Weight Watchers Week 1

My first week on Weight Watchers has been a real eye-opener. After reviewing the plan and materials, I soon become aware that up until now, I had no clue about serving sizes! Although I had been eating healthy foods, my portions were out of control, hence the excess calorie intake and weight. I am now recording everything that goes into my mouth and this is really helping me see what I eat during the course of the day. The Weight Watchers website has fantastic online tools that allow subscribers to track their daily food intake, look up the points value of any food quickly and easily and find healthy recipes. I have also been active on the Vegetarian Message Board, as well as the Weight Watchers Online message board and have received lots of help and useful tips from experienced members.

I am learning that Weight Watchers is NOT a diet but a way of life. No foods are off limits and everything is allowed in moderation. I really love that I don't have to buy expensive foods or special diet foods. I was able to easily stay within point range and was pleasantly surprised that I am able to still include treat such as ice-cream or dark chocolate during the week and still stay within my points range. I am focusing on eating smaller portions, including plenty of plant based proteins, veggies, fruits and healthy whole grains. I have substituted water for fruit juice and make sure to include a small amount of healthy fats in my diet. I dusted off our all terrain double stroller and started walking! I was only able to manage a 20 minute walk while pushing my kids, but I know that if I continue, I will be able to increase the time as the weeks go by.

Now for my stats!

Current weight: 148 lbs

I am really pleased to have lost 3 pounds during my first week on Weight Watchers and I am excited and motivated for the weeks ahead. Thank you for all your support. Wishing you all a great week.

Posted by Mandy, Parent Panel member


Nikki said...

Great job! Well done.

Emily said...

The plan sounds very doable so much so that even I can follow. Thanks for the update!

Gretchen said...

So true! WW is a lifestyle plan and NOT a diet. That is how I have been able to keep the weight off since 2000!

Jessica said...

Congrats. You are doing great.

Eryn said...

Go Mandy!