Blessed Nest: The Organic Nesting Pillow

Blessed Nest’s mission as a company is to clearly and consistently provide simpler ways for moms to nurture, without compromise to the responsible and ethical treatment of people and planet. We were founded in 2004 by Heather Anderson, who used her experience in childcare, design and sewing to create a gift for her friend, Donna who was struggling with finding a way to comfortably breastfeed her new baby. What Heather came up with was the Nesting Pillow, a nursing pillow that answered all of the needs of a mom (form, function, style, safety, ethics). Having spent her pre-mom years working in the children’s clothing industry, Donna knew right away that the Nesting Pillow was something that would be a big hit with moms everywhere, so she encouraged Heather to take it to the world! Heather and Isabelle work out of the Blessed Nest studio in Brooklyn, NY and Donna from her home in Southern CA to nurture the company that helps families nurture their newest additions.

The Organic Nesting Pillow is a 30” wide, 16” deep and 5” high quarter moon-shape made of organic cotton canvas, filled with organic buckwheat hulls. The unique attributes of the organic buckwheat hull filling assure stability and flexibility, while allowing air to circulate. This provides stable body support and proper positioning for the infant, making feeding more comfortable for both child and caregiver. These properties also make it beneficial as a sleeping pillow, for support during pregnancy and childbirth, and even to make lap-top computer use more comfortable. Each Nesting Pillow comes with an easily removable, washable slipcover made of organic cotton French Terry and a great selection of cotton print fabrics. Additional slipcovers are also available.

The slipcover can be easily removed and machine washed and dried. (the fabrics won’t shrink since we pre-wash and dry before we even cut them)For messes that soak through the slipcover, just spot clean the insert and allow it to air-dry in a sunny spot or tumble dry on medium heat for about 20 minutes before replacing the slipcover. Heat is actually better at sanitizing than water! This pillow MUST never be heated!


All Blessed Nest products are available on the Blessed Nest Website at and in stores, which are listed on the Blessed Nest blog:

Blessed Nest will ship to customers in Canada and overseas, although the website is currently not set up to take orders for addresses outside the US. International orders can be placed either via email & paypal ( or over the phone (718-355-6221)

Success Through Play™ comments:

We were delighted to find The Organic Nesting Pillow from Blessed Nest, which is an innovative nursing pillow and unlike anything that you have seen or experienced before! The biggest problem with the majority of nursing pillows on the market is that they are stiff and do not conform to mom and baby, making if difficult for mom to position her baby in at the ideal angle for successful breastfeeding. In addition, their inner fill compresses over time, losing their shape and support, the synthetic fabrics tend to get uncomfortably warm and even uncomfortable for baby, the pillow will often attract dust mites, bacteria and mold thus limiting their shelf-life. The Organic Nesting Pillow on the other hand, is filled with organic buckwheat hulls (free of pesticides), which are uniquely shaped to allow air to circulate and this keeping the pillow cool. The mobile buckwheat hulls allows the pillow to conform to both mom and baby, all while providing adequate support f (it's easy to redistribute the hulls to customize your support) or even a heavy baby. These hulls are encased in a thick, strong organic cotton canvas.

Each pillow arrives with a beautiful organic cotton slipcover which is removable for machine laundering. The slipcover designs are gorgeous and you can change the look of your pillow by buying different slipcovers. Our Harmony's to the Moon and Back slipcover features 2 different tactile surfaces, a fluffy terry and a smooth flannel surface which provides baby with tactile stimulation!

The pillow weighs in at 6 pounds and when it rests on your lap as you prepare to breastfeed, the proprioceptive input from the weight, shape and design of the pillow provides mom with calming input. This innovative and versatile pillow can be used during pregnancy to support your growing belly during sleep and nap times and to elevate your ankles for quick relief. In addition, during labor, to support an active birth. When baby is learning to sit independently, this pillow can be used to provide posterior lateral support during play. Looking beyond the breastfeeding years, this pillow can provide lower back support. and even be used to support your laptop!

The Organic Nesting Pillow is 100% organic and free of harmful chemicals-great for mom, baby and the environment. This pillow is priced higher compared with other nursing pillows on the market, but please keep in mind that that each pillow is lovingly handmade here in the USA and not mass produced in a factory in China. Most of their materials are from sustainable, organic and/or domestic mills.

We distributed this pillow to an experienced nursing mom of 3 and this is what she had to say:

"The Organic Nesting Pillow is superbly designed and the quality is exceptional. The unique crescent shape conforms beautifully to my body and the buckwheat filling is marvelous. I have the option to redistribute the weight of the hulls to my comfort and my baby's comfort; something that is simply not possible with any other pillow. This pillow supports my baby's weight and lessens the mechanical stress on my neck, shoulder and arms, which I am so grateful for. I have tried every nursing position possible and this pillow clearly out perform the competition! The buckwheat pillow stays cool and comfortable even in the warmest weather and allows my baby to feed in comfort. I won't have to worry about this pillow deflating or compressing over time or even attracting mold, bacteria and dust mites! The slipcover is very stylish and modern and I really love how easily it unzips to allow me to machine wash the slipcover. I know that I will be able to continue to use this pillow well after I have finished breastfeeding and this makes me very happy. My toddler is always wanting to hold his baby brother and we can now do this safely under our supervision by having my toddler sit on the floor and placing the nesting pillow on his lap and gentle lowering the baby onto the pillow.The designers have clearly thought of everything with this pillow and this pillow is worth every penny."

Also available from Blessed Nest is a wonderful lip balm, which is made exclusively for Blessed Nest by Tomboy Soap Co. We tried the sour lime/ginger lip balm which smells heavenly and helped to soothe our chapped winter lips.

To view the full collection of products available from Blessed Nest, please visit:


Lara said...

What a great article! Thank you for highlighting the benefits of this pillow. It sounds vastly superior to the 2 other well known brands and very unique and functional.

Mira said...

The prints are so beautiful! This pillow sounds very versatile and well worth the money.

Jen said...

I am a huge fan of organic buckwheat products and sleep on a buckwheat pillow myself. The support and comfort is terrific and it does keep my very cool and comfortable. This nursing pillow looks really cool-I love the unique shape and its ability to conform to your shape. Thank you for yet another super review!

Mandy said...

This pillow sounds just what I have been looking for! I wanted a pillow that wasn't stiff, uniform and which won't deflate over time and attract mites. Thanks for a great review!

Emily said...

It's really refreshing to find a completely organic nursing pillow. I plan to nurse for 2 yrs and thus baby and I will be spending plenty of time on this pillow so its really important to me that it is as safe and non-toxic as possible. Thank you for highlighting this company!

Amy said...

This shape looks as if it will "hug" any nursing mamas body. I had no idea that buckwheat hulls have such unique properties. I really like the organic cotton slipcovers-the designs are just lovely!

Robyn said...

The Blessed Nest site has been down all weekend, but is back up right now! Their styles are really gorgeous with many organic cotton choices available. Hadn't heard of this company until now. Thank you!

Donna at Blessed Nest said...

Thank you for such a wonderful review.
Robyn- Thanks for the note about our site being up! Yes our host server crashed but is up and running!
FYI- use the discount code "ouch" and receive 10% off of any purchase at
Thanks again for your patience!
Donna at Blessed Nest

Ina said...

I eat Kasha :-) but didn't know that Buckwheat hulls can be used in support pillows. The Organic Cotton Nesting Pillow looks fantastic and very different from other nursing pillows on the market. I will be visiting the site as well! Thank you!

Gina said...

Yet another great giveaway. Thank you!!!!