Crocs™ Footwear

Crocs™ shoes are designed with built-in arch support, circulation nubs, and an orthotic heel cup to support and protect the heel. Crocs™ shoes are the only shoe to be certified by United States Ergonomics. This indicates that Crocs™ shoes are comfortable and beneficial for those standing for long periods of time as they reduce muscle fatigue in the feet and legs. In addition, Crocs™ shoes are ventilated for cooling and filtering purposes.

Distinctive characteristics unique to Crocs™ footwear and the Croslite material include:

- Superior gripping, non marking soles
- A footbed that molds to the feet for ultimate comfort and support
- Anti-microbial in-soles and exterior
- Odor-resistant
- Incredibly lightweight
- Diverse color spectrum

We will be highlighting the following 2 styles today:


The original comfort design that kicked off the phenomenon:

* Easy on and off
* Footbed conforms to foot creating a custom fit
* Ventilation ports increase breathability, filter water and debris away from the footbed
* Loose fit allows feet to bend and expand naturally reducing fatigue


* fully enclosed design protects feet from intrusions
* weatherproof design is ideal for all condition performance and stability
* Footbed conforms to foot creating a custom fit
* Ventilation ports increase breathability, filter water and debris away from the footbed
* Loose fit allows feet to bend and expand naturally reducing fatigue


Visit to buy online or to find a retailer near you. Crocs™ shoes are sold in more than 90 countries. Visit to find a retailer in your country.

Success Through Play™ comments:

Crocs™ are named after crocodiles, robust reptiles who fair equally well in both water and on land. "These qualities and characteristics are inherent to Crocs™ footwear as well, " says Crocs Inc. Crocs™ are the only branded footwear made from Croslite™, a proprietary closed cell resin that has revolutionized the footwear industry with its unsurpassed comfort and support. There is a selection of Crocs™ shoes for every member of the family from kids to grandparents. Crocs™ also offers a full selection of shoes for working professionals.

The beach model was the original Crocs™ style and Crocs™ has since expanded to offer more than 50 styles, which are available in a range of bold hues.

For the more conservative shoe wearer, neutral colors, and the traditional black, navy and brown are also offered!

The focus of today's article is on the advantages of wearing Croc shoes when you are pregnant. Many Ob-Gyn's, who have been wearing Crocs™ in surgery along with other medical professionals including nurses and doctors, are recommending Crocs™ to their pregnant patients because they have some very unique characteristics which make them ideal for the mama-to-be. As your belly grows, your center of gravity shifts, causing you to feel more unstable. In addition, the weight that you gain during pregnancy puts extra stress and strain on your joints. Bending down can be a real challenge. Swollen feet can make squeezing into your shoes an impossible task. Your body temperature is naturally raised and finding shoes that are airy, light and breeze that are also odor resistant and anti-microbial can be extremely challenging. Enter Crocs™: the unique shoe that helps keep you comfy and active during your pregnancy. The roomy design lends itself perfectly to feet which are prone to swelling. The easy sizing chart makes selecting the correct size simple and quick! Ergonomically certified to significantly reduce fatigue during use, Crocs™ can be a god-send to pregnant women who are dealing with typical aches, pains and loss of energy and stamina. Crocs™ are designed with shock-absorbing properties to minimize load on feet, lower legs, knees, hips and lower back. Crocs™ boast a supportive foot base with a built-in arch support and provides the wearer with an Orthotic heel support and protects the heels. Crocs™ have a specially designed heel strap, to keep the shoe on your foot. The strap can be stretched until it fits your perfectly! You also have the option to roll the strap forward on the clog models, which will make slipping them on even easier-all without bending down. The port holes on many models filter air, sand and water and the ventilation will keep you cool and comfortable. Crocs™ have circulation nubs which stimulate circulation and provide the wearer with a gentle massage. Crocs™ conforms to ASTM slip resistant standards. Crocs™ should not fit like other shoes. Please click here to learn about the crocs fit.

We distributed Crocs™ in the beach and endeavor styles (courtesy of Crocs, Inc.) to 2 pregnant ladies. Here are some comments:

"Being a 7 month pregnant, working professional who is on my feet all day, hasn't been easy. When me feet started to swell, I was distraught that I could no longer squeeze my feet into most of my work shoes! I really didn't have the budget to splurge on new shoes, and I was becoming quite desperate and very uncomfortable. During the day, I was distracted from my work, because I my feet were aching! I was excited to receive 2 pairs of crocs to test in the endeavor style. When they arrived, I marveled at how lightweight they were. The endeavor style has a closed toe with ventilation on the sides. I was thrilled to give them a try the very next day! It was SUCH a relief to have a roomy shoe that felt comfortable from the moment that I put it on and accommodated my swollen feet beautifully. The shoes are soft and cushy and oh so comfy! I really liked the fact that they are anti-microbial and odor-resistant, because I sweat a LOT. They are super easy to clean which means it takes me less time to get ready in the morning. I received many compliments from my colleagues who all wanted to buy their own! Bending down is becoming a chore for me and I really love how I can just slip my feet into the crocs, without much effort at all. The straps hold the crocs firmly on my feet and I don't have to worry about them falling off, as with other clogs on the market. The circulation nubs provide my feet with a massage as I work, which feels heavenly. Carrying an extra 20 plus pounds on my small frame isn't fun, and my previous work shoes were heavy, adding to the weight. These crocs are so light, I feel like I am walking on a cloud and my husband. Thank you crocs!"

"I have just entered my third trimester and am I pregnant with twins! I am a stay at home mommy to a toddler who is 2. Chasing my toddler while being pregnant with twins isn't easy! I run out of steam pretty fast The weather has finally warmed up and I was really looking forward to wearing my summer sandals. I was really disappointed when none of sandals fit me anymore! I didn't experience much feet swelling with my first pregnancy, so this was an unexpected surprise. I was really pleased to be able to test out the beach styles and received 2 pairs in the mail. I had heard about crocs before, but never tried any. I received instructions about how I could customize my shoe by stretching the strap and was able to do this easily. I put my toddler in his stroller and headed out on a short walk around the block. I couldn't get over how light and airy these shoes felt. I really LOVED the ventilation holes which were on the top of the shoes and the sides of the shoe, keeping me cool. The molded footbed and built-in arch support was fabulous and I felt a renewed sense of energy that I thought was gone forever! The next day we headed to the beach and the Crocs faired just as well on the sand! What a pleasure to be able to run them under the shower at the beach before heading back home.Thank you"

SolesUnited Program

When its time to retire your Crocs™, you can give back your worn-out Crocs™ shoes to be recycled into new shoes and they will be donated to people in need around the world. Did you know there are over 1.2 billion people worldwide that can't afford shoes and have to walk many miles a day barefoot? The program is called "Soles United" and was launched by Crocs, Inc. in January of 2008. It is the first-of-its-kind recycled footwear donation program. Through the Soles United recycling process, donated Crocs™ shoes are sorted, cleaned, ground into new material, and manufactured into new recycled shoes. We applaud Crocs, Inc. for this program, which will no doubt change the lives of millions of people worldwide. To learn more and few a video detailing this program, please visit:

To view the full range of Crocs™ styles, please visit:


Anna said...

Great article. I hadn't even thought to try Crocs in my 1st pregnancy, but now that I have hit the 3rd trimester (2nd pregnancy), I am in desperate need of finding comfortable shoes and will go check them out this weekend. Thank you!

Jessica said...

Thank you for highlighting the SolesUnited program. I hadn't heard of it before and it sounds incredible. I watched the video which will remind me never to complain when I can't find any shoes. I think that it is really admirable that Crocs, Inc decided to offer this program, which will enrich the lives of millions of people. I will be sending my worn out crocs for sure!

Miriam said...

I honestly had no idea that Crocs were designed so well and that they are a great choice for us pregnant ladies. I really like the beach style and want to get some brightly colored ones for the summer :-) Thanks guys.

Nicole said...

Miriam, my Ob-gyn also recommends them and I trust her opinion! The beach style fits me and I have VERY wide feet. If you have a very narrow foot, try the Cayman style, which is the same as the beach, but narrower. You won't want to take them off, they are SOOOO comfy. I live in mine :-)

Angela said...

I bought my first pair of crocs (beach style) last month per my midwife's recommendation. Although crocs resemble "clogs" they are completely different. Clogs are heavy and crocs are ultra-light plus they really do reduce fatigue, enabling me to walk longer! They have made all the difference and really reduced my swelling and discomfort.

Becky said...

Excellent article. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my crocs. They are so comfy-nothing comes close. It was interesting to read about all the features-no wonder I can't live without mine!

Maria said...

Another crocs fan here. Just a caution: don't leave your crocs in the sun/hot car because they can shrink!

Lorraine said...

I can definitely relate to this article. None of my summer sandals fit me, I am only 6 months along. Yikes! Will be heading to the mall to by some crocs. Thanks for the great tip.

Wynne said...

Love the new bright colors for summer. Very fun!

Monique said...

I am well into my 3rd trimester and am experiencing swelling in my feet, plus lots of aches and pains. I honestly have never even considered that crocs shoes may be helpful and have never tried them on before! I will definitely be hunting some down next week. Thanks for the tip!

Samantha said...

I am pregnant with my first baby and just a couple of weeks along at that. I had no idea that its common for feet to swell and your shoes not to fit. I called up all of my friends who have had baby and they all told me the truth-finally! I will be stocking on some crocs so that I am prepared. Thanks for the heads up!

Rochelle said...

The SolesUnited Program is SO cool. The video is incredible-thank you for highlighting such a worthy program. I will definitely be donating my old crocs to this program. Plus, it gives me another excuse to buy some new ones in fun bold colors for summer!

Tricia said...

Great article! I never knew that crocs were designed with so many features. I will be taking a 2nd look at them.

Hannah said...

Excellent article. I had been hesitant to try crocs until I read this article and was amazed by the unique properties. They have a stand at my local mall and I made a beeline to the stand and proceeded to try on some crocs. I am SO pleased that I had read your article and decided to try them. I work in my garden a lot and they are perfect for garden work. I just hose them off afterwards and they are clean again. I love wearing them around the house. They have changed my LIFE!!!!!