Weight Watchers Week 6 & 7

After the struggles that I faced the previous 2 weeks, I decided to make a conscious effort to keep a food diary where I record every bite that goes into my mouth. It really helped me to keep track of my food intake. My routine is back to normal now that the family have left! I am back to a regular exercise routine and amazed at how much my body ached when I wasn't able to get in my regular daily walk.

Now for my stats!

Current Weight 137 lbs

Lost: 3 lbs (over the past 2 weeks).

I am thrilled with these numbers and I am very proud of myself for now weighing in the 130's. I haven't seen the 130's for quite some time and there is nothing as exciting as seeing this number on the scale. I had lots of fun trying on clothes that I had packed away because they were too small for me. It is a great feeling! I would like to thank everyone for supporting me thus far, including my family, friends, my WW friends, and the Success Through Play Readers. I continue to use the Weight Watchers website regularly. I credit the WW online tools and message boards for helping to keep me focused and informed. I will check in again in 2 weeks time, during which I will be exploring additional features of the WW website and will report back. One last thing, don't forget about the Weight Watchers Lose for Good Campaign that is going on right now!

Posted by Mandy, Parent Panel Member.


Tina said...

Congrats for making it into the 130's. You go girlfriend!

Keisha said...

Fantastic. Good for you!!! You have motivated me to join WW and I hope to have the same success that you are having :-)

Gina said...

Go girl!