okiedog Nature inspired Sassy Diaper Bag and Clipex System

okiedog® is a German, independent company and was founded in 2006. okiedog® stands for innovation, creativity, quality and functionality. Their fun-loving spirit of innovation is reflected in their user-focused design philosophy. Their goal is to make families' lives more fun, and convenient in a truly original way. They are also aware of the special responsibility that comes with making products for children and are committed to making the best and safest products possible. All okiedog products are PVC-, Phthalate-, AZO- and BPA- free.

Introducing The Nature Inspired Sassy Diaper Bag from okiedog. Inspired by nature's beauty, designed for beautiful mums and babies. Fashion at nature's best. The okiedog Nature Inspired Sassy Diaper Bag is a medium sized diaper bag and measures 20" x 13" x 6". The nature Sassy Diaper Bag features beautiful nature inspired embroidery including butterflies, leaves, trees and birds, and is visually stunning to look out. This bag is expertly designed with organisation in mind.


The Nature Inspired Sassy Diaper Bag from okiedog features two side pockets for bottles located on either side of diaper bag. One is insulated and the second has a removable insulated bottle holder which is clipix compatible and comes with the clipix base clip set to attach to your stroller so you will always have a bottle within easy reach. The front of the bag features 2 exterior pockets (with hook and loop closures). One of exterior pockets has a compartment where you can securely stash your mobile phone as well as carabiner (key clip) so you will never lose your keys again! The bag features two loops on either side of the bag which will attach effortlessly to your stroller via the clipix hook system (included). The bag boasts a reflective strip (located between 2 front pockets) for additional safety at night. To the rear of the bag will find a removable changing pad with antibacterial treatment, which is very easy to wipe down after each diaper change. Looking at the interior of the bag, you will immediately see the bright inner lining which makes it a snap to locate and retrieve important items immediately. The interior of the bag features 2 inner side pockets and a 3rd which holds an accessory bag. We love the 2 quick pick loops which are located on either side of the bag which can hold anything from a pacifier to a toy. You will never again have difficulty locating your baby's pacifier or toy and will become an expert at soothing him/her when out and about, reducing everyone's stress.

The Nature Inspired Sassy Diaper bag from okiedog is the perfect lightweight bag for the warmer months. Moms will have everything that they need within easy reach thanks to the innovative design and many unique features which will help to streamline and simplify their day.

Clipix Accessories

Have you noticed that many strollers, even the high end ones, do not come with a line of accessories included with the stroller. They are typically available for purchase separately and often at a great cost. If you have more than one stroller, you will often have to re-purchase your line of accessories for each stroller as they are more often than not, not universally compatible.

Enter a line of innovative accessories for your stroller called "Clipix". Clipix is the new, universal, flexible, removable stroller accessory system from okiedog, designed for parents and kids who love the outdoors. With a simple “Click” various accessories can be attached to the stroller and keep it at a comfortable level for you. This system was nominated with a Kind and Jugend Award in 2010.

The clipix accessory line is compatible with virtually every stroller on the market, thanks to the 2 rubber adapters which are inserted in the clip base. If have more than one stroller, simply purchase an extra base clip, one for each of your strollers. Simply install a base clip set on each stroller and with one “click” it is possible to remove and install all the clipix accessory on multiple strollers. The base clip does not have to be removed when folding the stroller. The following products are currently available in the clipix line:

Hooks with base clip - Perfect for hanging your diaper bag from your stroller. For demonstration purposes, we have illustrated this with a lightweight umbrella stroller, but to ensure safety of your baby, please select a stable full size stroller to hang your diaper bag from and always test for stability.)

Insulated Bottle Holder - Soothe baby instantly when he cries to be fed. Whether it is breastmilk or formula, you will have it at immediately available at the optimal temperature. No searching through your bag.

Cup Holder - Busy parents on the go often forget to stay hydrated. Whether it is a warm beverage to stay toasty in the winter or an ice cold drink to refresh you in the summer, you will always have a place to store your drink.

Mobile Phone/Camera Holder - You are expecting an important call however when your phone rings, it takes you some time to locate your phone and retrieve it, only to see that you have missed the call! That will never happen again with the mobile phone holder. Mounted on your stroller, you will have it available immediately when you need it most. This holder can alternatively accommodate a compact camera. You can surely related to the situation where you forgot your camera at home or are searching through your bag to find it only to realise that the moment has long passed. With this holder, you will be able to capture your baby's precious moments to be cherished for a lifetime.

base clip (for your extra stroller) The clipix base clip includes adapters for various strollers, including square and oval tubes.

The clipix line of products will ensure that you always have a bottle for baby on hand, a refreshing beverage for mom or dad available within easy reach, a cell phone available within arms reach so that you never miss any calls and or a compact camera immediately available for you to capture those precious moments. The much anticipated Clipix Safety light will be available soon. Stay tuned for the review. We applaud okiedog for developing this truly innovative line.


okiedog products are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide. Click here to find a store locator. For further information and to see the full product line, please visit

Disclaimer: We did not receive any financial compensation for this review. okidog provided us with samples for the purpose of this review.


Allison said...

What a gorgeous bag! I am looking for a lightweight bag to get me through the warm summer we are having. Will definitely check them out!

Emily D said...

The Clipex system looks fantastic. Just what I need.

Sarah Brown said...

I am in definite need of organisation assistance. I love the different compartments and innovative design. Will look into purchasing.

Anonymous said...

My current nappy bag is essentially a "black hole". It takes me ages to find anything in it and this is usually after throwing everything out first. This bag seems like a perfect design - especially for those of us who are organisationally challenged.

Claire Kraus said...

Yes, I completely agree that it is a pain and also really expensive to have to buy accessories for each of our prams (full size, jogging, umbrella). One system that works with all....brilliant.