Travelpro Walkabout® Lite 3 series

Airlines are tightening their belts and the effect is apparent in nearly every aspect of travel, including baggage. Many national and international airlines have reduced both the quantity and weight of check-in luggage. This now means that you need to re-think about your check-in luggage and consider upgrading to lightweight luggage in order to avoid being charged additional fees. As we approach the Christmas Travel Season, we would like to introduce you to a premium luggage company, Travelpro - the choice of flight crews and frequent travelers.

Ever since Travelpro invented the very first Rollaboard®, they continue to lead the luggage industry with innovative and value. From Rollaboards® in every size to the most functional totes and duffels, Travelpro maintains steadfast in its mission to satisfy the ever changing needs of the traveling consumer. That's why Travelpro's "Pilot Designed, Flight Crew Tested" styles are chosen by over 425,000 airlines professional flight crew members worldwide.

We recommend selecting the largest, sturdiest and most lightweight luggage that you can find (within airline limits). Enter the Walkabout® Lite 3 range from Travelpro, an innovative range of luggage that is perfectly designed for the new check-in baggage restrictions. Wasting precious weight on a heavy piece of luggage doesn't make any sense. Choosing a lightweight bag will allow you to take full advantage of your luggage and enable you to pack more essential items.

Walkabout® Lite 3 Collection

The WalkAbout® Lite 3 luggage is the ultimate in lightweight durability. With its unique Suitfolder and Packing Board system, WalkAbout Lite 3 is loaded with practical benefits for miles of hassle-free traveling.

We received the Walkabout® Lite 3 28" Expandable Rollaboard® Suiter from Travelpro. This stylish, lightweight bag measures L28" x W20.5" x H13" and weighs in at just 13.1lbs. With many airlines setting a weight restriction of 50 pounds per each check-in bag, travelers can maximize this amount by selecting to a lightweight bag such as Walkabout® Lite 3 28" Expandable Rollaboard® Suiter which will allow you to pack nearly 37 pounds worth of essentials in your bag, while still keeping within weight limit and avoiding overweight charges.

Looking closely at this bag it is clearly evident that it has been designed by travel professionals with attention to every detail.


The Walkabout® Lite 3 28" Expandable Rollaboard® Suiter features a full polypropylene (PP) honeycomb and dense EVA foam making it lightweight and durable. The 1680D Dobby Nylon is stain resistant to ensure that your luggage remains looking fresh and new. This test bag pictured has logged in several 1000's of miles around the world and has touched down at many airports, yet still remains looking brand new! The single-hand center locking retractable handle system is smooth and easy to operate and has a TPR grip for comfort and security. The one-button locking trolley handle with comfort grip with two stops at 38” and 43” for users of different heights. Of particular note are the high quality zippers used throughout the bag. They are designed to be extra wide and feature a textured, non slip padding making them easy to grasp and hold, saving you time and making opening and close the bag a pleasure.

On the outside of the bag, you will find one very large zippered compartment which can expand to accommodate an item such as a jacket. A second, smaller compartment is found towards the top. The bag features 2 handles. One of the top and the second on the side which will allow you to remove the bag from the conveyor belt at the airport with great ease, without having to contort your body and risk injury trying to reach for the top handle! A luggage label holder ensures that your details can be accessed by airport personal in the event that the bag goes missing, and can be easily tucked away out of sight for privacy and security. A handy accessory is the "add a bag" strap (included with the bag) which clips to the connector post on the top of the bag. This allows you to attach a "tote" that will hang on the outside of the main bag. The padded zips throughout the bag are ease to grip and make fastening and unfastening the bag very easy.


Looking inside the bag from the top you will find a fold the Removable Suitfolder system with versatile packing board and deluxe style garment sleeve which will hold shirts or a suit jacket. In the main section of the bag you will find 2 mesh zippered pockets which can store any travel essentials that need to be accessed easily and quickly, saving you time and frustration. We packed a lightweight evening down into one of the mes pockets and were most impressed with how much they hold. Adjustable hold-down straps keep the contents of your bag in place and and unsnap with ease when you are ready to unpack. As the name of the bag suggests, the Rollaboard expands for added capacity which will allow to bring home souvenirs and other goodies.


The bag is easy to maneuver and glides smoothly and effortlessly, despite packing in maximum weight allowance for an international flight. The removable high performance wheels with stylish covers are top quality and can tackle a variety of terrains. While other passengers struggle with unyieldly luggage, the Travelpro Walkabout® Lite 3 series delivers and will make you the envy of all passengers. Our sample bag has been through several international flights and has visited several international destinations and the bag still looks immaculate thanks to the Duraguard coating.

Available in Forest Green or Black and will make the perfect gift for the traveler in your family this Christmas. Find a store near you or purchase online.

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Rita S said...

I will be traveling over the Christmas season to visit my kids in Europe and I need to re-think my luggage. You have highlighted some very unique features. I will be checking out the company.

Anonymous said...

I never really have much thought to the weight of my luggage but now that you have pointed it out, it seems rather critical. I have VERY heavy luggage and it seems a shame to have to waste my luggage allowance but using a heavy suitcase. I think purchasing a new well is well worth the investment as I travel internationally quite often. Thank you for an insightful article.

Anonymous said...

Travelpro make high quality luggage. I have invested in several pieces and they last years and years making them great value. The Walkabout Lite 3 range looks exceptional and I am sold on any high quality luggage that will allow me to pack more!

Tracey said...

Very stylish indeed and looks solidly built.

Tracey said...

Very stylish indeed and looks solidly built.