The Happiest Baby Products

The Happiest Baby line of products includes:

  • The Happiest Baby Book
  • The Happiest Baby DVD
  • Super Soother CD
  • The Happiest Toddler Book
  • The Happiest Toddler DVD

What do you think distinguishes your range of products from others on the market?

These products are unique!! The Happiest Baby DVD + Super Soother CD are the main tools for new parents - the owners manual - and one of the most popular baby shower gifts in the US...they help parents (especially dads) and grandparents learn how to calm fussing and help even calm babies be calmer...and promote sleep...almost instantly (see the parent reviews on Dr. Karp's innovative methods for calming crying babies, the 5 S's and the calming reflex are demonstrated in The Happiest Baby DVD. The Super Soother CD contains 5 tracks of white noise designed to increase quality and length of sleep, as much as 1-2 hours

Likewise, The Happiest Toddler DVD quickly helps parents improve their child's behavior through clear parenting and respectful communication. Once parents master the DVD, the The Happiest Toddler book offers them even more great advice. The Happiest Toddler demonstrates how to teach patience and cooperation and eliminate 50-90% of a toddler's tantrums.

These products have been nominated for the following awards:
  • Parents' Choice Recommended Award,
  • Parental Wisdom's Good Parenting Award


Most parents learn better by watching rather than reading. That is why this is the most watched parenting DVD in history! Watch as, step-by-step, Dr. Karp teaches new parents how to switch on their baby's powerful calming reflex. See how to transport your baby from screaming into minutes and add 1-2 hours of sleep to any baby’s nighttime routine.


The "Super-Soother" CD is the best white-noise CD available. This CD contains 5 specially designed sounds that can help ANY baby. They will calm your sweet baby (at home/in the car)...even during an attack of the "fussies"! Also they can dramatically help your baby (or, toddlers) sleep better...and longer.


A picture is worth 1000 words and that’s why The Happiest Toddler DVD is the best way to learn these “unique” techniques. Watch Dr. Karp as he teaches, step-by-step, the "Fast Food” Rule and "Toddler-ese." Practice his approach for just a few days and you will be rewarded with happier children and fewer, milder tantrums. Master the DVD…then read the book and you will soon be on your way to becoming the happiest parent on your block!

What are the future goals of your company and do you plan on coming out with new products in the future?

We began training educators to teach baby calming in hospitals 2 years ago and we now have ~1000 educators teaching across North America as well as another 1000 in training...the program is now spreading internationally - Gymboree around the world is encouraging its centers to offer baby calming classes...within 5-10 years these will be available in every clinic and hospital - just as childbirth education and lactation classes are now available.

Next year Dr Karp will begin training educators to teach The Happiest Toddler Classes in preschools and community centers.


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Baby Bliss is the name of book in UK, and is translated into 19
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Success Through Play™ Comments:

ESSENTIAL Resource for Parents

Dr. Karp, a well respected Pediatrician, demonstrates techniques to sooth and calm your crying baby in the Happiest Baby DVD. This DVD, with the addition of the "Super Soother" CD, will put an to sleepless nights for baby and parents! In the Happiest Toddler DVD, Dr. Karp demonstrates how to communicate effectively with a Toddler, that is sure to result in a successful outcome. It is rare to find a series of products that can be life changing, but The Happiest Baby/Toddler Series certainly meets the criteria. Dr. Harvey Karp presents his techniques in a clear, easy to follow format that is enjoyable and empowering to watch. You will not regret purchasing this series of products.

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These do like essential resources. It is amazing that they are rediscovering these ancient secrets. Very cool.