French Twists from Barry's Bakery

After suffering a major heart attack at the age of 42, Barry Yellen needed to change his life and do so fast. Overhauling his diet was the first step, yet searching for healthy snacks on the market proved to be very difficult. Instead, Barry decided to develop his own line of tasty, heart healthy snacks and snack lovers nationwide rejoiced. Barry's Bakery offers a range of low calorie snacks and treats including the wildly popular French Twist Range.

What are French Twists? They are layers of sweet puff pastry which are twisted into individual servings and baked to perfection. Each 13 g Twist has only 60 Calories and only 2 g of fat and 4 g of sugar. French Twists have NO Cholesterol, Butter, Eggs, Yeast or Dairy and are certified Kosher. The French Twists are currently available in 8 flavors.

Barry's Bakery sent us a sample pack to taste test. The French Twists are DELICIOUS and are the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet and crunchy cravings. At only 60 calories per Twist, you can easily fit it into your eating plan. Most snacks on the market are loaded with sugar and fat and are super high in calories. The secret to the French Twists is that they are made from all natural ingredients and are baked instead of fried.

Our panel picked the Original, Maple French Toast and the Wild Raspberry as their favorites. These low calorie sweet and crunchy treats are delightful with a cup of tea. French Twists will appeal to everyone's taste buds, including those following a Kosher Diet, those watching their cholesterol, vegans, and those who are trying to lose/maintain their weight.

If you are looking for a very sweet treat, without the extra calories and fat, try the Meringue line. The delicious meringues are available in several flavors including vanilla, chocolate, key lime and vanilla rainbow. These melt in your mouth treats will appeal to children and adults alike and are perfect for decorating your desserts and ice-creams this summer. Each mini meringue has just 1 calorie so everyone can afford to indulge.

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Mandy said...

I have to watch my cholesterol and I agree that finding heart healthy snacks that ALSO taste great is a challenge. I will be checking these treats out. They look delish.

Sarah said...

I am a puff pastry lover and the French Twists look really appealing. Based on the nutritional info, I will easily be able to accommodate it in my Weight Watchers Plan. Thank you for introducing us to the best products! My kids will love the Meringue line!

Hannah said...

Wow, meringues that are only 1 calorie and twists that are 60 calories! You have my attention. They sound yummy. Can't wait to try some.

Jen said...

I need to eat a cholesterol free diet and was very upset that all the snacks on the market are loaded with cholesterol. I am really excited to have found this article. Looking forward to trying these.

Jessica said...

Each of the 8 flavors of the French Twist line sound divine. I am just going to have to try them all!!!

Frieda said...

I am on WW as well and after whipping out my hand held calculator, I practically jumped off my chair! The French Twists are just 1 point. WOW

Maya said...

Just 1 WW point! Yipeeeeeeeee