Giveaway: Made by Angie - Handmade Baby Wipe Containers

Made by Angie baby wipe containers are handmade in Chicago using fine materials and lots of attention to detail. Each plastic baby wipe container arrives to the customer with 16 pre-folded Huggies wipes. The container is delicately wrapped with a coordinating colored grosgrain ribbon tied with a Made by Angie tag attached. The cases are padded, then covered with one of 70+ different available fun and funky cotton fabrics and trimmed with a braided edging.

"The containers are made in Chicago, by myself and an organization called CARC.
CARC employs developmentally disabled people who excel in different aspects of the production line. It's a winning arrangement for both of us. I feel great about the work that's being done and they are dedicated to a project that keeps them employed and happy! For more information about this organization, please visit CARC's website."

Retailers are both online and brick & mortar stores. Available internationally. Click here to find a store near you.

You can purchase wipes containers directly from the company site by clicking here.
International shipping is available.

Congratulations to Becky S.

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Success Through Play™ comments:
We are excited to kick off the Baby Shower Gifts Part I Segment with a fantastic company called "Made by Angie" which produces gorgeous hand made wipes containers that are stylish and functional!

Diaper duty is a messy job! Angie has figured out a way to allow moms to do diaper duty in style while having fun! With the Made by Angie wipes container you will be proud to whip out your Baby Wipe Container in public! We must warn you to be prepared to receive plenty of positive attention! The wipe containers are available in a range of beautiful prints (pick from gender neutrals, boys and girl prints). The choices are endless and there is a print to suit every mom.

You may want to coordinate with your favorite diaper bag or pick a contrasting style, whichever you prefer. Once thing that is certain is that the recipient is sure to love her unique and stylish gift. Each wipes case arrives beautifully packaged with a ribbon and tag and is filled with wipes and ready to use. Each wipes container is hand made and the high quality finishes will impress you. Not heading to any baby showers in the near future, but looking to update your style? Treat yourself to a fresh, new wipes case to complete your look.

We commend Made By Angie for choosing to make their products in the USA and for working together with CARC and embracing supportive employment. We have experienced outstanding customer service from Made by Angie and know that you will be pleased with your purchases.
...clean up in style


Myra said...

These are stunning! I jumped with joy when I found out that they are available in Australia.

Gina said...

I am so pleased to hear that these stylish creations are proudly made in the USA. With everything coming from China, this is really refreshing!!!

Mandy said...

What beautiful containers. I hope that I win one!!!!!!

Olivia said...

I think that I have found the perfect shower gift. Thank you!!!!!!

Jen said...

As much as I love my Fleurville Diaper Bag, the orange wipes container isn't fancy enough! I will definitely purchase one of these instead! The difficult part will be deciding which one! They are all stunning!!!!!

Mandy said...

Oh my word! What lovely prints. I have my heart set on a few!!!!!

Jessica said...

What a GREAT shower gift. I know which diaper bag my friend has bought and I will buy a coordinating Wipes Case for her as a gift! Thank you!!!!!

Hillary said...

Flower Power, Retro Daisy and Alex are fabulous prints!!!!!

Fiona said...

From Antique to retro, these containers are fab. My designer diaper bag doesn't come with a good quality, stylish wipes container, and these wipes containers would be idea. I love the prints!

Margaret said...

Supportive Employment is a very cool thing and I was really thrilled to hear that these Containers are made in the USA. This is a company that I would to buy from!!!!!

Emms said...

I can't decide which style to buy. There are so many gorgeous options. Wow, I have never been so excited about wipes before.

Jennifer said...

Changing diapers is a dirty job. Any product that makes the job more glamorous has my vote! I want to buy one for each of my diaper bags!

Sarah said...

I was so thrilled to hear that these are made in the USA and that this company is linked with supported employment. They are setting a great example!!!