Citizen Eco-Drive Watches for Women: Fueled by LIght, it never needs a Battery

Fueled by light, it never needs a battery. Eco-drive technology harnesses the power of light from any light source. It works in 2 ways:

1. Natural and artificial light are absorbed through the crystal and dial.

2. Solar cell converts the light and stores it as energy. Cell charges continuously in any light. runs for 6 months even in the dark.

Its Unstoppable......Just like the people who wear it.

Eco-Drive Watches are an amazing achievement in combining a watch that is functional, stylish and environmentally responsible by never needing a battery. By efficiently converting light into energy to run the watch for up to 178 days on a single full charge, the watch is able to maintain a full charge every day even in a fluorescent lit office. The Eco-Drive watches live up to the Citizen reputation for quality. A wide assortment of watches are available for both men and women from mens' chronographs to elegant watches for women. All Eco-Drive watches never need a battery, which is not only functional as your watch won't stop due to a dead battery, but also ecologically responsible. Batteries are a significant source of pollution today from improperly disposed of batteries and there are very recycling programs for the kinds of batteries that watches use, making watch batteries a significant pollution problem.

Each Eco-Drive Watch arrives beautifully presented in a box, and will make a wonderful gift for the special person in your life. The high quality design and engineering of each Eco-Drive Watch is immediately apparent and with the wide range of designs for men and women, there is something for everyone. The find a watch tool on the Citizen Watch Website is very handy and allows the user to narrow down the search by gender, price, category, material and dial color. The enclosed manual details the functionality of the watch. The watch is very user friendly and easy to charge. To fully charge the watch, simply expose the watch to natural outdoor light, or an incandescent light source 20" from the watch. To maintain the charge, office light is sufficient. We found that the watch holds the charge well and never having to worry about a battery is priceless and puts the user in control.

Introducing the Normandie Collection: The Glamour of Art Deco Style with sparkling Swavorski Crystal Accents. This gorgeous eco-drive line will appeal to the sophisticated women who enjoys wearing bold accessories and lighting up the town! The solid timepiece is destined to draw many compliments and will make the wear feel very special. Features a push button clasp, designed to secure the watch around your wrist for safety. Another benefit is that you can remove the watch very quickly. Women with limited dexterity will be able to independently operate the push button clasp system thereby allowing them to remove the watch with ease.


Courtesy of Citizen Watch Ltd, one lucky reader will win this sporty titanium Eco-Drive watch. This titanium model is the lightest weight model in the womens collection and is suitable for day or night. One thing is for sure, you will make quite the impression with this modern watch.

This give-away is now closed. Congratulations to Selma G who is the lucky winner. Selma lists starting her own organic garden, making her own cleaning products and using solar energy products as key changes in her life towards a greener lifestyle

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Anonymous said...

Stunning! Brilliant how it never needs a battery.

Anna said...

Gorgeous, I love the Riva design.

Dan said...

Thank you for another great giveaway. Would LOVE to win this for my wife.

Teresa said...

These are beautiful watches and very eco-friendly. Using a light source to charge the watch is really clever.

Lara said...

I will be checking out this innovative line of watches. The styles are really beautiful.

Greg said...

We are trying to go Green and this watch would be a great item to buy to support our Green Lifestyle.

My wife's birthday is also coming up!

Megan said...

I have counted many times when my battery watch has died on me and I have felt helpless without knowing the time. This would be a great option - why not go battery less and take advantage of light sources. I hope to win the titanium watch. Thank you Citizen Watch for sponsoring the giveaway.