The Bamboo Bump

Founded in London in July 2006 the aim here at Bamboo Baby is to provide you with eco-friendly and sustainable products, that are good for the environment but also good for you and your children. We have chosen products for you that we hope will help you feel gorgeous, that are also practical and products that are cute and kind for baby!

We offer Re-usable Nappies/Diapers which have the following features:

*60% more absorbent than cotton
*Dry 20% faster
*No chemicals on your baby’s skin
*Antibacterial fabric
*Naturally Organic

Our Collection:

Organic, sustainable and super eco-friendly, Bamboo fabric is gorgeously soft. Choose from cute baby wear made of bamboo, soy and organic cotton. We have 100% bamboo blankets - these blankets are sooo cuddly! For Big Tummy Mummies there's glamorous bamboo and organic cotton maternity wear. All the fabrics we use (bamboo, hemp, soy and organic cotton) are sustainable, biodegradable and where possible organic. All the fabrics are gorgeously soft and wearable with the added bonus of being super earth friendly!

The cosmetics we sell do not contain any harsh chemicals such as SLS, parabens or mineral oil. Our products are biodegradable and organic. Our baby ranges are mild and effective on baby’s delicate skin and kind to the environment.

Bamboo Fabric:

Our Bamboo Fabric is grown in China, where our factory built a bamboo plantation to enable strict control to be kept over the growing of the plant. It is managed in accordance to the international organic standard of OCIA/NOP and the bamboo is of 100% natural growth without the use of any pesticides or chemicals. Our fibre and mill are all Oeko-Tex Certified. This guarantees no harmful chemicals have been used in the processing. Our dyes are azo-free which are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Our fabric has been tested by SGS – the result shows the fabric is without any harmful chemicals and also skin-friendly, much better than normal dyed cotton fabrics. Finished bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic.

Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen is one of the worst chemicals used in fabric production and we can guarantee we NEVER use this noxious chemical.

The factory manufactures bamboo fiber strictly according to ISO9000 and ISO14000. Our factory also has voluntary community initiatives, pays almost twice the going rate and offers private healthcare to all workers and families. This combination is highly unusual. The workforce is stable and loyal, with very low staff turnover.

Now a reminder of why we love bamboo so much!

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. It grows everywhere! It can grow at sea level, all the way up to 12,000 feet. It grows on every continent; the only place you won’t find it is the North and South poles. One of bamboo’s sadder places in history was as the first plant to re-grow after the atomic blast in Hiroshima, but this shows the plant’s sustainability and resilience. It likes both wet and dry conditions – it can handle from 30-250 inches of annual rainfall. It is rain-fed only.

Compare this to cotton which is a thirsty plant consuming vast amounts of water, a scarce and valuable resource in many parts of the world. Cotton crops in Australia simply fail, after using up all the water around. Too much heavy rainfall can also affect cotton crops. This applies to conventional and organically grown cotton. Bamboo stalks mature in just 3-5 years, and as it is a species of grass, like your lawn, the plant does not die when it is cut down. Most trees take 25-70 years to mature and so are hard to replenish at the same rate as which we are cutting them down. Not so with bamboo! Bamboo is also a great CO2 absorber, and releases 35% more oxygen than the same size stand of trees.

Bamboo is naturally less vulnerable to insects and other pests and grows so fast that fertilizer and pesticides become obsolete. Conventional cotton uses 25% of the world’s insecticides as cotton is attacked by so many insects. Even organic cotton is susceptible to insects – particularly the boll worm and boll weevil. It has to be carefully grown to be protected without the use of chemicals. On top of all the insecticide, cotton is also sprayed with 10% of the world’s pesticides too. And then fertilizer too! Many of the chemicals used are known carcinogens. Cotton farming contributes to thousands of deaths every year for the people who work with it.

Bamboo grows an amazing root system, helping to prevent soil erosion. It can be grown on damaged soil overgrazed by livestock. It produces a crop every single year and once harvested, the roots are left intact to sprout new shoots again and again, keeping the top soil intact and the land happy. Bamboo is also a great building material. It’s almost as strong as soft steel and is stronger than oak. In Costa Rica, 1000 houses are built annually from 60 hectares of bamboo plantation. For most wood we would take 500 hectares to build the same number of houses. Following an earthquake in 1992 in Limon, Costa Rica, virtually all the houses were destroyed except for the bamboo ones! Bamboo is the most durable hardwood and is great for all kinds of flooring and furniture. Bamboo provides nutrition for millions worldwide. It can be used to make paper.

It also has healing properties. No other plant (except maybe hemp!) can rival the utility of bamboo. Cotton has only a few uses and most cotton is used for clothing and apparel. Compared to cotton we hope you will agree that bamboo fabric is well worth considering as a clothing option!

What properties do these fabrics contain which are superior to cotton or other common fabrics used for clothes?

All three fabrics contain amazing properties including being antibacterial, thermo regulating, eco-friendly and sustainable, as they are all renewable natural resources. As well as these great factors the fabrics are also super soft against your skin, creating gorgeous and desirable garments to own. The lack of chemicals used in production means they are suitable for the most sensitive skins.

Is the Bamboo used in your clothes, the same bamboo that panda's eat?

No - the bamboo species used to make clothes is called Phyllostachys Pubescens or easier to remember Moso bamboo. This is grown in a different region of China to where the Giant Panda lives and grows too high for the panda's to reach.

Product Feature:

Success Through Play™ will be highlighting the Bamboo Bump (Maternity Apparel) from Bamboo Baby today.

The Bamboo Bump!

Gorgeous gift box containing 6 essential maternity items:

1. Dress
2. Trousers
3. Skirt
4. Belly Band
5. T-shirt
6. Vest top.

Whilst getting a basic maternity wardrobe that you can mix and match with other items. The fabric is 95% bamboo, 5% elastane and is sooo soft and comfortable you will want to wear these clothes after the baby is born too! A great gift for a newly pregnant woman. Available in white, black, blue or berry red.

For additional Maternity Apparel, please click here.



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Success Through Play™ comments:

We are proud to introduce our readers to an ethical company with such integrity. Bamboo Baby offers an extensive line of beautiful, designer bamboo apparel. To view their catalog, please click here. We decided to highlight the Bamboo Bump Maternity Collection today, because pregnant mums-to-be from every corner of the world have told us how comfy bamboo fabric is against their skin! Bamboo has many wonderful qualities, of particular note for pregnant women is bamboo's ability to keep the skin cool; perfect for any pregnant woman. Bamboo is the most sustainable all-natural plant fiber on earth and has an amazing silky softness.

The Bamboo Bump arrived beautifully packaged in a box, tied with a ribbon and would make a terrific gift for any pregnant woman. The Bamboo Bump contains 6 versatile basic pieces that will form the foundation of your pregnancy wardrobe.

We distributed the Bamboo Bump to 2 pregnant mums-to-be who were delighted with the design, fabric and top quality stitching of the maternity collection. Neither mums-to-be had ever seen or felt bamboo fabric before and were instantly sold! "The fabric is so soft and drapes over my belly beautifully; very flattering". The 5% spandex (and 95% bamboo fabric) will ensure that each piece grows beautifully with your belly!

The Dress is elegant and beautiful! Add some accessories and you are ready for a night on the town or a fancy occasion.

The trousers/pants feature a roll-top waist which can sit over or under your bump. They can be dressed up with heels, paired with sneakers for a workout or worn as everyday wear.

The skirt can be dressed up with heels or worn with flats. The skirt is so comfy that you will reach for it post-partum.

The tank top and T-Shirt are great basic pieces that you will reach for time and time again. The tank and T-Shirt are beautifully designed and feature ruching detail on the sides which makes for a very flattering effect!

Hollywood celebs can be seen in similiar tanks and tops with ruching details! Both items will expand beautifully with your growing belly and can be paired with jeans for a trendy look.

This belly band is super comfy and very useful.

It can be worn under any top, and allows you to continue to wear your non-maternity tops and cover your bump throughout your pregnancy. Our pregnant mums-to-be found the belly band to come in handy and they were so pleased that they were able to wear their non-maternity tops, without their bare bellies peaking out underneath!

"Other belly bands have really irritated my skin, but the bamboo fabric is so silky and soft and I have suffered no irritation at all...I highly recommend it". PLEASE NOTE: these bands are to cover your bump and allow you to wear non-maternity tops. They are not for support of your bump or holding up trousers :)

We would like to thank Bamboo Baby for sending us the Bamboo Bump all the way from London, UK! We hope to be able to feature additional products from Bamboo Baby in the future.

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Rebecca Carson said...

Gorgeous Maternity Apparel. I love bamboo fabric. It really is so soft and silky. Bamboo is really an amazing material.

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The dress looks stunning!

Molly said...

Wow maternity wear really has come a long way! The bamboo fabric makes perfect sense!

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I LOVE this stylish collection! This kit looks great and I am sure that I will be able to get plenty of use out of it!!! Thank you!

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Wow, chic, bamboo maternity clothing! I think that I am in heaven :0(

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Fantastic! Thank you for highlighting the best products! The dress looks super chic! I am in love with bamboo fabric.