The Laptop Lunch System

The Laptop Lunch System includes:

* an insulated carrying case
* a reusable water bottle
* the Laptop Lunch Bento Box
* a set of stylish utensils
* The Laptop Lunch User's Guide

Obentec, Inc: "The bento set is made here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's made of polypropylene #5 and polythethylene #2. The carrying case is made in China. It's made primarily of cordura and vinyl. Both items are phthalate free and have tested negative for lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, antimony, and tin. They have not been treated with flame retardants or teflon."


* Removable inner containers can accommodate a variety of food sizes
* Tray-like feel makes lunch fun.

* Sealable lid prevents wet foods from leaking onto other foods.

* Dip container for sauces, salad dressings, and dips makes eating vegetables fun.

* Single unit eliminates the mess of jumbled containers.

* Stainless steel fork and spoon with stylish plastic handles are great for leftovers.

* Convenient size fits in backpacks and most lunchboxes.

* Durable plastic containers (not lids) are microwave safe.

* Containers and lids are dishwasher safe--top rack only.

The Laptop Lunch User's Guide

The Laptop Lunch User’s Guide will change the way you view lunch with…

* Fresh ideas for making wholesome lunches kids love
* Strategies for improving lunchtime nutrition

* Tips for picky eaters

* Quick-reference shopping lists

* Creative lunch menus

* Quick and easy kid-friendly recipes

* Strategies for making the most of your Laptop Lunch

* Tips for reducing lunchtime waste

The Laptop Lunch System is available is 4 colors.


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Success Through Play™ comments:

Tammy Pelstring and Amy Hemmert developed the Laptop Lunch System in 2001, with a goal to "help parents pack wholesome, low waste lunches that was not only convenient and economical but also appealing to kids." Read the full story here. Obentec, Inc. has created an online gallery of healthy lunches to inspire parents which can be accessed here.

The Laptop Lunch System is modeled on Japanese style lunch containers. The Bento set features 5 containers varying in size, which fit within the container. This unique design will inspire parents to create delicious, healthy and nutritionally balanced lunches for their kids.

You can add an ice pack from your refrigerator and store it in the outer zipped compartment of the insulated carrying case. In addition, a set of utensils (fork and spoon) are included in the the Laptop Lunch System and are stored to the right of the lunch box. A water bottle is included and is stored to the left of the lunch box. A name tag is included for personalization.The User's Guide will teach you how to use the Laptop Lunch System and offers tips for creating healthy and appetizing lunch meals for your child! Organic, plant based foods are emphasized.

We applaud Obentec, Inc for creating an eco-friendly Laptop Lunch Bento Box System which is helping to keep garbage out of our land fills.

We distributed the Laptop Lunch System to a local mom in our parent panel, Helen. Up until now, Helen admitted that she felt guilty giving her son packaged food items for lunch and when she took a closer look at the nutritional info, realized that the food items were packed with salt and fat and devoid of nutrition! Helen was interested in "going green" and wanted to learn how she could reduce her families lunchtime waste.

Helen eagerly studied "The Laptop Lunch User's Guide" and started creating healthy lunch items for her son. She instructed her 8 year old son how to use the Laptop Lunch System and off he went to school. Helen was anxiously awaiting her son's arrival from school and was pleasantly surprised when she opened the Laptop Lunch Bento Box and found that her son had eaten all of his lunch! "This rarely happens so it was a wonderful surprise." Her son commented that his lunch was yummy and added that all of his friends were fascinated with his cool Laptop Lunch Bento Box and wanted their own. Helen added: "I am really enjoying baking from scratch. I have found simple, healthy recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. My son can clearly taste the difference between fresh healthy home cooked food and store bought food. I will continue to cook my son healthy meals for his new Laptop Lunch Bento Box and will spread the word about this marvelous system. Thank you!"

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We would like to thank Obentec, Inc. for sending us an Evaluation Sample of the Laptop Lunch System.

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Ruth said...

I wish this system was available when I was a kid at school, back in the day. Fantastic!

Lara said...

We have this system and my son, who is 10 LOVES it! It really has inspired me to think twice about his lunch time nutrition. I use each container for a different food group and I end up creating healthy, balanced meals. The guide is great and helped me to get started. Prior to using this, my son was eating a PB & J Sandwich.