Tomat: Organic Cotton line for infants and toddlers

Tomat was founded by Efi Latief, a talented mom and graphic designer. We wanted to learn more about the inspiration behind this company and the new organic cotton line which is now available.


Tomat means "tomato" in Indonesian (where I am originally from). Tomat has been my nick name since I was little...I love to eat tomato, it's healthy, fresh, kids love it...overall it's good for you. That's why I named my collection 'tomat'.

My background is graphic design. I graduated from Art Center College of Design (in Pasadena) and has been working in various design firms. The inspiration behind the creation of my clothing line is my daughter. When she was born, I couldn't really find "cool design" clothes for her. At that time I've been working at design firm for a while, so I really wanted to do something on my own. So I decided to do something with my graphic design skill and also related to kids...and that's how 'tomat' started.

Last year I start noticing the growth of everything "organic", and being aware of global warming and care for environment...I decided to start doing organic collection, which will be good for body and the earth!

Tomat organic collection:

*Onesies for infants are made from 100% certified fine ring-spun combed
organic cotton.

*Toddler shirts are made from 100% certified organic 2x1 rib cotton.

*Both are machine wash with minimal shrinkage.

*The graphics are printed with water-based silk screened ink.

*Our environmentally safe and friendly product resulting in a pesticide, herbicide and chemical-free product.


You can purchase tomat at our website, or stores across the country. For location near you, please see our store list by clicking here.

Each stores carry different styles, so make sure to call first. If you would like to get a certain design that the store near you doesn't carry, you always can order through our website:

Overseas shipping is available.

Success Through Play™ comments:

Todays moms and dads want to dress their babies and toddlers in unique clothing that reflects their personal style. Sift through the cutesy baby animals and you will find tomat, a fun, hip clothing line for the modern baby and toddler. They offers a fun, cool line of clothing for babies and toddlers with humorous and fun graphics! With the new organic cotton line from tomat, eco-minded parents now have a choice of hip clothing for their kids. The graphics are ultra cool and very unique works of art and we applaud tomat for selecting to use water-based silk screened ink as opposed to the traditional PVC/toxic based inks.

We distributed organic cotton onesies from the tomat line to our parent panel for feedback. Moms and dads were really impressed with the high quality organic cotton onesies with the hip, cool graphics. Here are some comments:

"The onesies that we received from tomat are super soft for my baby's sensitive skin and very well made. We really love the fun, graphics which are a welcome change from teddy bears and animals! We received compliments whenever our baby is wearing his tomat onesies. Thank you tomat."

"I consider myself to be a trendy mom and love fashion. I was so disappointed by the lack of cool clothing for babies that I was beginning to think that I was doomed to dress my baby in the typical mainstream clothing that doesn't reflect my style. I was really excited to receive an organic cotton onesie from tomat which is beautifully made and boasts really cool graphics which are fun and hip! I plan to stock up. When my baby is all grown up and starts looking back at the photo albums, instead of cringing at his outfits, he will no doubt be impressed by the cool outfits that he wore!"

"Thank you for sending me a onesie from tomat. The Peace Sign graphics is fantastic and looks really gorgeous against the green background. I have been stopped several times on the street and asked where I got the onesie from! I am really impressed that the onesie is made from organic cotton. We are trying to go green and this is great first step."

Tomat apparel for babies and toddlers will make a terrific gift for the modern parent. Tomat has a great website where you can view their full collection of kids apparel.


Amy said...

VERY cool clothing. I love the graphics!!!!

Nikki said...

I love the Peace onesie. The green on green looks fantastic!!!

Angela Hicks said...

Great article. Modern parents are looking for hip styles to dress their kids in and tomat kids sure looks like it fits the bill. Never heard of them until now!

Mira said...

Finally, hip clothing for our little ones. No baby animals in sight :-)

Kristen said...

I really like the SNAP onesie! The graphics are uber-cool!

Jen said...

I have bought items from this company in the past and they have excellent customer service. Highly recommend

Jada said...

I need a break from all the cutesy baby clothes. These clothes are modern and ultra cool. Thank you for finding the BEST stuff for us! You guys rocks!!!!!!

Hayden said...

Haven't heard of this company either, but will bookmark their site for future! These items will make great gifts as well. Who doesn't want their baby to wear cool clothing!!!!

Amanda said...

Designer and Organic cotton are not often found in the same sentence, but I was thrilled to come across this article. This designer line of baby apparel is not only hip but eco-friendly! Will definitely add this company to my list!