Fabe's All Natural Bakery


*All Natural Baked Goods
*No Sugar Added
*No Preservatives
*Naturally Sweetened
*Cane Sugar Free

People ask what makes Fabe's All Natural Bakery products so different? We make refined sugar free desserts. At Fabes we use natural sweeteners from fruits, plants, or grains. That means you can enjoy Fabes desserts without the toxic effects of sugar addiction. We use no artificial ingredients or preservatives. We use no trans fats & never have. We aren't following the "latest trend" we pioneered it. Fabe's offers products for specific dietary preferences. Take your choice from a variety of desserts types such as, refined sugar free, organic, vegan, raw, low-carb, wheat free, or gluten-free. So whether you're concerned about what your kids eat, or care about your health, we have a variety of products that let you satisfy your taste without ruining your health plan.
Fabes offers a selection of naturally sweetened products. Fabe's uses no refined sugars. All of our products are naturally sweetened from fruits, plants or grains. While refined sugar (white table sugar) is originally derived from nature's sugar beet and sugarcane, through processing it is stripped of all its nutritional value and reacts more like a drug than a food source within the body.

Fabe's uses no artificial sugar substitutes such as aspartame, sucralose, Splenda or saccharin, which some tests have shown to cause diseases in laboratory animals and can be even more harmful than refined sugar.


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Success Through Play™ comments:

Fabe's offers a line of Brownies, Cakes, Mini Cookies, Muffins, Pies, Raw Life Bars which are all free from refined sugars.

Fabe's offers products for every lifestyle:
*Raw foods
*Vegan organic

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We received a box of Fabe's products to test. Staff favorites include the:

Triple Chocolate Cake which is rich and decadent. Unlike other cakes, this cake is sweetened with chicory syrup and wholegrain barley and corn malt which are healthier sweeteners! A perfect choice to honor the Father in your life!

The pies were outstanding and are sweetened with all natural fruits and fruit concentrates. The flaky crusts and flavorful filling won the hearts of every tester. The pecan pie and apple pie were staff favorites.

Chewy Brownies

These chewy brownies are sweetened with agave nectar and taste like a tootsie roll! This "brownie" is soft will melt in your mouth!

Our testers also liked the mini-cookies which are available in a range of flavors. Perfect for portion control, each mini cookies will satisfy your cravings while keeping your total calories for the day in check.

The RawLife Bars are approved by Dr Fuhrman and make the perfect snack! Enjoy these zesty citrus/coconut treats which are made from fruits, nuts and seeds.

Treat the special dad in your life to healthy bakes goods from Fabe's for a Father's Day that he will truly remember.

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Lauren said...

Yum! The Triple Chocolate Cake looks delicious :-)

Carrie said...

I have seen this brand in my local Whole Foods store but never thought to try them. You bet I will be trying them next week. The triple chocolate cake looks HEAVENLY!

Kathy said...

Our family has had a VERY difficult time tracking down treats that are free from refined sugars. I tend to bake from scratch, but now that I have twins, I don't have the time. The pies look outstanding. I can't wait to try them!!!!!

Dave said...

The ingredients and nutritional info look VERY impressive. WOW.

Maura said...

I see that this company has a nice selection of vegan products. I am a vegan for health reasons and haven't been able to find vegan cakes, cookies etc that are free from refined sugars and taste great. This makes entertaining VERY difficult, because I don't really like to bake. I am really thrilled to find this company. Thank you!!!!!!