees shapes to stimulate imaginations, young & old.

is it an armadillo or a manatee? anything's possible~ what do you see?

like humans + snowflakes,
no two speesees friends are the same!
we promise this gentle creature
will never judge you + always love you.
that's what friends are for.

safe for all ages
good for napping with & telling secrets to

friend's biological makeup
organic sherpa cotton
lavender + lentils


Success Through Play™ comments:

We would like to thank speesees for sending us samples of their speesees organic sherpa animals for our panel. The sherpa animals invite you to cuddle and play with them! We were really impressed to find out that the animals are stuffed with lavender and lentils and we applaud speesees for offering an eco-friendly range of products! speesees is manufactured under Fair Trade Practices and Principles and their commitment to both humanity and the environment is commendable.

The baby test panel were instantly drawn to the sherpa friends and loved to cuddle, snuggle and babble with them.

The older children in our test panel enjoyed throwing and catching the sherpa friends to each other and balancing them on their bodies. Throwing and catching bean bags are great for working on eye hand coordination and by balancing the sherpa friend on their bodies, children learn about body awareness! The weight of the sherpa friend provides proprioceptive feedback to your child's muscles and joints. The parents were equally drawn to the sherpa animals and loved smelling the lavender scent. They were satisfied knowing that the animals are made with organic cotton materials and are filled with natural ingredients: lentils, lavender.

We would like to feature additional eco-friendly items from Speesees during 2008!

To view the full range of products that speesees offers, please visit:


Hayden K. said...

WOW! Lavender and lentil filled toys! You can't get more natural!!! I think that my toddler would enjoy playing with them.

Gina said...

Speesees has gorgeous clothing for little babes. High quality, very soft and come in vibrant colors. My fav brand!

Anna said...

Wonderful San Fran base company. They offer eco-friendly items for the entire family. They have a selection available at the Elephant Pharmacy in CA, if you want to view their items in person.

Maria said...

They toys are fabulous. Great all kids of all ages-and parent to!

Maura said...

I love scented products! This toy looks like it will inspire lots of creativity and imagination. The organic cotton fabric is terrific. Thank you for a great review.

Alyssa said...

Another speesees fan here.