Boob Design Spring/Summer 2011 Preview AND Giveaway

Boob Design is the designer line of Maternity and Nursing Apparel from Sweden that will change the way that you think of maternity and nursing clothing forever. Gone are the bulky, uncomfortable and frumpish maternity and nursing outfits that hide the bump (maternity) and are difficult to access and scream to the world that you are nursing. Boob Design® boasts a gorgeous line of designer apparel that just happen to be maternity and nursing wear!

Commitment to the environment:

"We keep all of our production in Europe, in factories where we know that the employees are treated well and are decently paid. Keeping production in Europe is also a way of guaranteeing that the product in Europe is as environmentally sound as possible. All our jersey is certified with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This certification is a guarantee for clothes that are completely free of toxins that can be harmful to you. Clothes that are kind to your skin as well as nature. Our goal is to you materials that are environmentally optimal."

Boob Design's® Maternity line is cut to accent and flatter your new curvy figure. The gorgeous eco-fabrics, the fresh simplicity and the playful details make the trademark of Boob® . The soft and comfortable fabrics will fit like a dream - all the way from bump to big belly!

Boob® Nursing tops are brilliantly designed and feature a double layer of fabric over the bust so that an overlapping opening is formed. The opening is simply pushed aside with one hand, making nursing comfortable and discreet.

Boob Design doesn't disappoint with their colourful Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

New for 2011: The Fast Food Swimsuit

One of the safest forms of exercise during pregnancy is swimming. This low-impact form of exercise is ideal for all 3 trimesters and will become more appealing as your belly grows larger and your buoyancy in the water supports and cradles your baby. Swimming provides cardio-vascular benefits, helps mom to gain the appropriate amount of weight during pregnancy, maintains muscle tone, improves endurance and circulation as well as promote restful sleep. Introducing the Fast Food Swimsuit from Boob Design. This innovative swimsuit offers terrific value as it is expertly designed for both pregnancy AND nursing. The adjustable pullstrings at both sides provides room for the growing belly and will provide a flattering fit post-pregnancy. The innovative nursing function allows for discreet and comfortable nursing, whether at the beach, pool or soaking up some sunshine. Available end of February 2011.

A newborn nurses very frequently, including throughout the night! Investing in a set of nursing pyjamas can make night time nursing more comfortable and convenient. Boob Design offer a lovely night and leisure range. We love the Peggy Nursing Pyjama Top (Left) which is very figure flattering. Perfect for Spring/Summer nights. There are no clasps or hooks, simply lift up the upper portion of the top and push down the lower half of the top for instant nursing. The organic cotton fabric feels terrific against your skin.

After a hard day looking after your baby, there is nothing like slipping into comfy pyjama pants or shorts, depending on the season. The Boob Design range of pyjama bottoms are fantastic. We love the Lauren Pyjama Pants (Above Left) and the Ginger Pyjama Shorts (Right). Both feature a super comfy wide panel with drawstrings for adjustability. The pants and shorts can be worn throughout pregnancy and nursing making them a good investment. The organic cotton fabric is super soft and feels wonderful against your skin.

Left: Audrey Terry Wrap

Forget frumpy and shapeless nightgowns! The Audrey Terry Wrap from Boob Design will keep you warm and toasty without sacrificing your style! This cozy night wrap style dressing gown is stylish, comfortable and feminine! It will take you from pregnancy through nursing and beyond, providing a flatter fit. When unexpected guests arrive at your house and you are still in your pj's simply throw on the Audrey Terry Wrap for a chic, pulled together look. It pairs beautifully with the tops, shorts and pants pictures above, as well as the other styles in the night and leisure range.

Breastfeeding is natural but not necessarily easy. There are several products on the market which can help make nursing your baby less challenging and more comfortable, especially when you are in public. Nursing bras are designed with cups that open to allow easy access to the breast.

Introducing the Fast Food Bra from Boob Design. The Fast Food Bra combines the comfort of a seamless bra with a flattering and feminine design. The addition of the lace is really pretty and will make any new mom feel very special. This bra is packed with innovative design features. First and foremost, the bra is VERY comfortable, which is of utmost importance when it comes to selecting a nursing bra. The wide band beneath the cups offer support and maximum comfort. The bra is easy to fasten and unfasten with one hand - a very important feature. It is very hard to find a high quality nursing bra that offer a drop cup with full circle sling, but the Fast Food Bra doesn't disappoint. This design offers far more comfort, support as well as discretion while nursing. The soft stretchy fabric of the bra will accommodate breast size fluctuation during the day. The fabric is Oeko-Tex Certified, so moms will be great wearing the bra, and are assured that it is free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Each Fast Food Bra comes with a complimentary hook and eye ribbon which will add additional inches around the rib cage, to support you while pregnant. This eliminate the need to buy additional bras when your bras feel snug at the band. Matching slimming brief with built-in support available. Both are available in 3 colors: Black, Almost Nude and Purple. View the full underwear line here.

The Seamless Belly Tube is an essential part of any pregnancy wardrobe. It is so versatile and can be used in so many ways. During pregnancy, you can continue to wear your favourite pre-pregnancy jeans, pants, shorts and skirts, by wearing the Belly Tube over the zipper area. This will extend the life of your pre-pregnancy pants and help to keep your budget in check. As your pregnancy progresses, you will start to notice that your belly starts to peek out from under your tops. The Belly Tube is the simple solution to this and will allow your to wear those shorter tees, while still remaining modest. In addition, if you require some belly support, perhaps while working out, try folding down the Belly Tube, under your bump for some instant support.

Post pregnancy, it can be worn as a base layer to ward off the cold as well as providing additional belly coverage when nursing with a non nursing shirt.


Courtesy of Boob Design, one lucky reader will win the following prizes:

Seamless Belly Tube Size L/XL
Fast Food Bra Size XL

This contest is now closed.

Congratulations to Helen D.

All images copyright Boob Design®


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the give-away! I am larger sized and I am thrilled that the prize will fit me should I win. The new collection looks wonderful!

Mila said...

Wow the Belly Tube is invaluable. I am going to be investing in one!

Kathleen said...

What stunning styles! I just found out that we are expecting our 2nd maternity and nursing wardrobe needs a serious overhaul. This time I am going to be investing in pieces which hug my new curves and not hide them. Great article BTW, now I know what basics to invest in.

Sheri said...

I am going to be starting aqua aerobics and have been searching in vain for a maternity swimsuit. How incredible that this suit can be used afterwards for nursing. That is what I call double value.

Jen said...

Stunning Styles! Maternity and Nursing Fashions have really come full circle.

Anonymous said...

Organic Cotton Nursing Wear! I have been looking everywhere but haven't found anything until now.