Green Toys™

Green Toys™ is a new environmentally friendly company that recycles plastic milk containers into beautiful, colorful toys! The product line includes a Sand Play Set, a 17 piece Tea Set, a 27 piece Cookware and Dining Set and an Indoor Gardening Kit. Parents can rest easy knowing that Green Toys™ have been tested to ensure that they are free of Phthalates or Bisphenol-A (BPA). The toys were intentionally designed without external coatings and are free of lead paint. Green Toys™ are NOT made in China. Instead, the company has decided to make the toys locally here in the Bay Area, with all aspects of its toy production from material sourcing, manufacturing, package printing, product assembly and fulfillment all taking place in California, USA. We applaud Green Toys™ for taking the lead and really hope that other companies will follow suit and manufacture their products in the USA. One of the many advantages to doing things locally is eliminating unnecessary transportation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In his book, Building Healthy Minds: The Six experiences that Create Intelligence and Emotional Growth in Babies and Young Children, Dr Stanley Greenspan, MD, a noted clinical professor of child psychiatry and pediatrics, identifies 6 basic functional emotional developmental capacities that children need to go through. Stage 5 of his model, "Creating Ideas" centers around children beginning to use symbols in pretend play and have meaningful use of language, which typically occurs between 18 and 36 months. Parents can encourage this 5th stage of development, by selecting toys which will allow children to role play everyday situations and events. The Tea Set and Cookware and Dining Set will enable your child to expand on his/her pretend play by hosting tea parties and "preparing and cooking" meals. Both sets are sized perfectly for little hands and are lightweight and easy to grip. The bright colors will engage and sustain their attention. Non Battery operated toys, such as these toys, will allow your child to expand his/her imagination and create unlimited opportunities to develop language skills, fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.

The Sand Play Set is very sturdy and well designed, and consists of a bright green bucket, an orange shovel and rake and a light blue sand mold. The bucket has a sturdy rope making it a breeze to transport. Children will gain valuable fine and gross motor coordination skills building sand castles and memories to last a lifetime.

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Lara said...

The Tea Set is SO cute yet functional. My daughter will surely love it. I am really impressed to read that these toys are free of BPA, Phthalates, and Lead. What more could I ask???

Angela said...

We are off to the coast for a mini summer getaway and I have been looking for a safe and sturdy Sand Play Set. All the ones in the store are MADE IN CHINA and I simply refused to buy them. I am thrilled to find this set that is made in the USA. Go Green Toys!!!!!!

Francine said...

I will never look at another plastic milk jug the same way ever again. So refreshing to find a company that recycles these into terrific toys that have such tremendous value in terms of social-emotional growth and other developmental skills. Best of all, they are made here in the USA. I will be buying these toys for my kids :-)

Mrs Heather Lovett said...

These toys look fabulous! I am really trying to buy less battery operated toys in favor of toys that encourage pretend play. I am astounded that plastic milk jugs can be turned into such beautiful toys! This is a green toy at its best. Thanks for another informative article.

Eryn said...

Great article. Most battery operated toys have limited value for our children and do little to encourage creativity and imagination. The Green Toy line is a nice start and I look forward to seeing them add additional products in the future. I will be supporting USA made toys, particularly Green Company because it is helping to keep Milk Jugs out of our landfill and providing educational toys to our little ones.