Plan Creations Co. Ltd, founded in 1981 is the manufacturer and distributor of educational wooden toys under the brand ‘PlanToys’. Our company creates toys that inspire imagination along with being environmentally responsible and maintaining good values. With PlanToys’ innovation and quality, our toys have been welcomed into the hearts of many children around the world. We do our best to make a positive impact on all areas such as the nature or the working environment. In every stage of production, from selecting materials to making the toys, we aim to satisfy all parties rather than targeting only business gains.

PlanToys selects environmentally-friendly materials:

* Preservative-Free Rubber wood

PlanToys is the first and only manufacturer to use chemical-free wood taken from rubber trees that no longer provides latex. Most of the rubber trees that stop producing latex are 25 years old and would be cut down and burnt to make weak quality coal that is ecologically harmful. PlanToys has raised the value of rubber wood to its highest and helped sustain a healthy ecosystem.

* E0 (Non-Formaldehyde Glue)

PlanToys realizes the harm of Formaldehyde glue often found in wooden toys. We are the first to come up with special materials and process to remove the glue from our wood. This is for the safety of all children which is PlanToy’s top concern.

* Water Based Color

PlanToys uses non-toxic and environmentally-friendly colors that are safe for children of all ages, including those under 3 years old.

* Recyclable Package

The increasing waste level around the world is damaging the environment and deteriorating ours and the future generation’s quality of life. That is why PlanToys chooses to use recyclable packages that can be re-used to help reduce waste.

PlanToys’ products are produced under environmentally responsible conditions:

PlanToys received ISO 9001 (Quality Management) in every of our production stage simply because we care–from choosing chemical-free preservatives to maintain the wood to wood conversion, detailing, erasing edges, and assembling products according to the required standards. We apply non-toxic colors that are harmless to children’s health and wellbeing. Before the production is complete, all PlanToys pass quality standard check before being packaged and delivered.PlanToys has recently been certified with ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). This reflects the company’s determination in managing safe and ecologically-aware productions and activities. PlanToys recognizes the importance of our employees and our society.

Social Contribution

PlanToys is encouraging the building of a supportive environment by establishing institutions and organizations that promote learning and the development of children.


Spin Bell

*The colourful Spin Bell is designed to help babies develop fine motor skills and stimulate the sense of sight, hearing and touch. With a variety of colorful balls, children are fascinated in exploring how the bell spins creating a pleasing sound.


*This toy consists of a simple ring and a ball. Shake it and the wooden ball collides with the ring to produce a pleasant sound to excite an infant.


*Fun movement with natural sense of harmony and rhythm, children will want to shake, rattle and roll this toy.


*A bright and colourful roller with sound, it stimulates vision & sense of hearing. Wooden ball is contained inside that can create sound when hitting panels. Children can hold the caterpillar in their hand or wrap it with the fabric to form the cocoon stage. By unbuttoning the fabric and inserting it through the hole, children can turn it into a butterfly.


*This toy will help teach the children about the life cycle of the caterpillar. Children can hold the
caterpillar in their hand helping to stimulate fine motor skills. You can wrap it with the fabric to simulate the cocoon stage and then unbutton the fabric and insert it through the hole and children can turn it into a "butterfly".

Baby Car

*This simple toy car is pushed by the hand for great play. The driver figure is fastened with a string. The toy is designed so that when the baby has grown a little, you can cut the string and insert the figure in the space provided so that the child can play on its own. It is great fun.


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Success Through Play™ comments:

PlanToys produces top quality, non-toxic toys for babies, toddlers and children at very reasonable prices. We were thrilled to discover these 6 baby toys from PlanToys. Each toy is very well designed, bursting with vibrant colors and will offer your baby a wonderful opportunity to experience sensory motor play. Rattles offer auditory stimulation and encourage your baby to practise grasping skills!

Spin Bell:

The spin bell is has a very unique design which will attract baby's attention. Mom and Dad can hang the Spin Bell above a changing table or attach it to an arch above a playgym and spin the bell to showcase the rainbow of colors which twirl and dance above baby's head! Baby will soon want to reach and swipe at the colorful balls and explore it more fully.


The simple wooden ring is accented with a right red ball which moves against the ring creating a pleasing sound when baby plays with the ring. This ring will serve as a great teether for baby and mom and dad can rest easy knowing that PlanToys is vigilant about producing non-toxic toys and have won many awards to support this. Baby will enjoy grasping this ring, which will make a wonderful first wooden ring for baby.


This spectacular rattle is beautifully made and is of heirloom quality. The bright rainbow colors will visually attract baby and he will enjoy grasping the rattle to hear the wonderful rattle sounds that the colorful rainbow discs produce when shaken.


Another favorite of ours, this beautifully colored roller is the perfect size for little hands to shake and explore. There is a wooden ball enclosed in the roller which makes a wonderful distinct, crisp rattle/clack sounds when baby shakes it. It can also be rolled along the ground and can serve as a great toy to motivate baby to crawl later on!


This toy will fascinate your baby and later on will be used by your toddler and child for creative and imaginative play. Baby will enjoy grasping the adorable green caterpillar! You can hide the caterpillar in it's cocoon (yellow cloth) to create a fun game for baby. The yellow fabric can be easily threaded through the holes in the caterpillar by mom or dad to be transformed into a beautiful butterfly! This toy can be used as a visual aid when explaining the series of developmental stages insects such as butterflies go through to become adults, to an older child. One product that can be used in many different ways with some simple modifications illustrates the magic of wooden toys!


Our Editor's Top Pick! This fantastic car is very well designed and visually appealing. Baby will love exploring the details of this baby car. He will enjoy pushing it along the ground. Once he is 3 years, mom and dad can cut the string to release the driver, thus opening up additional opportunities for creative play. This toy is an excellent buy and will truly grow with your baby, well into the toddler years and beyond.

We would like to thank PlanToys for sending us these samples for this review. Consider these and other non-toxic, wooden toys from PlanToys when purchasing a Baby Shower Gift this year. To view the full PlanToys Catalog and read some wonderful articles about play, please visit:


Jen said...

What a great selection of toys! Thank you for doing all the legwork for us. We appreciate the affordability of these non-toxic toys.

Keep up the great work!

Mira said...

These toys are just lovely! I really hadn't heard of PlanToys before, but I am MOST impressed. We are moving away from plastic toys to wooden toys and am really thrilled about this company and line of creative toys. Thank you!!!!!

Laura said...

My toddlers loves toys from PlanToys. The prices are really reasonable and the quality is excellent. Great review! I am looking for a baby shower gift for my niece and these look perfect!

Ruth said...

Thank you for offering a superior alternative to plastic toys. I refuse to buy any plastic toys and have been appalled by the recalls. How refreshing to learn about PlanToys; their collection of toys look fabulous and very much what I had in mind when purchasing toys for my children. This is so exciting!!!

Fran said...

I really love this selection of Baby Shower Gifts. Wooden toys make incredible gifts and will be used for many years to come. I was most impressed to learn about PlanToys and how their toys are made. Thank you for bringing us the best products!!

Marcia said...

We love PlanToys. They have a brilliant collection of toys from birth upwards and our 2 and 5 year old are always drawn to their PlanToys. The quality is very high and the designs are excellent; they keep my kids engaged and happy.

Uma said...

Thrilled to see another PlanToy article. Keep them coming please.