Belly Baby Prenatal Workout

Neena & Veena, "The Bellytwins," have been featured as special guest dancers, choreographers, and actresses on hundreds of national and international stages, films, TV shows, commercials and music videos. The twins are also the founders, artistic directors and choreographers and teachers of their own dance company, which specializes in dances of India and the Middle East.

Belly Baby Prenatal Workout is directed by Veena and stars Neena.

Neena's love of Middle Eastern and Indian classical and folkloric dances started as a child. She and her twin sister studied dance both in India and Egypt, where they devoted their time perfecting their crafts. She also studied ballet, jazz, and hip hop dances. Neena speaks and write Hindi and can speak some Arabic and Farsi. Neena studied Indian classical singing and western classical singing for many years. She is also a highly skilled graphologist.


For thousands of years, bellydance has been passed down as a birthing aid for women. In this program, you will learn authentic movements that will prepare your body for labor and delivery, while helping you feel feminine and sexy. Research shows that pregnant women who exercise regularly have shorter and less painful labors. This gentle and safe workout is designed specifically to build strength, stamina and muscle tone for expecting mothers. This exercise program has been approved by doctors, nurses, and midwives. Join Neena as she takes you through this ancient journey in a step-by-step prenatal program. This workout is excellent for any skill level, and is great for all three trimesters!


*This affordably priced DVD is available now on the bellytwins website.
Available in stores November 2008.

Please note that all Bellytwins videos and DVD's are made in the NTSC format. This format is used in the United States and Canada. Many other regions of the world use the PAL or SECAM formats, so please check to see what format is used where you live before you place an order for VHS or DVD videos.

Success Through Play™ comments:

Prenatal bellydancing is making its way into Western cultures and more and more pregnant women are turning to Prenatal Bellydancing to help them prepare for labor and delivery. Classes are springing up all across the USA. Instructors teach women how to use bellydance movements when having a contraction which allows one to work with the contraction and relax the pelvic region vs. tensing up. Actively moving through the pain using bellydance movements and adopting upright positions during labor can facilitate the descent of the baby through the birth canal and enable the baby to rotate into the correct position for birth.

A reputable Prenatal bellydance workout such as this DVD, differs from traditional bellydancing in that the movements have been adapted for a pregnant women and thus you will not find sharp hip drops and pops but rather gentle, flowing and sensual movements. The backdrop of DVD is visually stunning and conjures up images of an exotic destination, transporting the viewer to another place and time. The background music is authentic middle eastern music with a gentle and soothing beat.

Neena is an experienced bellydancer and demonstrates the movements in a step by step manner which are easy to follow. If you are new to belly dancing have no fear, because you will pick up the movements with just a little practice and gain confidence while doing so. A narrator with a clear and pleasing voice provides the instructions. The bellydance workout is approximately 40 minutes and afterwards, you feel as if you have done a total body workout!

The workout consists of:

*A gentle warm up to prepare your body

*Gentle cardio to build endurance, strength and flexibility, improve balance and coordination
*Your choice of floor or chair exercises

*Chair version is suitable for all levels and recommended for first use

*The floor version is for early pregnancy or slightly more advanced users where pillows are utilized to facilitate good posture.
*The workout concludes with a cool down and includes stretches.

The routine is very well designed and each movement is carefully selected and adapted for a pregnant women. Kegels exercises are included in the routine. The two members of our pregnant panel thoroughly enjoyed their prenatal bellydance workout and both were pleasantly surprised by the gentle yet effective movements which provided just the right challenge for their body! They admitted that they were expecting a complicated and intricate routine and feared that they wouldn't be able to keep up, being new to bellydancing. They were pleased to be proven wrong and were able to follow the sequences and enjoyed the dance steps thoroughly. They both felt sexy and confident when performing the sequences outlined in the DVD! They plan to continue their bellydance workout in addition to swimming and prenatal yoga and feel confident that they will have some familiar movements to fall back on during labor.

Special features include the option to play with music only (and no voiceover) and the ability to select a scene for quick reference. A bonus performance by Neena, an interview with Doula Shantell who elaborates on how belly dancing is helpful during labor and offers additional insights into tribal customs and methods to aid labor and recovery. In addition, a pamphlet titled "Neena's Pregnancy Survival Guide" comes with the DVD, where Neena shares some natural remedies to help combat morning sickness. Bellytwins will be coming out with additional DVD's related to post pregnancy.

As with any new program, we recommend watching it first before participating. Please consult your health care provider before participating in this or any other exercise program. French & Spanish language tracks are offered.

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Alyssa said...

I found this article very interesting. The DVD sounds fun! I love learning something new :-)

Francine said...

The setting looks amazing. The twins are really beautiful and talented.

Jen said...

My CNM had recommended that I take Prenatal Bellydance classes, but none are available in my area. I am really thrilled to have found out about this one that I can do in the comfort of my home. Thank you for posting the pictures. The DVD looks wonderful. I can't wait to try it!

Lauren said...

What a great article! I am a doula and have seen first hand how bellydancing can assist many women in having effective and successful natural births. This DVD sounds like a great tool for learning these natural movements that have been past down for centuries in many cultures. It is very exciting to see how our Western society is slowly but surely being open to other cultures and we have lots to learn from each other.

Teri said...

Interesting-this sounds like something that I want to try. Thanks for yet another super article. I have discovered the BEST products on this site. Keep up the great work.

Belinda said...

The background does indeed look exotic. My doula and midwife have mentioned Belly Dancing moves before and I had kinda looked at them strangely and thought that they were crazy :-) Then I did some research and found out that these movements have been passed down for centuries and I am pleased to hear that they are adapted to be gentle and safe for us pregnant mamas. This DVD is very affordable and sounds like a lot of FUN. Thanks for the write up.