Busy Baby Nursing Wraps™

The Busy Baby Nursing Wrap was created by Ashlie Belnap, mother of 3.

What was inspiration behind the creation of Busy Baby Nursing Wraps™?

Ashlie tells Success Through Play: "As a nursing mother who was always on the go, I never felt confident nursing just anywhere. I frequently toted my first born around campus while pursing my bachelor degree. Often I found myself heading to the restroom to nurse to gain any privacy. I did not want to stand out in a crowd with a blanket over my shoulder, yet I had the desire to be comfortable enough nursing anywhere...except for the bathroom stall!

My second pregnancy posed a different circumstance. I gave birth to triplets four months prematurely at 24 weeks gestation. With only two babies surviving, they spent six months in the NICU. There was no privacy in the unit and every time I attempted to nurse, everyone was there to witness. I wish at that time I had something that could have covered me, while enabling some private bonding moments with my little ones.

After countless conversations with nursing sisters and friends who have encountered many similar nursing woes, our experiences paved the creative path that I feel the Busy Baby Nursing Wrap™ fully expresses.

The Busy Baby Nursing Wrap™ was not only designed to give nursing mothers a new chic, modern look, but to give modest layering to cover your entire upper body to build nursing confidence. No more fussing with blankets that your infant can pull down or wearing unattractive nursing clothes. Our product is modest, lightweight and compact enough to fit into a purse or diaper bag.

The Busy Baby Nursing Wrap™ is a necessity every nursing mother should own."

What according to Ashlie, distinguishes Busy Baby Nursing Wrap™ from others on the market?

When I was nursing my children, I commonly used a blanket to cover myself. Because I had such wiggly and curious children, the blanket had many mishaps! I wanted to design a cover that was unique to others out there. I didn’t want loud prints that shouted, “Look at me!!! I’m nursing!!!” My product is unique too, in that it gives full coverage. Most products out there only cover your front and that gives a baby full advantage to pull the sides away and expose the mother. I wanted to give moms full confidence front to back. On a more personal level, I had lovely post pregnancy weight to lose and I was embarrassed when my back or sides were exposed. I couldn’t relax in public afraid everyone was seeing my skin with my shirt pulled up. Our cover doesn’t have straps or buckles to mess with. You just slip it over your head and you’re ready!

Busy Baby Nursing Wrap™ Features:

  • Look stylish and trendy while feeding your baby. Our cover have NO stand-out patterns that may attract unwanted attention while nursing. Nobody needs to know you are even nursing!
  • The only nursing cover on the market that gives modest layers giving complete front to back coverage.
  • Compact enough to fit into a purse or diaper bag.
  • No awkward straps or buckles...just slip on and nurse confidently.
  • Lightweight breathable 100% cotton combed cotton fabric enables infant to nurse comfortably without overheating, yet opaque ensuring complete privacy.

  • Flexible neckline allows easy viewing of baby.
  • Product has been pre-laundered, so no worries about shrinkage. Fabric is also washer and dryer safe.
  • Perfect shower shower gift for the mother-to-be.
  • Can be used as a lightweight baby blanket , stroller and infant carrier cover.

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Success Through Play™ Comments:

Many women are still hesitant to breastfeed in public. They hide out in restrooms, in their cars, or stay at home and remain isolated. Ashlie Belnap, an experienced mom of 3, has experienced this first hand. Busy Baby Nursing Wrap
is an innovative product that allows mothers the option of nursing discretely in public. Our panel of nursing moms loved the fact that the wrap was so stylish and they felt very "comfortable nursing in public for the very first time". I applaud Ashlie Belnap for creating such a beautiful and functional Nursing Wrap that will allow mothers the world over to feel confident about nursing in public. This wrap will in turn increase a mother's chance of continuing to breastfeed by helping to build positive nursing experience. Moms will no longer have to hide out and miss public activities that are vital for their self esteem and emotional and physical health. Highly recommended.


Emily said...

Ooooooooh this looks SO stylish. I wish that this was available when I was nursing and hiding out in the loo. Fantastic product, I will tell all of my friends.

Kim and John Paulo said...

Ok, this I need to get!
You are soooo right about the dirty looks I get when I try to feed my little girl. I cant believe that, in this country in the 21st Century, there is such bigotry.
In Europe (I am from Italy originally) breast feeding is not a problem, just do in anywhere, anytime, wearing anything (or nothing as the case may be).
Love your Blog. Keep going please!

Success Through Play said...

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments. On my travels abroad (India, Africa, Europe), no-one battered their eyes when a momma was breastfeeding her little one. In the US and UK, many people find it "shocking" and I really can't understand this. I DO NOT believe that a new momma must hide out. She has the right to be out and about as she pleases :-)