StrollSoft® Luxe Seat liner & Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support.


There is no denying that baby gear is expensive and just one diaper wipeout or food/juice spill is enough to permanently stain the fabric of your baby's stroller. Many strollers lack sufficient padding in the seat to ensure a comfortable ride for your child. Wouldn't it be great if you could help protect your baby's stroller from accidents and provide them with a comfortable padded insert to help them be more comfortable in the stroller? Well you can with the StrollSoft!

The StrollSoft is fully reversible for 2 different looks. Soft faux suede is perfect for summer while the plush faux fur is ideal for the colder months. This product is very easy to insert. The unique design coupled with the velcro tabs will allow parents to insert the StrollSoft without having the thread the straps. Always use with the stroller's harness.

"The StrollSoft has been a godsend. It provides a wonderful plush surface for my daughter to sit on, providing much needed comfort to her body. It also provides a layer of protection against stains and other messes and can simply be tossed in the machine on a regular basis. Our expensive stroller has never looked better. Every parent needs this product."


Newborns and young infants have poor head and body control and when placed in strollers, swings, bouncer seats, infant car seats etc will have poor posture if not adequately supported. Poor posture can impact breathing, eating and general comfort levels. The Snuzzler® is an award winning product which is uniquely designed to provide head to toe posterior-lateral support to your baby. The Snuzzler can easily be transferred to various seats without having to thread the straps, which saves time. There is a separate head support which adjusts upward as baby grows for a custom fit. The head support can also be used on its own.

The Snuzzler reverses for two looks and is machine washable. The smooth cotton fabric is ideal for the warmer months and the plush, luxurious velboa fabric is ultra soft to the touch, and ideal for the colder months. This product must be used in conjunction with the products harness system.

"I had tried several different inserts with my baby who is 4 weeks old and none offered adequate support. My son's head would flop to the side when he was in his stroller, bouncer and swing and he looked so uncomfortable. When I tossed aside the old insert and tried the Snuzzler instead, the difference was immediately apparent. My son's head and body were completely supported with the brilliant design of this product and his posture had dramatically improved. He was less fussy and we are all happier as a result. Thank you!"





Congratulations Brenda R and Tessa H!

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Emily said...

Thank you for another great giveaway. These products look fantastic!

Sasha said...

I have never heard of the StrollSoft, but think that it's a super idea. Strollers are So costly these days and I am definitely interested in helping to keep it looking clean and neat!

Jasmine said...

My 3 week old son definitely needs a Snuzzler and FAST. His poor head lags to the side when I place him in various seats and nothing has worked thus far. Thanks for another great article!

Claire said...

The Snuzzler is hands down the best total body support on the market. I had to search through all of the useless ones to find it and now I tell all of my pregnant girlfriends to get this one from the start. Baby will be comfy and well supported and that will make everyone happy!

rachel said...

I could really use one of these! Great product!