Bumkins Waterproof Bibs


Our waterproof products are made from a soft, lightweight fabric that is truly unique! A variety of fun, lively patterns that stay bright…wash after wash! Clean up has never been easier…wipe clean, rinse off easily, and resists most stains and odors. Bumkins’ reputation has been built on these incredibly hard-working bibs.

Bumkins Award-Winning Waterproof Material:


"Bumkins’ waterproof material is 100% polyester, making it vinyl-free and therefore safer for consumers. Vinyl, which is a common material found in children’s products, is often a source of lead, PVC and the hormonal-disrupting chemical phthalates. Phthalates (pronounced THA-lates), are a family of chemicals that are commonly used in children’s products for their ability to soften many types of plastics. They are often recognized as giving vehicles their distinctive new-car smell. Bumkins feels that babies should smell of lavender fields and lemongrass, not new cars. Studies show that high levels of phthalates have proven to cause challenges with reproductive development in children. Other studies, reported by CNN, have lead researchers to believe childhood exposure to lead can cause learning problems, reduced intelligence, hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder. The good news is researchers agree high levels of lead are directly related to an individual’s environment. Therefore parents can greatly decrease their child’s exposure by choosing products with low levels of chemicals."


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Success Through Play™ comments:

Babies and toddlers tend to be messy eaters because they are still acquiring coordination skills. Many parents dread mealtimes because they are fully aware of the mess that will inevitably follow. Some parents are so fearful of mealtimes that they tend to feed their toddler themselves, which robs their toddler of the opportunity to practice his fine motor skills and assert his independence. What's the solution? Bumkins waterproof bibs.

Whether your baby is just starting on solids or you have a toddler who loves to feed himself Bumkins has the right bib for you. The bibs are lightweight and are are super easy to clean: wipe or rinse clean and are machine washable (hang to dry). They are free of vinyl, PVC, phthalates and BPA. They are proudly made in the USA.

The bibs are available in the following styles: Starter Bib, SuperBib, Supersized SuperBib, the Sleeved Bib and the Junior Bib. These bibs are perfectly contoured and shaped to provide maximum protection for your baby/toddler's clothes. Each style features an adjustable fit with a catch-all pocket. Bumkins waterproof bibs resists most stains and odors.

From modern to classic and traditional patterns, there is a design that everyone will love. The colors remain bright and attractive, wipe after wipe and wash after wash!

Our favorite is the Dr. Seuss Nursery line by Bumkins!

Stylish parents will love the New Paisley designs!

Edgy parents will love the new Baby Punk line!

Our test panel had the opportunity to test the following bibs:

Starter Bib

* Made of Bumkins' proprietary waterproof fabric
* Stain and odor resistant
* Adjustable Velcro closure
* Features catch-all pocket
* Machine washable, hang dry
* Measures 8" across, 6.5" from neck down
* Sized to fit 3 months - 6 months
* PVC, BPA, Phthalate & Vinyl Free
* Made in the USA

Perfect for young babies! This bib secures with velcro and is so lightweight that baby won't even know that he's wearing it! This bib will protect your baby's clothes from food stains and the catch-all pocket will collect food that has fallen. Stash in your diaper bag for on the go feedings!

Super Bib

* Made of Bumkins' proprietary waterproof fabric
* Stain and odor resistant
* Adjustable Velcro closure
* Features catch-all pocket
* Machine washable, hang dry
* Measures 10" across, 9" from neck down
* Sized to fit 3 months - 2+ years
* PVC, BPA, Phthalate & Vinyl Free
* Made in the USA

Stock up on the Super Bib which is a great size for babies and young toddlers. Perfect for daily use, this is the bib that you will turn to time and time again throughout the day, no matter where you are! A parent panel favorite!

SuperSized Super Bib

*Made of Bumkins' proprietary waterproof fabric
*Stain and odor resistant
*Adjustable Velcro closure
*Features catch-all pocket
*Machine washable
*Measures 18" across, 18" from neck down
*Sized to fit 6 months - 3+ years
*PVC, BPA, Phthalate & Lead Free
*Made in the USA

This well designed bib which will take you from solids through the toddler years! Perfect when you need to bring out the "big guns" to protect your baby and toddlers clothing from top to bottom! Chin to lap, legs to toes, the Supersized Super Bib provides full coverage. Perfect for car seats, strollers, high chairs and more. Adjustable fit with catch-all pocket.

Sleeved Bib

* Made of Bumkins' proprietary waterproof fabric.
* Stain and odor resistant
* Tie closure
* Features catch-all pocket
* Machine washable, hang dry
* Measures 13.5" across chest, 12.5" from neck down, 32" cuff to cuff.
* Sized to fit 6 months - 2+ years
* PVC, BPA, Phthalate & Vinyl Free
* Made in the USA

Parents will no longer fear mealtimes! This sleeved bib from Bumkins is very well designed and ideal for messy toddlers. This bib extends over your baby's arms (elastic around the wrist to hold in place) to protect clothing. Adjustable tie closure ensures a great fit.

Straight from the parent panel:

"I used to DREAD mealtimes until I received the bumkins bibs. They offer plenty of coverage and the catch-all pockets ensure that the food lands up in the pocket! We can go straight from mealtime to a play date or event without changing her clothes, which saves me tons of time. The adjustable fit ensures that it continues to fit as my toddler grows. I usually wipe the bibs clean after use, and rinse off under water when necessary. Once a week I machine wash them and let them hang dry. Prior to using this, I was using bibs that were a nightmare to clean! They are lightweight and fold up into a small size, perfect for stashing in my diaper bag for travel. The fabric options are GORGEOUS. I really love the new paisley styles!"

To learn more, please visit: www.bumkins.com


Mia said...

LOVE the Paisley designs!

Jada said...

As an "edgy mama" I love the Baby Punk Rock styles! Very unique.

Kate said...

Another great article. I had never thought about the consequences of parents feeding their kids when they are able to do it for themselves. These bibs look lovely. The patterns are really appealing. I am also a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan :-)

Emily said...

What bright and fun patterns. I am really pleased to learn that these bibs are made here in the USA!

Gretchen said...

I am so pleased to read that these bibs truly are non-toxic and made in the USA. Fantastic!