Cariboo Activity Gym from Scandinavian Child

Are you looking for a high quality Activity Gym that won't overload your baby's sensory system and will last for years to come? Let us introduce you to the Cariboo Activity Gym from Scandinavian Child. The Cariboo Activity Gym is eco-friendly and safe for baby. It is proudly made in New Zealand from Radiata pine which is sustainably handcrafted and finished with lead free stains and paints. The Activity Gym is uniquely designed so that it may be used as a natural play environment on the floor or as a bassinet mobile for any of the Cariboo model bassinets.

This beautiful wooden Activity Gym arrives neatly packed in a cardboard box. When you open the box, you will find 2 wooden Activity Gym ends and 3 wooden rods, along with 6 screws, an Allen key, the Cloud B Sleep Sheep and Friends and the product manual. Assembling the gym was a breeze, and the box contains everything that you need to assemble it quickly and with great ease. The high quality Radiata wood has a very smooth finish and feels wonderful to the touch. The Activity Gym comes in a variety of finishes including mahogany, teak, white and espresso to coordinate with your home décor or other Cariboo pieces. Once assembled, the Activity Gym is stable and solid and parents can simply place a blanket beneath it and play time can begin! The frame features nylon strips beneath the wood, so your floors will be fully protected from scratches.

The soft toys attach easily to the wooden rods via Velcro tabs. The four miniature toys include the Sleep Sheep, Lavender Lab, Twilight Turtle and Moon from Cloud B which are super soft to the touch (tactile stimulation). The colors of the toys are subdued and will not overstimulate your baby. The toys are designed so that when baby lies below them, he can see the most interesting parts of them! The adorable lamb makes a gentle baa sound when squeezed (auditory stimulation) and the turtle has a mirror below (visual stimulation).

Experts all agree that babies are spending far too long in "containers" where they sit passively, which rob baby of the opportunity to exercise his muscles actively. For optimal physical development, remove baby from his container (bouncer, swing, etc) and place him on mat beneath the Cariboo Activity Gym for some good old fashioned floor time. The Cariboo Activity Gym will help baby to develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills and visual skills. In the supine position (on his back), baby will first swipe and then reach for the toys. Place your baby on his tummy for supervised tummy time sessions which will allow baby to strengthen his neck, back and shoulders and reduce the risk of developing plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). Once baby is able to weight bear in the prone position (on his tummy), he will have lots of fun weight bearing on one hand while using the other hand to reach for the toys. Recommended for birth - 10 months.

Straight from the parent panel:

"The Cariboo Activity Gym blends in beautifully with our home decor. I was really
impressed to learn that it is made in New Zealand from high quality woods and other materials and not cheaply made in China. Yes, it is priced higher compared to other Activity Gyms, but you can't compare the quality! I really love the simplicity of the design; no batteries are required and there aren't any bright lights and music noises to overstimulate my baby. My 4 month old son, Nathan, really enjoys swiping the toys while lying on his back and smiles at the cute toys. After playing, he is calm and ready for a nap and this is a welcome change from his previous fabric mat which caused a sensory overload and the inevitable meltdown. In this case, less is definitely more! Thank you!"

The Cariboo Activity Gym will make a beautiful Gift that is top quality and will last for many years. We commend Cariboo of New Zealand for producing safe, high quality wooden products in an ethical factory in New Zealand. Their eco-friendly mantra is an inspiration to us all. Purchasing information can be found here.

Cariboo has a full line of beautiful eco-friendly and functional products which can be seen here.

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Sarah said...

Very versatile. I love that it can be attached to the Cariboo Bassinet or used as a freestanding play gym.

Rachel Smith said...

With my first baby, I bought many battery operated toys etc that definitely overstimulated my baby. I couldn't understand why he was having so many meltdowns following play time. Now that I am pregnant with my 2nd baby, I am taking the "Waldorf" approach! The Cariboo Activity Gym looks terrific and a very worthy investment. Thank you!

Fiona said...

"Made in New Zealand" Fantastic. Such a welcome change from products made in China. I will gladly pay more for quality and safety.

Gina Cousins said...

Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed and insightful review. It really helps to have both professionals and parents review the products, along with product images. I appreciate your hard work. All the best,

Gina Cousins.

Marcy said...

This Activity Gym is terrific. Great review.

Jen said...

I love the color of the wood. It is very elegant and I can relax knowing that it is totally safe.

Cara said...

Going back to basics. Brilliant.