Baby Traveller® Deluxe: All-in-One Diaper Bag & Changing Mat

The gr8x® brand has become synonymous with unique diaper bags that represent quality, innovation and style. Designed in Australia, gr8x diaper bags are reaching parents all around the world and exceeding expectations everywhere. Gr8x® is distributed by Regal Lager, Inc. in the USA.

The Baby Traveller® Deluxe: A diaper bag that's a changing mat!


* GR8X® Organizer Diaper Bag
* Made of Polyester, Polyester Fill
* Includes Changing Pad
* Multiple Compartments, Buckle Closure
* Interior Storage Features Organizer Pocket
* Back Straps, Attach-Anywhere Handle
* External Bungie Cords to Quickly Stow Odds and Ends
* Compact Design Unfolds to Oversized, Padded Changing Mat
* Stroller Clips
*100% machine washable
* 2 year manufacturing warranty

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Success Through Play™ comments:

Although most strollers have storage baskets, most are either too small to fit a good size diaper bag or are difficult to access when the seat is reclined. Bending down to access the storage basket may be not the best option for older caregivers. The Baby Traveller® Deluxe is an all-in-one diaper bag and change mat with a unisex design. It is available in a range of great color options.

This versatile bag has the option to attach to your stroller, allowing you quick and easy access to your diapering essentials. It can be worn over your shoulders, carried as a briefcase by a handle or worn as a backpack. The straps are adjustable for a custom and comfortable fit. The front of the bag features a drawstring bungee cord which can hold a small blanket or apparel, which can be easily accessed. There is a parent pocket to store your items which can be accessed with ease. The rear of the bag features a very large pocket for storing additional items.

This well designed product measures H36cm x W39cm when closed and is held together by a series of snap locks for secure closure. It opens vertically and horizontally into a cross shape. The vertical section houses the removable, changing pad which measures a generous L89cm x W33cm and will accommodate larger babies. Spare change mats are available for purchase separately. The horizontal "wings" on either side of the changing mat feature elasticated and zipped pockets to store all your diapering essentials. There is room for several diapers, wipes and other essentials on both sides. There is even an area to storing soiled clothing/cloth diapers. You don't have to fumble through diaper bag to search for diapers and wipes, it's all right there in plain view, organized beautifully.

The Baby Traveller® Deluxe is 100% machine washable (let it air dry though) so parents can keep this diaper bag looking clean and new without much effort. This portable "changing station" allows you to change your baby easily and effeciently, no matter where you are. The Baby Traveller® Deluxe comes complete with a detachable insulated Bottle Traveller and mobile phone pouch which are handy extras. Both these items have the option to attach to the diaper bag or a stroller. The storage area allows parents to organize and store their diapering essentials in clear view and parents will no longer have to fumble through their old diaper bags to search for diapers and wipes. This will no doubt save parents lots of time and frustration. The thoughtful design allows parents to access the inner contents without having to open the whole bag. Perfect for when you are at the mall and just need to grab some wipes and a diaper.

Our tester, Jason, has a 6 month old son. Jason's wife loves feminine diaper bags and Jason has been left one time too many with the feminine diaper bag, feeling self-conscious. He would avoid diaper duty because he wasn't comfortable holding the feminine diaper bags and was ready for a truly unisex bag that both men and women would feel comfortable being seen with. Enter the Baby Traveller® Deluxe.

"The Baby Traveller Deluxe is rugged and functional. I really like how versatile it is: I can attach it securely to our stroller, wear it on my shoulder, as a backpack or carry it like a briefcase by the handle! Many dads have come up to me asking me about this product and shared their tales of woe about having to use their wife's feminine diaper bag. Doing Diaper Duty has never been easier or more fun! The Baby Traveller Deluxe reminds me of my tool belt and houses everything that I need to diaper my son in clear view. The pouches keep the contents in place and hold plenty of diapers and wipes. The built in changing pad is really great and the long length means that I will be able to continue using it for quite some time! This product is machine washable and holds up very well in the machine. Todays dads want to be more involved in parenting and be as hands on as possible. Most mens restrooms don't have a baby changing station, which makes changing a diaper very difficult. Since this product is portable changing station, I can change my son anywhere, even where there isn't a changing area. This product meets all of my needs and allows me to take an active role in caring for my son. My wife has been really impressed with this product and loves using it as well. I would definitely recommend this to all parents, especially to dads."

The Baby Traveller® Deluxe will make a fantastic gift for Father's Day. This product is equally great for moms and will be a favorite Baby Shower Gift. Check out the stunning boutique collection for moms!

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Kevin said...

I can definitely relate to Jason. My wife "collects" silk floral diaper bags and I really can't be seen around town with them. A unisex bag is the way to go! We have a really sturdy (won't tip) umbrella type stroller that has the smallest basket underneath which is pretty much useless. This product looks like the perfect solution.

Chris said...

Great - this is the week for us dads. A diaper bag that resembles a tool belt sounds like the ideal one for me :-) The design looks very practical and functional.

Janette said...

Guilty: Of making my hubby carry a feminine diaper bag. I am going to buy him this for his 1st Father's Day. It has so many features..WOW.

Steven said...

Yes, it's really sad that mens restrooms almost never have baby changing areas. This product would certainly come in handy as its functions like a changing station. This product will definitively make my like easier. The machine washable feature rocks!

jessica said...

What really appeals to me is how versatile it is. The fact that is can be worn as a backpack, over the shoulder, strapped to a stroller and carried as a briefcase makes it the perfect option for both men and women! My grandpa looks after my baby during the week and this looks like the perfect bag for him!

Rebecca said...

What a great Father's Day Gift Idea! This product looks awesome.

Rose said...

The color options are great. I like the blue!! My husband will LOVE this product. Thank you!

Eryn said...

I hardly ever leave comments, but when I saw this review, I just HAD to. I bought this for my husband for Father's Day last year. He LOVES this product....He is still talking to his friends about it :-)

Kathy said...

This review comes at the perfect time. I have been browsing the stores and wasn't able to find a gift for my DH for his Father's Day. This product sounds GREAT! I am also guilty of handing over my feminine diaper bag to him but now I realize that he really needs one that he feels comfortable with. He loves his tool belts, so this sounds like it will be a great fit :-) The colors are awesome. I am thinking about the orange! Thank you!!!!

Emily said...

My DH is a business exec and all the diaper bags on the market that are aimed at men are frankly too sporty and rugged looking for him. I like how stylish like this one is! It looks like a modern day briefcase. Fantastic!

Mia said...

My husband is always complaining that he can never find a changing station that is open to men. This would definitely solve the problem and allow him to change diapers ANYWHERE!

Robyn said...

I LOVE my new stroller, but it really doesn't offer much storage. This will definitely solve this problem! I hadn't heard of this product until now and I am so pleased that I logged onto your site today :-)

Gabi said...

Hi, I am Gabi and I have a diaper bag addiction! Despite my array of diaper bags, I always tend to choose this one over all the others! The built in changing pad is really functional and the side "wings" hold all the necessities. I am excited to see the boutique collection, which has gorgeous styles! You won't regret this purchase.

Jennifer said...

Same here. Our compact stroller lacks storage and I can't continue to struggle with carrying my over sized diaper bag on my shoulder. The Baby Traveller Deluxe is the best option, allowing me to strap it to my handlebars. I love the colors!