Audio 630M headset by Plantronics

Using your PC to communicate has become the norm, as Skype and other internet telephony systems have not only taken over home use but also the office. In order to make the most of these outstanding services, one does need a quality headset for optimal sound quality and the fully digital Audio 630M headset from Plantronics is one such headset. Rather than relying on the typically low quality audio of a motherboard or sound card, the Audio 630M puts high quality audio out near the headset itself by used digital audio over the USB bus. This significantly cuts down on the interference and noise associated with a long cable carrying analog signals. USB digital sound quality is so clear you will swear the other person is sitting right next to you, even if they are 1/2 way around the world. A noise canceling microphone is a must for any headset, and the Audio 630M works well at removing a noisy background making you sound even more professional. For comfort, over-the-head designs with soft swivel-mounted ear cushions are great. We really liked the inline fingertip controls for volume and mute, so you are not fumbling with your computers software trying to hit the mute while the kids screaming as they run through your home office. Placing the microphone in the proper position is one of the most important, and often difficult tasks, but the Audio 630M makes it easy with their QuickAdjust boom. Whether you are using Skype to talk to the family or Microsoft Office Communicator for a business conference, the Audio 630M is a great, lightweight headset that will make the sound come alive. For the linux buff, the Audio 630M headset is also supported by favorite versions such as Ubuntu. Find out where to purchase here.

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Jaime said...

This headset looks awesome!

Steven said...

Plantronics makes very high quality headsets. I am impressed that it is linux compatible.

Lara said...

Skype has changed my life! Great article. I need to upgrade my headset and the Audio 630M sounds perfect.