Baby K'tan Organic Baby Carrier

William Sears, MD and Martha Sears, RN came up with the phrase "Babywearing" which refers to carrying your baby in a soft carrier close to your body, while you continue with your activities of daily living. They did not invent the concept, which has been around for quite some time, and is a common site in many developing countries.

Why should I consider carrying my baby in a soft carrier?

There are many benefits to carrying your baby in a soft carrier. Studies indicate that babies who are carried in a soft carrier cry less compared to those that aren't. When you carry your baby in a soft carrier, you are mimicking the baby's environment in the womb, which will help baby to make a smooth transition from womb to world. In our modern society of expensive and trendy strollers and other "containers", it is a pity that many parents are unaware of the concept of carrying your baby in a soft carrier, which costs a fraction of most strollers and offers many more benefits.

Stroller vs soft carrier

If we compare Baby A, aged 2 months in a stroller and Baby B aged 2 months in a soft carrier worn close to mom and dad's body. Lets examine the sensory and motor experiences of both babies. Baby A is in his stroller, away from mom/dad, he can't see his parents, or smell them or even hear their voices. He lies passively on his back in his stroller, and may be confused and even disoriented, with no human touch to soothe or reassure him. Baby B is worn close to mom/dad's body. He can feel their heartbeat, see their faces, hear them talk, smell them and is reassured by their touch. Bonding occurs without any hassles and successful breastfeeding is more likely, with baby being carried against mom's body. The baby in the carrier is not lying flat on his back, but rather in a range of positions which will place less pressure on his skull, reducing his risk of developing plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). He moves with mom/dad and in turn receives vestibular stimulation. He is actively engaging his muscles as he shifts to maintain his balance as mom/dad move. He is working on developing his head control and strengthening his muscles, unlike Baby A, who remains passively on his back. He is receiving what is essentially a swaddling like effect in the soft carrier which calms him via proprioceptive input to his joints. Mom/dad are more in tune with his needs, as they are very close to him. He can look up and see their faces.

There are many baby carriers on the market. Today we will be highlighting an innovative soft carrier. For those of you who are already babywearing and using a ring sling and a wrap, do you love the convenience of your ring sling but would like bilateral shoulder support and the option to wear your baby in different positions? Do you love the versatility of your wrap but would like to reduce the time it takes you to put it on, and have to wash your wrap less as it tends to drag on the ground as you wrap it? Well, look no further than the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier. The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier is a marriage between a sling or pouch carrier and a wrap carrier. The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier features a unique double sling design, consisting of two loops of fabric connected by a lumbar support band. The baby carrier is suitable for babies and toddlers from 8 lbs to 35lbs. You have the option to select from over 8 wearing positions, depending on your baby's developmental level. This carrier can even accommodate twins! A sash is included for use with certain positions, for additional safety. The sash has a small pocket for storing must have items, which is a nice touch. In addition, each baby carrier is sold with a matching baby hat for a coordinated look. The carrier is machine washer and dryer safe, so you can rest assured that your carrier will always remain clean and fresh, use after use.

Instructional Videos

Each baby carrier comes complete with an instructional DVD. To view the instructional videos online, please visit the Baby K'tan Video Guide.

We received a sample of the Baby K'tan Organic Baby Carrier, which is available in two colors, Natural and Pure Honey. The Organic Cotton Fabric is super soft next to baby's skin. The organic cotton fabric is certified by GOTS and is free of chemicals and AZO dyes, so parents can feel confident that only the most natural fabric is resting next to baby's skin. The carrier is very well designed and the quality is top notch. The carrier is ideal for even the novice babywearer, as there are minimal steps involved with each carrying position. The carrier is easy and fast to put on and take off. There is not an excess amount of fabric which drags on the floor during application or may cause baby to overheat. The bilateral shoulder support is an outstanding feature of the carrier, as the weight of the baby is distributed over the wearers' shoulders, making it comfortable and ergonomic. The carrier is compact and can be rolled up into a diaper bag, without taking up a huge amount of space. Mom will be able to nurse discreetly in the carrier, without the need to purchase a nursing cover, which will save you money and space in your diaper bag.

The cons of the carrier include the fact that it is not adjustable, so select your size carefully using the sizing chart. Unless both parents are of similar height and build, it will not be an option for them to share the carrier. Another con is that with all soft carriers, over time, the material tends to stretch, so you may find that the carrier no longer sits in the correct position on your baby. With this carrier being non adjustable, this may mean you may have to retire it or buy a new one.

A percentage of the proceeds from every sale of a Baby K’tan Baby Carrier will be allocated to the American Heart Association, and to help fund education, medical research, advocacy programs, and promotion of awareness and inclusion for individuals and families living with Down syndrome. We applaud Baby K'tan for giving back.

Safety information:

It is essential that you follow precautions when using your Baby K'tan Baby Carrier, to ensure the safety of your baby. To learn more, please visit the safety section of the Baby K'tan website.

Gift Giving

The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier will make an invaluable baby shower gift. You can even personalize the carrier for that extra special touch! The Baby k'tan website is well designed and easy to navigate. Stop by the FAQ section to gain further insight into what makes the Baby K'tan carrier so unique.

To find out where you can purchase a Baby K'tan Baby Carrier please visit the Baby K'tan website.

All pictures courtesy of Baby K'tan and are copyrighted.


Lauren May said...

How neat that you can personalize your carrier! Great gift idea.

Anonymous said...

A hybrid! I love the concept and the organic cotton options are terrific.

Lacy said...

I hadn't considered the sensory benefits of babywearing over using a stroller. When you compare and contrast, it makes for an interesting analogy.

Nicola said...

I love my wrap but I didn't love that it took some time to put on and take off. This held me up when I went grocery shopping. When I was outside and I was in the process of putting in on and taking it off, it would definitely hang on the ground and get dirty so it was always in the wash. The Baby K'tan clearly solves these options! I will be upgrading :-)

Anonymous said...

I received a wrap carrier for my baby shower. Maybe it is just mommy brain, but I couldn't get the wrap and ties down. The Baby K'tan carrier looks really simple to apply - I think even I can do it! The organic version in Pure Honey is a stunning!