Giveaway: Simple by Bebe au Lait™: Organic Nursing Cover

Bebe au Lait™ was created in 2003 when the founders, Claire and Ronnie Ekelund, became increasingly convinced that there was a way to cover Baby and Mother with ease and style allowing Mom to breastfeed whenever and wherever she needed to. The result is an easy-to-use, machine washable, multi-purpose stylish cover designed with Baby and Mom in mind. The difference between the patent-pending Bebe au Lait™ and other nursing covers? A rigid neckline allowing Mom and Baby unobstructed eye contact during feeding and other thoughtful features such as a small-item storage and clean-up pocket made from the softest terry cloth.

Mom sees Baby...Baby sees Mom...discreet...on-the-spot cleanup...perfect! Our customers have also shown us that Bebe au Lait™ nursing covers are fantastic as a sunshade over a front-carrier or stroller and as a blanket for impromptu naps making them indispensable.

"Breastfeeding is something to be proud of. Bebe au Lait™ allows modern moms to do so wherever and whenever, in style."

Thoughtfully crafted and stylish, they were an immediate sensation and gained overnight publicity and fame. Highlighted in popular magazines such as US Weekly, People, Fit Pregnancy and and owned by Hollywood mommies Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Liv Tyler, Mira Sorvino, Jessica Alba and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Bebe au Lait™ is a growing, international product.

The same fashion-forward nursing covers sell under two brand names: Hooter Hiders for the tongue-in-cheek and Bebe au Lait™ for mommy chic. All of the luxurious prints and fabrics are hand-selected and expertly designed with stylish, modern moms in mind. Their passion to create and innovate the most beautiful and functional parenting products on the market has most recently produced Simple by Bebe au Lait™, a range of 100% certified organic fabrics in savvy solid colors. Certified by SKAL and Ecocert, eco-chic mommies can be assured that the same attention to detail and exhaustive fabric search went into making each of these elegantly "green" nursing covers as the mainline collection.


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Courtesy of Bebe au Lait we have one Simple by Bebe au Lait™ Organic Cotton Nursing Cover in Steel up in for grabs!

Congratulations Lexie H.

Success Through Play™ comments:

The award-winning apron style nursing cover from Bebe au Lait™ has taken the world by storm. Perfect for home use when you are entertaining or when you are out and about in public. Many breastfeeding moms admit to avoid having company over and avoid going out in public for a number of reasons. Many report that they have received negative reactions from others in the past, or simply aren't comfortable breastfeeding in front of others. Feeling comfortable and at ease when nursing is critical for the let down reflex to occur as well as overall success with breastfeeding.

By using a nursing cover such as Bebe au Lait™, which provides complete coverage while still allowing you to make eye contact with your baby, will give you the confidence you need to breastfeed in the company of others/in a public setting. In addition, research is showing that a strong social support network is important in helping to ward off some cases of post-partum depression. With a well designed nursing cover moms will be more likely to ask family and friends over and be active in the community, thereby seeking out social contact.

Features that we like:

*Neck strap: prevents baby from pulling off the cover
*Patent pending rigid neckline: mom and baby can see each other
*Compact: stash in your diaper bag for easy on the go travel
*Terry cloth triangle in bottom inside corner which can be used for baby care and to store small items
*Versatile: sunshade over a stroller/car seat, blanket etc
*Stylish, streamline design

The Simple Line of Organic Nursing Covers from Bebe au Lait™ offers moms the option of using an organic nursing cover which is healthy for mom, baby and the environment. The Simple Line offers a choice of either Organic Linen or Organic Cotton which are both available in beautiful solid shades.

We would like to see the organic line continue to expand to include organic covers with patterned prints.

This nursing cover will make a fantastic baby shower gift for the mom-to-be who plans to breastfeed. Gift certificates can be purchased here.

To see the full range of prints, please visit:


Mia said...

We are committed to going green this year and I really excited to see that this company is now offering a green line! I like the solid prints which draw less attention, perfect for us shy mommies :-)

Nicole said...

The dark green color is gorgeous and will match my eyes! I agree that nursing covers boost confidence and allow moms to nurse anywhere in style and comfort.

Anna said...

Wow, the organic linen covers are really stunning - love the colors.

Kim said...

Great review! The rigid neckline which fans outwards is a brilliant idea. It solves many problems and allows mom and baby to connect.

Brandi said...

I LOVE, LOVE these nursing covers. My best friend introduced them to me 2 years ago and now that I am expecting again, I am looking forward to choosing some new styles. The eco-collection is lovely. Simple solid colors which are ideal for Spring. Thanks you for letting us know!

Caroline said...

This nursing cover ROCKS! It has enabled me to nurse with confidence no matter where I am. I think that anyone who is afraid to nurse in public should by one. It will change your world :-) The prints are gorgeous and I am excited to add the organic cover to my collection. Thanks for the heads up guys!

Yasmine said...

I agree that having a strong social network can ward off some cases of post partum depression. Great article. I really appreciate your articles which have substance. Keep up the great work.

Jennifer said...

I am really so delighted that companies are going "Green" and offering us healthier alternatives. These solid prints are great! I wish that they were around when I was nursing, but thank goodness they are around for my daughter, who has just announced that she is pregnant for her first baby. I will be buying some for her :-)

Simone said...

I have been using a blanket, which worked fine up until last week, when my baby pulled it off, exposing me to the world. This looks like a much safer alternative and more beautiful at that. Thank you for writing great articles. Your magazine is a wonderful resource and I can't wait to read more articles....when I have the time :-)

Dina said...

I am more conservative and actually prefer these solid prints! I really like how they are organic cotton and linen.

Carolyn said...

Will you be doing a giveaway? Would love to win a cover!Carolyn

Alyssa said...

I wasn't aware that they have a new eco-line. The linen covers are stunning! So elegant.

Simone said...

LOVE this product. Nursing has never been so stylish!

Deidre said...

So pleased to see this review. I wanted to let other moms know how much I have really loved this product. It has literally given me the confidence to nurse in public. Before, I was really nervous to nurse in public and would just stay home, which was driving me crazy. A friend had gifted me with this cover and life hasn't been the same since. This is one purchase that you won't regret. The new eco-line looks beautiful!

Marla said...

I was SO hoping for a giveaway. Fantastic! Hope I win :-)

Emily said...

I've had my eye on the Steel! Thanks for another great giveaway! This product is awesome!