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"My life and my business have been dedicated to helping mothers experience the natural joy and fulfillment breastfeeding brings, and to giving children the purist and most beneficial beginning to their lives. Your decision to breast-feed is a choice that will reap both spiritual and physical benefits for you and your child throughout your lives."

"My product selection of nursing bras, nursing clothes, maternity clothes, breast pumps, and other supplies has been distilled from my experience as a mother, a childbirth educator, a Certified Lactation Consultant, and two decades of study, work, and breastfeeding experience. You may be confident that I have chosen my products carefully, and that I have experience behind my information."

"I am, most importantly, the mother of six breast-fed children. I have over 17 years of continuous breastfeeding under my belt (bra?). For fifteen years, I was an active La Leche League leader and was certified by the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants in 1987. Also, I am a trained childbirth Doula and I taught natural childbirth classes for 11 years. I am currently going to midwifery school and attending births as a midwife. I have had a retail business selling breastfeeding-related items since 1986."

"I love to help moms birth, breast-feed and feel good!"

Thank - you,

PJ Jacobsen, IBCLC

P.J. decided to offer her own line of nursing apparel: Birth and Baby Nursing Apparel and Katie Rose, which we are highlighting today.

Birth and Baby Sleep Bra

*Special Features: The amazing fabric makes this bra irresistible! The convenient pull to the side cup design makes nursing a snap! Hint: As you pull the fabric to the side to nurse fold your pad in half and keep it on the side rather than pulling it out (and forgetting where you put it!) and then pop it right back into place as you are done.

Cream, White, Black, Snake Print.

Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2X, 3X.

Birth and Baby Lounge Dress

*Special Features:Our irresistibly soft sleep bra comes extended to the knee in a beautiful nursing gown! The same simple pull to the side cup that makes night time nursing hassle free.

*Color: black.

*Size: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and 2XL.

Birth & Baby Lounge Dress w/ 3/4 Sleeves

*Special Features: Our ultra soft lounge dress is now available in two new beautiful colors and with 3/4 length sleeves. Just enough sleeve to keep the chill off in winter and yet not too much in summer for a great year round gown! The same simple pull to the side cup that makes night time nursing hassle free.

*Color: Rose or Teal.

*Size: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge.

Kati Rose Sleep Bra

*Special Feature: Finally a sleep/leisure bra that has a choice of band and cup sizes - especially in the larger sizes!! This is our own design and is made in house! This is the perfect bra for that first week when you need to be really comfy while your breasts are deciding what size they are going to be! The cups simply pull to the side without putting pressure on ducts and no hardware to deal with. For extra support all sizes and colors are now available lined for an additional fee. Keep in mind that adding the lining makes the cups a tad smaller.

*Color: White, Cream or Black & Tie Dye. All colors are available in lined for more support.

*Sizes: 32-34 E/F up to 44-46 I/J - 12 sizes in all



Success Through Play™ comments:

Birth and Baby has been in business for over 22 years and operates both a retail store, in Lind, WA and an online store offering a full range of nursing bras, breast pumps, breastfeeding supplies, maternity items and more which can be accessed here, all at great prices plus their famous $1 shipping in the USA. Featured in "Baby Bargains" Birth and Baby is a favorite with moms who love the great selection of products and excellent customer service that Birth and Baby offers. Visit and you will see all the top nursing brands which are known for their quality and comfort. The Birth and Baby site is very well designed and shoppers can search for the perfect nursing bra by size, type, company etc. There are over 75 styles to choose from-each of which has been carefully selected by P.J. to help moms nurse in style, comfort and with ease. Birth and Baby highlights the special features of each bra, lists the fabric content and adds shape and fitting comments, which are unique to this site.

Not to be missed are the following Birth and Baby links which will educate, enlighten and equip you with the skills necessary to find the perfect bra for your shape:

*General Tips for Buying Bras

*Breast Shape Codes

*Bra Size Calculator

Looking for a bargain? Look no further than the Birth and Baby "Let Down" sale where great bargains are to be had! P.J.'s wealth of knowledge stems from both her personal experience of having breastfed all 6 of her children, as well as her professional experience as a midwife, doula, La Leche League leader, Certified Lactation Consultant and childbirth educator and is uniquely qualified to help moms succeed with breastfeeding. The best advise that P.J. has for moms who are struggling with breastfeeding:

"Seek help from the right people (La Leche League Leaders or Lactation Consultants) before it is a crisis!! Surround yourself with positive people and join your local La Leche League group as we all need mothering support."

Our panel of breastfeeding moms had the following comments to share with our readers:

"The Birth and Baby Sleep Bra is the most comfortable sleep around-I have tried them all and this one wins hands down. It is very well designed and ideal for sleeping in and even for lounging around the house. It holds my breast pads in place and I often feel as if I am wearing nothing at all-it is THAT comfy. Night feeds are simple and easy and there is no complicated snaps or hooks; I simply pull the fabric to the side to nurse-perfect for sleep deprived parents. I would recommend stocking up because you will be reaching for this sleep bra night after night!"

"The Birth and Baby Lounge Dress is simply beautiful! There is nothing better to boost a new mom's self-esteem than a lovely lounge dress!: the design is very flattering to my post partum body and I feel very special when I am wearing it! Nursing in it is super easy with the pull to the side fabric and time is everything when your hungry baby is crying during the middle of the night. This lounge dress is the perfect dress for hanging out in the house, especially during the early newborn days. When my nursing days are over, I will still enjoy sleeping in it, which makes it a great value."

"The Birth and Baby Lounge Dress with 3/4 sleeves is perfect for cooler days and nights. I feel comfortable answering the door in this dress or greeting surprise visitors who have all comments that I look so pulled together! I received this dress in the teal, which is a stunning color and will compliment any and every skin tone. The nursing access is a breeze which makes life simple and breastfeeding much easier. My husband loves the style of this dress and will admit feeling like a sexy mama when I wear it!"

"The Katie Rose Sleep Bra is very special. It is the only one that I know of that comes in a range of band and cups sizes, allowing you to get the perfect fit! I have a large band size and large bust and up until now, all the sleep bras that I had tried were very snug in the band size and cup size. The Katie Rose Sleep Bra is the only bra that I could wear for the first week after giving birth, when my cup sizes were changing and I only wish that it had been available with my other 2 kids! It is very comfortable to wear and I am so pleased that I packed it in my hospital bag."



Maria said...

Wow, P.J is incredibly qualified! Sure bests the local sales lady in the bra department where I usually shop! I really like the styles that you have highlighted!

Kira said...

VERY pleased to hear about the Katie Rose bra for us larger ladies! Thank you Birth and Baby!!!!!!!!

Tricia said...

Beautiful lounge dresses! Nursing apparel has come a long way. I will definitely check out their site-the owner is experienced and I am sure can be of great help to a new mum!

Karen said...

Thank you for pointing out this great company. The selection of nursing bras is great, the tips are so helpful and the site very easy to navigate. The $1 shipping is especially wonderful.

Tamara said...

Thank you for posting the super useful links...the shape codes and fitting tips are really invaluable. Great site with such a wide selection of products!

Kristen said...

Birth and Baby is a terrific company. I have also ordered from them before and I received wonderful customer service-it was clear that PJ was immensely qualified to assist me. Their prices are great, plus the $1 shipping can't be beat! I will continue to recommend this company to all of my friends. Thank you for highlighting them-they deserve the attention.