Kariza Designs Mother's Day Giveaway

Kariza Designs is a division of InGear Fashions, Inc. The woman behind the famous Kariza Wrap Skirt and the full range of sexy, stylish dresses and tops is Kariza. Kariza has always had a love for fashion and an entrepreneurial spirit. After attending college for Fashion Design in Brazil Kariza moved to Miami where she had several jobs in the fashion industry but still felt a lack of fulfilment. In December 2005, she started co-working with Boaz Dekel, a fashion consultant originally from Israel, responsible for manufacturing the Kariza Vintage wraps. At the end of 2005 Kariza decided to go on a trip to Hawaii. She left with only the idea of celebrating the New Year in North shore. During this trip, Kariza encountered breath taking spiritual places and people that inspired her. She showed all the wraps to people she met and every person’s reaction was the same. They were amazed by the unique array of colorful fabrics of the vintage wraps. While in Hawaii, Kariza decided to visit a few boutiques in Haleiwa and make a presentation with the wraps to the store’s owners and employees. They were really thrilled with the versatility of the garment and the uniqueness of the fabrics. From the very moment Kariza got everyone’s reactions from the presentations she did in Hawaii, she was driven to design, sketch and develop different ways to wear the wraps. As she returned to Miami, Boaz and Kariza designed 50 ways to wear the vintage wraps. Every day a different style was born. They started wholesaling the wraps in Hawaii, Miami Beach, South Carolina and in the Keys. They provided each customer a brochure with step-by-step procedures in order to instruct the final customer on how to wear the garment. Boaz and Kariza partnered with In Gear Fashions in May, 2006. And since then, the company has undoubtedly increased to include a full range of dresses and tops in addition to the Kariza Wraps.

Kariza Star line

Left: The sexy shirt dress is the new little black dress and paired with strappy sandals or heels is perfect for a night out with the hubby. Pair with leggings or jeans for a chic day look.

Right: Halle Berry rocked drop waist styles and now you can too! Although strictly not a maternity dress, it will work well for the early months and post-partum as well.

Left: From the beach to a night on the town, this halter neck transitions from day to night with a change of shoes and accessories. The beautiful print will draw many compliments.

Right: Paired with leggings for a tunic style or on its own for a great versatile summer dress.

The dresses from the Vintage Star line need to be dry cleaned. Do not hand wash or machine wash because the colors will run and ruin the dress.

Left: This sweet and sexy babydoll dress is flattering on all shapes and sizes. The dual pockets add to the casual chic. Our pick for Summer 2010 from the Vintage Star line, Kariza Designs.


Congratulations to Karen G.


Online ordering is available here. Click on the "Vintage Star" line.

For additional information, please visit Click on "catalog" to see the full range.


Anonymous said...

Stunning! I like every style :-)

Jane said...

Gorgeous! Would love to win. Perfect size for me!