Giveaway: Beaded Things Personalized Toddler Spoon

Becki, owner of Beaded Things:

"Beaded Things began in 1999 when I was faced with returning to work full-time when my first daughter Natalie (now 8) was a year old. While I loved teaching, I wanted a job that would allow me to be home with my children yet not leave me completely isolated in "Mommyland". I started out like many crafty moms - selling through craft shows in the Portland area on the weekends while still working a "real" job, going to school, and being mom. There was a great response to my initial designs, and I longed for a day when I could really focus on growing a business. That dream didn't become a reality for a few years though when I teamed up with my sister in law Jen to pursue it as more than a "craft show" hobby. Working together we began to really focus on making Beaded Things a true business venture. Jen had worked as an office manager for an orthodontist before having her son Gavin and her business background was a strength I was desperately lacking. Jen recently went back to work so Beaded Things has become a one woman enterprise again. Although the baby and toddler spoons are the core product, Beaded Things also offers a fun and funky array of kitchen, bar, and home décor products. Always a hit for the holidays are the fun and affordable personalized holiday ornaments which were initially created for an online parenting message board ornament exchange. A goal of mine is to make products that are both fun and functional – just to add a little color and whimsy to traditional items like salt and pepper shakers, fruit baskets, wine glasses, and votive holders. A new line I am expanding is my Green Line – featuring glassware that has been rescued from Thrift Stores. I’ve been loving the challenge of scouring the shelves looking for items that need new life breathed in to them."

Beaded Things Personalized Baby and Toddler Spoons.

Hand sculpted wire and non-tarnish beads transform this spoon into a one of a kind gift - perfect for celebrating a new baby, used as a sibling gift, or for a christening. This 5.5 inch stainless steel personalized spoon is an affordable keepsake. Customers can choose up to 9 letters, embellishment beads (flowers, start, angels, hearts or happy faces) and vibrant color accents. Names 8-9 letters long do not get color. The beads create a great grip for little hands and are completely usable, although I recommend hand washing for longer life.


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Breast Cancer Fund:

Currently Beaded Things supports breast cancer research by participating in the 3Day Walk for Breast Cancer. Beaded Things will donate $3 from the sale of each personalized baby and toddler spoon to the Beaded Things 2008 Breast Cancer 3Day fund. Becki walked in the Breast Cancer 3Day in Chicago in 2005, Philadelphia in 2006 and Seattle in 2007. Becki will be walking in Seattle again in 2008. So far through the 3Day Becky have raised over $6,700 and walked 180 miles - not including the hundreds walked in training.

Giveaway: Beaded Things Personalized Toddler Spoon

Congratulations Hannah P.

Success Through Play™ comments:

We have received outstanding service from Beaded Things, who sent us a Beaded Things Personalized Toddler Spoon in record time. The spoon arrived beautifully packaged and we gasped at how beautiful the spoon was in person (pictures don't do it justice). Shoppers can rest assured that the spoon is made from stainless steel and is LEAD FREE. The spoon can be personalized with up to 9 letters and shoppers can select from a variety of beautiful embellishments and colored beads. Each spoon is handcrafted to very high standards and is a one-a-kind gift. Toddlers will LOVE having a special spoon with their name on it. Each spoon features beautiful square beads adorned with a letter. In addition, beads and embellishments are threaded safely and securely around the base of the spoon. Toddlers will be able to easily grasp the essentially "built up handle" of beads and will receive tactile stimulation while holding the spoon. The spoon is just the right weight for a toddlers hand-not too heavy. The spoon can be hand washed for easy clean-up.

We distributed the sample that we received to a family who have 1 toddler, named Emma. Emma's parents decided to incorporate the spoon into their traditional Friday Night Sabbath Meal.

"Friday nights are particularly special in our house. We make special preparations for this meal, set the dinner with our fancy cutlery and prepare a hearty meal. We wanted to make this Friday Night Meal extra special for Emma, so each Friday night, we bring our her special personalized spoon. She looks forward to Friday nights, when she gets to eat with her spoon. We often have guests that come over and we have received so many compliments. Thank you so much."

We applaud Beaded Thing's commitment to raising awareness about Breast Cancer and for donating $3 from the sale of each personalized baby spoon to the 2008 Breast Cancer 3Day fund. Readers can feel wonderful about this purchase and know that a portion of the sales will go towards a wonderful fund.

Beaded Things will soon be launching their "Green Line" and we commend them for recycling Thrift Store Glass to make eco-friendly creations that are beautiful and functional.

The Beaded Things Personalized Toddler Spoon will make a beautiful gift for your toddler or a spectacular gift for the toddler in your life. He/she will have fun spoon that is practical and fun and will make mealtimes very special. Create special memories with this handcrafted spoon. Beaded Things offers a full collection of kitchen, bar, and home décor products. To learn more, please visit:


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