Baby Planet Eden Convertible Bassinet

Many first time parents wonder if they really need a bassinet and why they can't simply put their newborn directly in a crib. Bassinets, which are sized smaller than a crib, can help make the transition from womb to world a smoother one. Infants who are placed directly into a crib will often huddle in the corner of the crib, as they are seeking to find the perimeter for comfort. Infants are used to pretty tight quarters in the womb and being placed directly into a large crib can be a difficult adjustment for them. The added advantage of a bassinet is that parents can place it next to their bed and easily check on their baby and tend to their baby without having to walk very far. Lifting baby out of a bassinet and placing him back down is far easier than reaching into a crib and sleep deprived parents are often very thankful for this. Moms who are recovering from childbirth will appreciate having baby close by and within easy reach. The bassinets on the market today are single use, meaning that they top out after 3 months. Many parents rightfully don't want to invest in an item that will only last 3 months. Baby Planet, understanding this, has designed the Eden Convertible Bassinet, the new innovative Dual-Use Bassinet which converts to a child seat for extended use, making it a great value. The design of the bassinet is modern and fresh and the aqua oval fabric will appeal to all parents.

The Eden Convertible Bassinet is designed for full term infants and can be used from birth to 15 pounds (approx 3 months). Baby Planet has included a detailed manual to assist you in assembling the bassinet and then later the chair. Assembling the bassinet does require some perseverance due to the snug fit, but enlisting the help of a partner and arming yourself with some WD40 will help to speed things along. While many bassinets are on the market are unstable and tip very easily, the Eden Bassinet is very stable, which will make parents feel very secure placing their precious newborns in it. A round unit which attaches directly to the bassinet allows you to play soothing music or select the vibration mode to help calm and soothe baby. Parents have the option to select both the music and the vibration when needed. A storage basket below allows you to store baby essentials, helping to prevent unnecessary clutter. The easy release latch allows you to remove the "bed" from its base, allowing you to move move it around the house. Be sure to keep the "bed" on the ground at all times, when not in the base for safety. The bed is surprisingly stable on the ground. The bassinet sheet and liner are machine washable (delicate cycle), perfect for those diaper blowouts!

Converting the Bassinet to the chair is quick and simple, as long as you have lubricated the legs! The chair is very stylish and will look terrific in any room in your house, with its sleek modern design with wooden accents. It features a 3 point harness and the same beautiful aqua oval fabric, making it perfect for a girl or boy! The seat back adjusts simply with the aid of a strap system from approximately 125 degrees to 150 degrees (see pictures to the right). Try as we might, we had a difficult time trying to tip the chair over, thanks to the design team at Baby Planet who are leaders in their field when it comes to designing items to be stable. We would recommend waiting until your baby is able to sit independently, before placing him in the chair and he can enjoy sitting in the chair until he reaches the age of 2. In these tough economic times, a dual use product such as this one will be much appreciated and instead of simply discarding the bassinet at 3 months, parents will now be able to convert the bassinet into a child seat which your toddler can enjoy.

Baby Planet encourages parents to donate their bassinet to a local charity after they no longer need it. Once it has outlived its life and can no longer be used, Baby Planet will recycle it for you. Please click here to learn more about their recycling program.

*The Eden Convertible Bassinet is sold exclusively at Babies R Us stores (no longer online)

*To see the full product range from Baby Planet, please visit:

One glance at the Baby Planet booth at the recent ABC Kids Trade Show in Las Vegas and it be became evident that Baby Planet is NOT just a stroller company anymore! Baby Planet has a selection of innovative and dual use products lined up for 2009, which will establish them as a full product Baby Company.


Nina said...

Times are tough indeed and any dual use product gets my attention. The price is very reasonable and I love the design which will look gorgeous in our home. Thank you!

Lorna said...

Thank you for posting such terrific pictures. It really helps to clarify the features :-)

Melinda said...

I LOVE the modern design.

Sam said...

Brilliant design! I love that it converts to a chair.

Tia said...

I love how stable the bassinet and chair are. Great value.

cassie said...

I can't wait to see what new products they have in store for us next year!!!!

Amanda said...

None of hte links to babies R Us work and BRU customer service acts like they have no idea what i am talking about. I really want this bassient for several reasons....but can't figure out why I can't find it at BRU to buy it. Any help?

Success Through Play said...

Amanda, thank you for notifying us. The links were indeed working up until recently, so give us a few days to contact Baby Planet and we will have some answers for you.

Thank you kindly,

The Success Through Play Team

Success Through Play said...

Currently the Eden is only available in the Babies R Us Stores. However, we should have them up on various websites within about 30 days as we are just waiting on a shipment to come in.


Please find the response that we received from Baby Planet:

"Currently the Eden is only available in the Babies R Us Stores. However, we should have them up on various websites within about 30 days as we are just waiting on a shipment to come in."

Hope that this helps!


The Success Through Play Team.

Stacy said...

It's not on the Babie's R Us Stores website and I am looking for it as well. It was just posted in a magazine I received yesterday and I love the design and how small it is, will go perfectly in our room. Anyone know the apprximate cost on this?