ChocoPerfection Bars - Sinful Chocolate without the Sin

ChocoPerfection is a sugar free European chocolate bar that is made from all natural sweeteners. The natural sweeteners are chickory root and plant fibers. These sweeteners have a glycemic index of zero and have no affect on blood sugar. In addition, each ChocoPerfection bar provides 14g of prebiotic fiber.

ChocoPerfection was created as an all natural alternative to sugar free chocolate sweetened with maltitol, an artificial sweetener with a glycemic index ranging from 39 to 51. Maltitol also has a laxative effect and contains zero fiber.


ChocoPerfection bars are available at approximately 345 health food stores, mostly in the Northwestern U.S. Most efficient is mail order, where the makers of ChocoPerfection offer a 100% Guarantee that you will LOVE their products or a full refund will be issued upon request. The website for ordering is:

ChocoPerfection is available in Canada through the LowCarb Grocery in Toronto, but it is not distributed in any other countries currently.

Success Through Play™ comments:

Chocolates are synonymous with the Holiday Season. We are delighted to introduce you to a unique chocolate bar called "ChocoPerfection". We would like to thank Low Carb Specialties for sending us a generous box of samples, which arrived beautifully packaged . ChocoPerfection bars are available in both dairy and non dairy options and we opted to test out the dark variety (non dairy).

Many health conscious readers have written in complaining about the poor selection of sugar free chocolate bars on the market, largely due the fact that most sugar free chocolate manufacturers use sweeteners such as malitol, which commonly causes gastric distress and has a higher rating on the Glycemic Index Scale. The ChocoPerfection Bars on the other hand use plant based sweeteners such as Erythritol and Oligofructose (derived from the chickory root plant). Erythritol is not known for causing gastric distress and is rated as having a zero glycemic index. Oligofructose is a prebiotic fiber with many health benefits. "Prebiotic" refers to the stimulation of health promoting bacteria in the intestinal tract. How many chocolate bars on the market do you know of that actually contain fibre? Each bar of ChocoPerfection has 14 grams of prebiotic fibre.

We didn't have to look far to find a group of people who were eager to test out the ChocoPerfection bars! One bite into the bar left our taste testers speechless and then we heard comments such as "this is the creamiest, most delicious non dairy chocolate bar that we have ever tasted!". "This is heavenly," exclaimed a group of testers. The ChocoPerfection bar melts beautifully in your mouth and the dark chocolate version reminded us of a dairy bar, with it's rich and creamy texture. Everyone will appreciate this delicious, seductive high quality, healthy chocolate bar.

We have experienced outstanding customer service from Low Carb Specialties and we know that you will be pleased with your purchases from them. Chocolates are the ideal gift for really any occasion and ChocoPerfection are the healthy choice to choose this Holiday Season.

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Keira said...

These chocolates look delicious. How refreshing that they are made with such healthy sweeteners. I have not heard of them before. Great review!

Teri said...

What a coincidence, I tried this bar about a month ago when I visited a new health food store. They are absolutely divine...I agree...they do melt in your mouth. Yum! Who doesn't love chocolates.

Jennifer said...

A health low G.I chocolate that is packed with fiber! Wow, you never heard chocolate and fiber in the same sentence :-) This chocolate sounds heavenly. I can hardly wait to taste it.

Tina said...

I often buy this brand at our local health food store. Worth every penny. I try to lead a health lifestyle and avoid refined and processed sugar which has been clinically shown to reduce the immune system. This bar is great because it actually contains a prebiotic fiber and sweetener which is very rare to find these days. Great review!

Michelle said...

These healthy chocs look delicious. I am always on the lookout for sugar free products to satisfy my sweet tooth. Thank you!

Margaret said...

Yes, I agree. Malitol causes horrific gastric distress. How refreshing to see a company that cares enough to choose the right ingredients.

sam said...

Healthy chocolate bars with a low GI. I am in heaven :-)