Manhattan Toy®: Top Picks

Manhattan Toy® was founded in 1979 by Francis Goldwyn (grandson of motion picture studio owner Sam Goldwyn). The company pioneered the use of non-traditional fabrics in toy design and introduced delightful new body styles in soft toys. Although Goldwyn is no longer involved in the ownership of Manhattan Toy®, they remain true to his vision of marching to the beat of a different toy drum. Manhattan Toy® offers a full range of innovative toys.

We will be highlighting the Starter Toy Set from Manhattan Toy® today.

Infant Stim Mobile

This award-winning mobile features vivid color and bold black-and-white images. Simple-to-complex images stimulate early visual activity and pre-reaching movement.


These vibrant shapes encourage babies to look, touch, and listen. Each easy-to-carry shape has a noisemaker and a medley of research-correct graphics & textures.


Skwish appeals to baby's visual and tactile curiosity, making this sophisticated toy a source of wonder and learning. Please note that items may be purchased ind individually as well.


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Success Through Play comments:

Wimmer-Ferguson® infant development toys from Manhattan Baby are the original high contrast graphic products for newborns and infants. You can rely on Wimmer-Ferguson® for carefully designed research-based toys that can help your child with early visual and multi-sensory development.

Infant Stim Mobile:

This award winning mobile is well designed and features interchangeable cards so that you can customize your mobile and change the cards to add variety. The cards consists of simple black and white graphics as well as complex, colored graphics to stimulate your baby.

Mobiles must be removed when baby is 5 months or can sit up independently, to ensure his safety.


This set has won multiple awards and consists of 3 toys, each with stimulating black and white graphics and colorful fabrics. Each toy has a different shape, each with a unique feature:

*Square: Built in rattle.

*Triangle: Chime sound when shaken

*Round Ball: Features different textures for tactile exploration. Crinkly noise for auditory stimuation.

Parents can whip out these toys during tummy time (one at a time) so that baby can stare at the black and white graphics while strengthening his muscles. As baby gets older, he will enjoy holding them and playing with them. These toys will interest an infant all the way through to when he is a toddler. As his skills progress, he will enjoy rolling the ball and throwing the toys back and forth, making this set a worthwhile purchase.


Bursting with color, this uniquely designed toy with captivate your baby attentions! the toy is lightweight, and features round beads which are very easy to grip. Babies and toddlers will have so much grabbing the beads and manipulating them to illicit a lovely sound. With multiple places to grab and explore, baby will have plenty of fun working on his fine motor skills.

As a set or purchased individually, these 3 items from Manhattan Toys will make a wonderful addition to your toy collection.

To view the full collection of developmental toys, available from Manhattan Toy®, please visit:


Gina said...

SO excited to see another Toy Review. I look forward to them. These look fantastic!

Fran said...

Great picks! I am a huge fan of Manhattan Toy and so are my twin boys!