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Passport Baby® Founder Melissa Atherholt, Mother of three and commercial real estate professional in Washington, DC, wanted to offer kindersacks nine years ago when her cousin, living in Germany, introduced her to the product. However, full-time work and Motherhood left no time for a new venture. But, it was Motherhood that gave her the inspiration to create the company in late 2000. She learned how inferior and potentially dangerous traditional blankets can be for infants.

Atherholt's two month old daughter pulled the crib blanket up over her head, and although it was frightening at the time, she didn't realize just how dangerous it could have been until she started researching for Passport Baby. Then, when her daughter turned two year's old, she would cry 2-3 times each night just because she was cold from kicking off her covers! Kindersacks solve both of these problems. The research continued...

She discovered that virtually 99% of children in Germany and Holland alone use kindersacks every time they go to sleep and European SIDS groups endorse the concept of baby sleeping bags. Several European countries are at the top of the list for lowest SIDS rates in the world!

As her two children grew and began to play together, Atherholt found herself with more time - enough to locate the very best manufacturer, hire patent attorneys, register trademarks, research applicable laws, etc. So, Passport Baby® was born.

Atherholt flew to Europe, negotiated exclusivity from the leading manufacturer, and now Kindersacks are available for everyone. We feel certain that Kindersacks and our other innovative products will soon become nursery essentials!

What are Kindersacks?

Kindersacks are baby sleeping sacks that are basically a wearable blanket. They have no sleeves and ample room in the armholes to allow the proper air circulation around the baby. Passport Baby offers many varieties of warmth, i.e. quilted kindersacks have polyfil for added warmth, the natural terry with organic cotton lining is heavier, therefore warmer and unquilted kindersacks are great for warmer nurseries, climates or even babies that tend to sweat at night.

Organic Cotton Terry Kindersack - Oeko-Tex certified

This is a classic European design kindersack. The natural terry is inherently warm because it's thicker/heavier than other cotton fabrics and it will withstand the vigorous washings that this garment takes. The lining is all natural oeko-tex certified cotton. This kindersack is available in all sizes and it's a great every day warmth for most babies.


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www.PassportBaby.com or www.Kindersack.com - it's the same site but some people think Kindersack.com is easier to remember. Passport Baby® ships Kindersacks all over the world! We have had orders from Japan, Poland, Switzerland, Australia and many others. Even though Kindersacks are from Europe, many of the European buyers love the prints that we offer so they buy from us and ship there!

Success Through Play™ comments:

We are very pleased to highlight Passport Baby® today. We have experienced outstanding customer service from this company and we won't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. We have chosen to highlight the Kindersack from Passport Baby®, due to it's immense popularity with our readers. We would like to thank Passport Baby® for sending us a beautiful Organic Cotton Terry Kindersack which is Oeko-Tex Certified for this review. The kindersack by Passport Baby® is of a very high quality - designed and stitched very well. They are made in the Netherlands, one of our favorite countries in the world. Rest assured that you are buying a quality product that will last. The lining of the Kindersack is smooth and will feel great against your child's skin. The outer fabric is a lush, organic cotton terry which will provide wonderful tactile feedback to your child, when he or she touches the beautiful Kindersack.

The Organic Cotton Terry Kindersacks thick fabric will keep your child warm during the winter months. The beauty of the Kindersack is that it eliminates the need and danger of blankets, so your child stays comfortable and safe throughout the night.

We distributed this sample to a family who have a 2.5 year old daughter, Hannah. Up until this point, her parents hadn't thought to use a Kindersack and had been relying on blankets, which clearly weren't working. Hannah would kick the blankets off during the course of the night and would cry out as she was cold and needed assistance. Mom or Dad would routinely need to come over and tuck her in again. Now that Hannah was using the Kindersack (which she instantly loved!), there were no blankets to kick off during the night and both Hannah and her parents couldn't have been more pleased. Both Hannah and her parents slept more soundly and as a result, they were all far less irritable during the day. Mom and dad exclaimed: "The Kindersack has changed our life! It's true, the Kindersack works miracles". Mom loved the high quality Kindersack and commented on it's durability. "It's so simple to zip Hannah into her Kindersack, it's genius!".

Passport Baby® offers a full range of beautiful Kindersacks in a range of colors, fabrics and designs and are available in a variety of sizes (babies, toddlers and young children). The prices are very affordable, given the outstanding quality of the product and will make an ideal Holiday Gift this season!

Please visit www.PassportBaby.com to see the full catalog.


Dominique said...

Kindersacks are "standard gear" here in Europe! The solve many problems and are well designed and made of high quality materials. I recommend them to all of my pregnant friends!

Jennifer said...

The Kindersacks are fantastic innovations. Far safer than blankets. Every parent around the world should be using them!

Paula said...

Passport Baby has terrific customer service. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Isn't it wonderful to find a friendly and reputable company that cares about its customers?