The Happy Magpie Maternity Tee Giveaway

Gone are the days when pregnant women hid their pregnant belly in tent like creations and fathers had little to do with caring for their baby. These days, pregnant mamas-to-be are embracing their new curves and flaunting their growing bumps in stylish tees. The Happy Magpie offers gorgeous organic cotton maternity tees which are designed for stylish comfort and are cut longer for full belly coverage. The organic cotton fabric is super soft and feels wonderful against the skin. The hint of spandex makes for a very flattering fit and will expand with you as your belly grows larger. There are styles for the modern romantic, the edgy mama and the sporty mama - guaranteed to make any mom-to-be feel very special.

The skin is our largest organ and it readily absorbs chemicals, including during pregnancy. Conventional cotton is grown with many pesticides and herbicides which can be directly absorbed into the skin when wearing clothing. Organic cotton on the other hand is produced with no chemicals and is a healthier alternative, especially for pregnant women. Organic cotton maternity tees are especially difficult to find, so we were delighted to have discovered The Happy Magpie's range of organic cotton maternity tees which are made from organic cotton with a hint of spandex and non-toxic inks and dyes. The Happy Magpie has embraced sustainable business practices so customers can feel great buying their products.

We commend The Happy Magpie for their eco-friendly organic cotton collection which is proudly made in the USA and look forward to seeing it continue to expand. We would also like to acknowledge that The Happy Magpie contributes a portion of sales to various charitable organizations and we applaud them for giving back to the community.


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Courtesy of The Happy Magpie, one lucky reader will win the following prize:
Branch Hip Healthy Happy With Rouching, Natural Size Large

"Keep it simple and natural, and oh so pretty, in this 'Hip, Happy, Healthy' cherry blossom branch tee. In Asian cultures, the cherry blossom symbolizes love, feminine beauty and principle – all traits that ring especially true of a glowing mom-to-be. This tee is left un-dyed and is the creamy color of natural organic cotton."

Congratulations to Tessa W.

To view the full collection, please visit:

The Happy Magpie Website

In Chinese and Korean folklore the magpie is called the “bird of joy” and “happy magpie” and is considered a symbol of happiness and good fortune. It is believed that chattering magpies deliver good news and foretell the arrival of cherished guests.

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Anonymous said...

Organic cotton and made in the USA..I am sold!!!!

Maria said...

Thank you for another great giveway. Would love to win the tee!

Anne said...

These tees are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I own one of these tees - it was my favorite thing to wear all through my pregnancy as it flattered and was nice and cool through the hot summer we just had. The color is beautiful!

Jackie said...

Thank you for embracing average size women and offering giveaways for average bodies! So tired of other mags always offering a giveaways in size Small! Very few women are actually a size Small in pregnancy, especially as they progress. We try and buy organic clothing whenever possible and now that I am expecting, I wanted to continue, but was having a really rough time finding anything! This brand looks great and I love the slogans!