BabyBond Nursing offer - April 7, 2011 don't miss out

Slurp & Burp LLC will be offering a FREE* BabyBond to everyone who buys a BabyBond online from Babies R Us or buybuyBABY!!! Limited time offer.

*Buy one BabyBond online from Babies R Us or buybuyBABY of your choice (Original, Flex or Couture) from Slurp & Burp LLC on Thursday, April 7th, 2011 with only paying $10 shipping/handling.

Email receipt from Babies R Us or buybuyBABY to along with your choice of BabyBond. Slurp and Burp LLC will invoice $10 via PayPal for shipping/handling and ship your FREE BabyBond once shipping/handling fees are paid. Receipt must be dated for April 7th, 2011.

Don't miss out on this great limited offer!

To learn more about the BabyBond Nursing Cover, please visit

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Georgia said...

Awesome offer! Thanks for the heads up.